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Apple Mac computer upgrades help

Apple Mac computer upgrades help

  • Are you looking for Apple Mac computer upgrades help and assistance with a macOS update or a macOS update?
  • Do you need to know what to do before you update or upgrade your Apple Mac computer?
  • Apple Mac Support by Keith Thomas has upgraded and updated Apple Mac computer since macOS Snow Leopard to macOS Monterey.
  • What to do before you upgrade an Apple Mac computer?

Use Apple Time Machine to backup an Apple Mac computer before an macOS update or macOS upgrade.

Make sure that a complete and full back up is completed using either the Apple iCloud service, which ideally just make sure all of the Apple iCloud services are switched on and enabled.

Also use Apple Time Machine to make a backup of the Apple Mac computer if you plan to do any Apple Mac computer maintenance, or work using the macOS recovery console.

If you have a backup of your Apple Mac computer to the Apple iCloud and to Apple Time Machine this gives most users the best strategy should a Apple Mac upgrade or update, go wrong, which is rare for most Apple Mac computer updates and upgrades.

By updating the Apple Mac operating system software, you are updating the security and the reliability of the Apple Mac computer.

Rumours exist that updating the macOS too soon after a new macOS version update or a new macOS version release can be a bad experience.

What is the latest version of macOS?

Apple has a few rare occasions when a macOS upgrade has caused issues and problems, but with the current macOS version which is macOS Monterey 12.2 released in late January 2022 has no reported issues or problems.

Did you know that the macOS testing and macOS updates and macOS upgrades are tested to a extreme high level with the Apple developers and the macOS public beta releases that are available months before a macOS release to the general public?

What can go wrong with a macOS update or macOS upgrade?

If macOS is updated on a Apple Mac computer that has no backup and the computer has a failing storage volume then the macOS upgrade can fail causing the need for macOS data recovery.

When Apple did the macOS upgrade from macOS Mojave to macOS Catalina Microsoft Office for Mac needed a new version to be purchased. With Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac this upgrade problem no longer exists.

If you use professional Mac computer software like Logic Pro or Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Acrobat software, more planning and care is needed on older Apple Mac computer hardware, as often a new purchase of Adobe software is needed, which is today a subscription service.

If you upgrade or update macOS and the computer has limited storage available then the Apple Mail application can fail to update the Mac Mail database and cause missing email messages. The problem is rare but it can happen.

Make sure that you have enough free space before you install an macOS upgrade to a newer macOS version.

Most people today have email accounts that as iMap based accounts and in most cases all of the emails that you have are stored on your email providers server.

One of the best ways to verify that you have 100% of your emails stored safe is to login to your iMap email account using Webmail.

Ask your email service provider to advise you with your Webmail URL.

If you use Google Mail or Gmail or Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCloud Mail then usually your inbox and sent item and draft emails are stored online in your account.

Allow 1 to 2 hours to upgrade macOS.

macOS updates and macOS upgrades can take 1 to 2 hours to complete or sometimes longer on older Apple Mac computer hardware.

What to do if a macOS update or macOS upgrade goes wrong?

With all macOS updates and macOS upgrades the Apple Mac computer needs to restart a few times.

If the macOS startup screen or the macOS loading bar is taking a long time to load or move from the left to the right, allow the computer at least an hour or a bit longer on a older Apple Mac computer.

With older Apple Mac computers that have 1TB or 2Tb storage volumes that are rather full then macOS updates and macOS upgrades can take a very long time to complete.

How can I downgrade macOS after an update?

Apple does not recommend that you downgrade macOS, however, it can be done if the Apple Mac computer hardware can support a previous version of macOS.

The performance of macOS can be slower for a while after a macOS update or macOS upgrade has completed, this is normal as macOS will still be upgrading even after the macOS desktop has loaded.

Most macOS downgrades are needed because a third-party software application does not work with the new macOS upgrade version, or a printer or scanner is no longer supported or another hardware device is not supported.

If you need to downgrade macOS then there are two ways to downgrade macOS either use a Apple Time Machine backup or erase macOS and use the macOS recovery console Internet mode to downgrade macOS to a previous version.

How to get help from an Apple Mac Specialist with macOS updates and upgrades.

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