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Apple Mac Malware Infections in 2022

Apple confirms high level of malware infecting Apple Macs in 2022

Is Apple Mac Malware now a serious risk to macOS computer security in 2021?

Did you know that Apple Mac Malware is on the rise in 2022?

23/06/2021: One of the senior Apple consultants at Apple has said that the Apple macOS has an unacceptable high level of malware infecting Apple Macs.

This is due to the fact that the macOS eco system allows the installation of macOS applications and MacOS software utilities outside of the Apple App Store. The Apple iPhone and Apple iPad only allows app installation via the Apple App Store, which has a strong malware protection system.

How is malware infecting Apple Macs in 2022?

Apple are saying that because it’s possible to download and install macOS applications from websites outside of the Apple App Store. A high number of applications have been infected with Apple Mac malware.

Technically this is known as sideloading applications onto the Apple Mac computer by not using the Apple Mac app applications store to install and update Apple Mac computer software.

This is not the case with the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad as sideloading is not possible. As the Apple App Store is used to download and update apps and Applications on the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

The best way to protect your Apple Mac computer from Mac malware is to use the Apple App Store to download applications.

The good news is that most Apple Mac computer malware is rather easy to remove and does not cause major issues or problems for most Apple Mac computer users.

One of the best ways to ensure that Apple Mac computer is malware free is to perform a Apple Mac malware removal tool to scan the Apple Mac computer for a Apple Mac malware infection.

Another way to protect your Apple Mac computer is to make sure the Apple macOS operating system software is the latest macOS version that your Apple Mac computer can support.

For the very best and ultimate Apple Mac computer security for macOS, simply switch to a new Apple Mac computer that has a Apple Silicon M1 CPU.

The new Apple Mac computers that have the newer Apple Mac M1 CPU Apple Silicon has additional Apple Mac computer security features.

How to avoid getting Apple Mac Malware on your Apple Mac computer?

One of the best ways to avoid getting Malware on your Apple Mac computer is to make a few simple changes that can help totally avoid Apple Mac Malware on a Apple Mac computer.

  1. Use the most recent version of MacOS that your Apple Mac computer can support and use.
  2. Setup Apple Mac Mail not to allow to load attachments and downloadable content to Apple Mac Mail.
  3. Only use the Apple app store to install third party software applications.
  4. Keep your Apple MacOS operating system software UpToDate with all of the Apple MacOS software updates.
  5. Switch on the Apple Mac OS Firewall to help keep your Apple Mac safe and secure from a network attack.

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