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Apple Computer Training

Apple Computer Training service.

Apple Computer Training service across Surrey Hampshire Berkshire Wiltshire London and to some areas and locations in Dorset and Somerset.

Keith Thomas is a Apple Computer Training consultant that provides a professional onsite and remote Apple Mac computer training service for people that need training on how to get around and use macOS on a Apple Mac computer.

Apple iMac computer training courses.

MacOS Training on MacOS Monterey.

Apple MacBook Training courses.

MacBook Pro training courses.

Apple Internet training on Mac Safari.

Mac Mail Training.

Apple Photos for Mac Training course.

Apple icloud training course.

Computer maintenance training course.

Our Apple Mac computer training services are suitable for people who are new to the Apple Mac computer and need to get up to speed with how to get around a new Apple Mac computer.

Keith Thomas recommends the the best way for a new Apple Mac computer user to learn how to use and get around the Apple Mac computer is to learn MacOS Finder.

The Apple MacOS Finder controls the Apple Mac desktop screen and is used to manage files and folders on the Apple Mac computer. The Apple Mac computer has been designed to be easy to use, and most people are able to learn the core principles of macOS Finder quickly.

Apple iMac training course.

Most people that purchase or buy a new computer often buy a new iMac computer, one of the key reasons is that a laptop computer trackpad can be a bit more difficult to use for someone that is new to using a computer. For other people it is the design and the larger display screen.

Our Apple iMac training course will teach you how to get around a new iMac desktop computer and teach you how to use the core and key features of the Apple iMac desktop computer.

MacBook training.

Keith Thomas provides MacBook Air training courses and MacBook Pro laptop computer training courses.

The Apple MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro laptop computers both use the exact same macOS software. In fact if you have used a Apple iMac desktop computer before, they the main difference is going to be learning how to use the Apple trackpad.

Internet training for Apple Macs.

One of the main reasons for buying a Apple Mac computer is to be able to use the computer on the internet. Today MacOS Monterey has been designed to make using the internet easy on the Apple Mac computer. At Keith Thomas our internet training service for Apple Mac computer users can guide you thru the key features of Apple Mac Safari and Apple Mac Mail, and how to keep safe and secure online.

Our Apple Mac computer Internet training course also enables you to ask our Apple Mac computer training consultants questions about using a Apple Mac computer online. Ask Keith Thomas how to perform an advanced search using Apple Safari and how to keep safe online.

Mac Mail Training.

email has become one of the best ways to keep in touch with work and friends and family, before the internet was popular, which is now a long time ago.

Our Apple Mac Mail Training course can teach you how to read email messages and to be able to reply and respond to email messages on the Apple Mac computer, and also how to store and file, or even archive email messages to keep the Apple Mac Mail inbox from becoming full of too many email messages.

We find that most people do not know how to archive email messages and how to sort emails into years, and then how to search for email messages. And most people don’t like to delete email messages.

Our Apple Mac Mail Training can teach you how to manage and organise your email messages, and show you how to correctly archive email messages.

Photos for Mac Training course.

Apple Macs have always been the preference and preferred choice for digital photography with Adobe Photoshop being the most well known application for editing digital photography on the Apple Mac computer, Apple had Aperture to start with, then iPhoto for Mac, but both were not fantastic to use, today Photos for Mac is much better and it has most of the features that most people need to use.

Our Photos for Mac Training courses will tech you how to use Photos for Mac. The very newest Photos for Mac is easy to use and easy to learn, our Apple Mac Photos for Mac Training consultants can give you an overview on how to use and how to get around Photos for Mac.

icloud Training course.

The icloud service from Apple is also known as an Apple ID account, and the Apple iCloud services from Apple, can be difficult to understand how each service works. Our iCloud Training service can help you understand how to use the Apple icloud services, and how to avoid any data loss with using the Apple iCloud services.

Keith Thomas is a Apple icloud Specialist and also provides Apple icloud Support services and Apple Mac computer technical support service in addition to Apple Mac computer training services.

Contact Keith Thomas to discuss or arrange for Apple Mac computer training service.

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