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With macOS Big Sur and with macOS Monterey Apple changed the Apple Mac Mail interface. We think the Mac Mail in macOS Catalina was better design.

  • Ask our Apple Mac Mail specialists about Apple Mac Mail.
  • How to troubleshoot Apple Mac Mail.
  • How to Archive email messages in Apple Mac Mail.
  • How to setup a signature in Apple Mac Mail.
  • How to perform Apple Mac Mail maintenance.
  • How to reduce the size of a large number of email message.
  • How to setup Mac Mail iCloud email aliases.

The Apple Mac Mail application for most users is reliable and often is error and trouble-free, for other users Apple Mac Mail can keep on asking for passwords or the Apple Mac Mail application stops sending email messages, or Apple Mac Mail will crash or simply stop working and fail to open email messages.

At Mac Computer Training we also provide Apple Mac Mail Technical Support service and assistance with our simple Pay as You Go Apple Mac Mail Support service.

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Apple Mac Mail common questions and answers.

What is the largest database Apple Mac Mail can support?

Apple Mac Mail largest database size is only limited to the size of the free available storage space on MacOS. Apple Mac Mail can only support using the storage space on the macOS start-up volume.

How can i troubleshoot the problems of Apple Mac Mail that won’t work with my email password?

If you need to update the password for an Apple Mac Mail email account, edit the password fields for both the incoming mail server, and also for the outgoing mail server, after you have clicked on save, then quit Apple Mac Mail and restart Apple Mac mail to allow to password change or update to work.

My Apple Mac computer is using up a lot of storage space and i cannot understand why?

Make sure that within Apple Mac Mail under the Windows and connection doctor menu, make sure that the connection login box is not ticked.
If the Apple Mac Mail has had any issues or problems then Apple Mac Mail can have a large about of log files. These can be deleted by highlighting all of the files shown and use the Apple File menu to delete the log files.

How can i repair Apple Mac Mail database?

Apple does not provide a direct way to repair a damaged Apple Mac Mail database.
Use Apple Disk Utility to repair a macOS storage volume, and also use macOS Safe Boot Mode to repair and troubleshoot Apple Mac Mail database issues.

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