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The best Apple Mac Support service in the uk

Keith Thomas provides a wide range of Apple Mac Support services for home users and for Apple Business customers that need professional Apple Mac Support service.

  • Professional Apple Mac Support service for home users, self-employed individuals and for companies.
  • We offer a same hour and a same day Apple Support service by on site, remote and telephone support service.
  • Over 10,000 Apple Mac Support problems fixed and resolved in the UK.
  • Apple 1982: Apple Support service since 1982 with 30 years of Apple skills and knowledge.
  • PowerMac knowledge: Apple specialist knowledge on Mac OS Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, El Capitan.
  • Apple ID support specialist with expert Apple icloud support skills and knowledge.
  • Ex Apple Computer UK Engineer with a solid background in Apple Mac technical support service.

We focus on Apple Mac Support for all of our customers.

Professional Apple Mac Support service.

  • Keith Thomas senior Apple Specialist that worked for Apple Computer uk and now provides a professional Apple Mac Support service.
  • With now over 10,000 Apple Mac support problems resolved and 30 years of Apple Mac support skills.
  • Expect the very best expert on site, remote, telephone Apple Mac Support service from a experienced Apple Mac computer engineer.
  • Same hour and same day Apple Telephone Technical Support service and Apple remote computer support service.

We look after Apple Store Genius Bar customers too.

  • When the Apple store opened in the uk Keith Thomas helped the Apple store Genius Bar staff for a few months.
  • Keith Thomas also provides additional advanced Apple Mac Support services for Apple Store UK customers.
  • Further expert Apple Mac OS Catalina technical support service after your Apple Store Genius Bar visit.
  • Apple at Home support service for further additional Apple Mac technical support service.
  • UK Nationwide same hour and same day Apple at home remote Mac support and Apple Telephone support.
  • Professional Apple support service by either on site, remote, or by Apple Telephone support service.

With over 10,00 or more Apple Mac computer problems resolved over the years we have been able to fix simple problems and major problems.

The Apple Mac operating system today has become very reliable, however, when customers have technical issues and problems it can be user error or a underline hardware problem.

We have to balance our what is the best way to provide Apple support for a modern Apple Mac operating system that for most people is rather reliable and robust.

Our Mac Support summary for 2020.

Apple Mac OS Catalina.

The Apple Mac OS Catalina is rather stable and fast, but only fast on a Apple Mac computer that has a SSD solid state, drive.

For a customer that had a 2012 Apple iMac computer with a 1Tb 5400 rpm drive, the experience with Catalina from Sierra to High Sierra to Catalina with a Apple iMac that has further additional software installed can cause the customer to complain about the performance of Mac OS Catalina.

Apple Mac Catalina Security.

Its very rate for a customer to call us with a Apple Mac malware issue or problem with Apple Mac OS Catalina.

So our Apple Mac computer engineers like the Apple Mac OS Catalina Sandbox approach and the Mac OS Gatekeeper technology.

Apple Mail in 2020.

The Apple Mail application is generally ok, however, the server setting and the Apple Mail application that keeps asking for passwords is common.

Apple Photos for Mac in 2020.

The Apple Photos for Mac has been very reliable for Apple, vs the Apple iPhoto application, however we recommend that you have a Apple Time Machine backup in place to fully protect your Apple Mac computer.

Apple Mac OS Big Sur 2020/2021

We are keen to see Apple Mac OS Big Sur, however for many customers this will mean the investment of a new Apple Mac computer.

If you are still using a Apple Mac computer that is 2012 or earlier, now is the time to consider purchasing a new Apple Mac computer.

Many customers will wait until Apple are selling the new Apple Mac computers with Mac OS Big Sur installed.

How to contact Keith Thomas for Apple Support?

Simply complete the online website contact form.
Send a sms text message to: +44 7800 940756
Telephone: +44 7800 940756

When is Apple Mac OS Big Sur going to be available?

Apple have announced Fall 2020 and the June 2020 WWDC online event.

What are the Apple Mac hardware requirements to install Mac OS Big Sur

iMac (2013 or newer), MacBook (2015 or newer), MacBook Air (2013 or newer)
MacBook Pro (2013 or newer), Apple Mac mini (2014 or newer)
iMac Pro (2017 or newer), Mac Pro (2013 or newer).

Will Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 run on Apple Mac OS Catalina?

Microsoft Office for Mac 2019 is the official version that is supported.

We are open from 09:30am to 19:30pm Monday to Sunday 7 days a week service.

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