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Apple Mac Computer Viruses and Mac Malware Information

Get the best Information on Apple Mac Computer Viruses and Apple Mac Malware.

Did you know that Apple Mac Computer Viruses are on the rise?

Do you want to find out what Apple said about Apple Mac and Computer Viruses and Apple Mac Malware?

How does macOS protect your Apple Mac computer from computer Viruses and Mac Malware?

Do you want to know what is the best Apple Mac computer software that you can use to protect your computer against a Malware infection or a computer virus?

Our Apple Mac computer viruses and Mac Malware Overview.

  1. Apple Mac Computer Malware.
  2. Mac Ransomware.
  3. Best Strategy for Apple Mac Malware protection.
  4. What you can do today to protect your Mac from a Virus or Mac Malware.
  5. How to protect your Mac against any Ransomware Attack.
  6. Best Apple Mac Computer Virus software applications.
  7. Why you might need to buy a new Apple Mac computer.
  8. Which website browser is the best one to use on the Apple Mac computer?
  9. Is online banking safe to do on the Apple Mac computer.
  10. How to get Apple Mac Support if your Mac has a Malware Infection.

1. Apple Mac Computer Malware.

Apple has said that Apple Mac computer Malware is on the rise, this is down to the simple fact that most people obtain Apple Mac computer software applications from websites and website links that often are infected with computer viruses and Mac Malware. Apple made this public statement at the June 2021 WWDC event. The good news is that since macOS Sierra and newer versions of the macOS. macOS is good at sandboxing in a serious Apple Mac computer virus.

2. Mac Ransomware.

Often you will hear in the news about a company that has had a Ransomware Attack, in most cases the company has had a targeted attach which has been pre planned. The Apple macOS does seem to be well protected against a Mac Ransomware attach, and to date, at Keith Thomas, none of our Apple Mac computer clients, are reporting a Mac Ransomware attack to us, which is good news, but we know that just like the global real pandemic, that day arrived for real in late December 2019 and still remains a global threat in 2022 after two years.

One of the best ways to protect your Apple Mac computer is to keep the macOS up to date, which means that for some people that means buying a new Apple Mac computer.

3. Best Strategy for Apple Mac Malware protection.

Most Apple Mac Malware that we know about today, only seems to slow down a Apple Mac computer, or try to open up website pages that a user did not click on, which are known as pop ups. Other Mac Malware infections cause an Apple Mac computer to become slow, or very slow. Malware often has the goal of a payload, and this means that the Mac Malware gets installed and active, but does not do anything until a date in the future, or a user does an action on the computer.

The best strategy for Apple Mac Malware protection, is to only use the Apple application store to download Mac software. The Apple application store is 100% secure and is managed by Apple. You can even download Microsoft Office for Mac 2021 from the Apple app store, and also download Adobe software and also download an Apple Mac Malware removal software tool.

When it comes to Apple Mac computer Malware protection, and Apple Mac computer security, there are more ways in which you can fully protect you Apple Mac computer, one of the best ways is to have a backup strategy that can help anyone recovery from any future Mac Ransomware or Mac Malware Attack quickly.

4. What you can do today to protect your Mac from a Virus or Mac Malware.

  • Use Apple Time Machine and the Apple iCloud to create a backup plan and strategy that works for you.
  • Update your Apple Mac computer to macOS Monterey or macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina.
  • If you have an older Apple Mac computer macOS High Sierra is the macOS to use.
  • When macOS High Sierra is not supported on an older Apple Mac computer, then buy a new Apple Mac computer.
  • Scan your Apple Mac computer with a Apple Mac Malware Removal tool for Free!
  • Get an Apple Mac computer specialist to help you with a Apple Mac computer security health check service.

5. How to protect your Mac against any Ransomware Attack.

The best way to fully protect any Apple Mac computer is to have all of your critical data stored on a external storage volume, and also on the cloud too. The best way is to actually use the very old but wise techniquwe of the grandfather backup solution, which is a physical rotational backup strategy,

Getting a backup storage volume today is a low cost and a simple and effective way of backing up a Apple Mac computer, and with the benefit of also giving some Mac Ransomware protection. But there is a better way to give a user or a company Apple Mac computer more protection: –

  • Create an Apple Time Machine to an external storage volume and choose the option to encrypt the backup volume.
  • Add a second Apple Time Machine storage volume to the Apple Mac computer, and also encrypt the backup.
  • Then you can rotate the backups, if your work is critical then rotate one a day, or once a week or month.
  • For 100% Mac Ransomware protection plan not to have both external storage volumes connected at the same time.
  • Apple has not made any public announcements on iCloud Drive storage for Apple ID and customers regarding Mac Malware and Mac Ransomware protection.

Browse our guide on how to verify an Apple Time Machine backup on your Apple Mac computer.

6. Best Apple Mac Computer Virus software applications.

Are you looking for the Best Apple Mac computer virus software for your Apple Mac computer?

Did you know that there is simply no best Apple Mac computer software that you can use, different Apple Mac computer security applications detect Mal Malware, but some of the applications can detect more Apple Mac computer security threats? At Keith Thomas we do not use any Apple Mac computer Virus Software, why? we are confident that macOS Catalina and MacOS Monterey gives our company enough macOS computer security protection that we need. We also use Microsoft Windows 11 and again the built in Windows 11 PC computer security meets our own needs.

Did you know that if you use a Apple Mac computer to play computer games, and games have been downloaded, the we do recommend to use and install a third-party Anti-Virus software computer security software? Our list in no particular order: –

  • Malwarebytes for Mac.
  • Norton 360 for Mac
  • Intego for Mac.

7. Why you might need to buy a new Apple Mac computer.

Every year Apple updates the Mac OS operating system software, with a new name, new features, there has been a new macOS operating system version each year, and this is always between September to November each year, with macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur MacOS Monterey being the last 3 macOS versions, with macOS Monterey being the most recent macOS for late 2021 and early, and mid 2022.

So most major software vendors that produce Apple Mac computer software, only provide installers for the last 3 or 4 macOS software versions, this means that if you need to perform a Apple Mac computer security health check for an older Apple Mac computer, then you cannot obtain or install a software tool that will actually install or work.

The only real way to make sure that an older Apple mac computer is 100% Mac Malware free, is by erasing the computer or re installation of macOS.

You might need to buy a new Apple Mac computer if you do not have the time to deal with a re install macOS task, and if you do, chances are that if your backup has Mac Malware, then the computer might get re infected again one the data is restored to the computer.

8. Which website browser is the best one to use on the Apple Mac computer?

  • Apple Safari.
  • Microsoft Edge for Mac.
  • Google Chrome for Mac.
  • Firefox.

Did you know that Safari for Mac was written by Apple? So, does it not make sense to use Safari on your Apple Mac computer?

  • Why did Google create Google Chrome for Mac?
  • And what about Microsoft Edge for Mac?
  • Which website browser should you use and any?

Apple, Google, Microsoft all want you to use their web browser on the Apple Mac computer, at Keith Thomas, we use all of them for our work, but we have a reason for using each and every one. Of course, using the Apple Mac computer Apple Safari is the best choice for general website browsing and for the Apple computer security and privacy policy which has a high standard and level of computer security. But we need to use Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome too.

Google Chrome on Apple Macs.

Google Chrome is good for using Google Chrome Extensions, and of course Google Chrome works for Google services that we use. but with macOS El Capitan on an older MacBook Pro 2009 model which we still use for copywriting today, Google Chrome is needed to edit our own website, as Apple Safari no longer works.

Microsoft Edge on Apple Macs.

Microsoft Edge is popular on Windows 10 and Windows 11 as the replacement for Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows. Microsoft like Google want to be an advertising platform, so they updated Microsoft Internet explorer on both PC, Windows, and for the Apple Mac, and also on Android, and for iPhone and iPad OS too. Why?

Apple, Google, and Microsoft like to collect data and with Google and Microsoft, collecting data is a core business feature that they use to service advertising and internet marketing to end users and to companies.

One of the main reasons that you might want to use Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge is Android!

If you have an Apple Mac computer and you are using a Apple iPhone or Apple iPad, then use Apple Safari for your day-to-day website browsing. But if you have an Android smartphone then use either Google Chrome or use Microsoft Edge.

Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge can synchronize data between a Apple Mac computer and an Android smartphone. But Apple Safari makes the task of getting usernames and passwords almost impossible if you use Apple Mac computers and you are not using a Apple iPhone or Apple iPad device.

Microsoft Edge seems to be the best one to use if you use Windows PC computers, Apple Mac computers, and you use an Android smartphone, as the Microsoft Authenticator works well if you want to synchronize username and passwords from Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, iPhone, and Android mobile.

9. Is online banking safe to do on the Apple Mac computer.

Online banking is very safe on a Apple Mac computer, but even more safe is using an Apple iPhone for online banking. The banks in the UK do have a high standard for keeping you safe online, but most issues and problems with bank accounts are from other Sourses like text messages, and from emails that look as if they are from your bank. We keep on getting emails from Barclays and from NatWest, and we do not have any bank accounts with these companies so we know it’s a scam email or scam text message.

The best way to do online baking on the Apple Mac computer or any computer, is to have a bookmark that you use to sign into your online bank account using your personal computer, try to not click on any links that are from email messages or respond to any text messages. its best to just delete any text messages or emails and then sign into your own bank account online, if the bank needs to contact you then they will simply have a message waiting for you to read online.

So online banking is safe on the Apple Mac computer, as long as you keep to the basic rules above.

10. How to get Apple Mac Support if your Mac has a Malware Infection.

If you think your Apple Mac computer has a Computer Virus or an Apple Mac Malware infection, then you will need to take the right action on how to deal with the problem.

How can you tell the signs that your Apple Mac computer has a Computer Virus or Malware Infection on an Apple Mac computer?

  • The Apple Mac computer has become slow or very slow.
  • More unexpected crashes are occurring more often.
  • MacOS updates and a MacOS update will not install.
  • Unwanted website pages are either opening or pop ups on the Mac computer desktop screen.
  • A High CPU activity and high use of Network activity is noticed on the macOS Utility Monitor.

If you need more information on Apple Mac computer viruses and Mac Malware: –

  • Complete the online website contact form. (open 24 Hours) with 10:30 am to 21:00 pm response times for completed forms sent to us.
  • Our online website contact form only takes a few minutes to complete on your • computer • phone • tablet device.
  • We respond by email: we are open daily from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm • 7 days a week service! including weekends and Sundays and most bank holidays.
  • For Apple Product Repairs for Hardware and Apple Service, use the Apple Product Repairs button!
  • Call or Text 07800 940756 lines open 7 days a week from: 10:30 am – 13:00 pm, then from 14:00 – 17:00 pm, and again from 18:45 pm – 20:30 pm
  • Onsite and Remote Apple Support service across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, and to some areas and locations in Buckinghamshire, Dorset and Somerset, and other locations by Remote IT Support.