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Apple Repairs information on warranty and battery service

Apple Repairs information by Keith Thomas. The Apple consultant that has over 30 years of Apple knowledge on Apple repairs and Apple service. Keith Thomas is an Apple Mac computer engineer and an Apple Mac computer consultant that provides onsite and remote Apple Mac IT support service in the UK and across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, London and to some areas and locations in Somerset and Dorset.

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With so many Apple Repair companies coming up from a Google or a Microsoft Bing search, most of the companies are not Apple Authorised or recommended by Apple.

In fact, there is an official way to get the correct service for an Apple product repair in the UK United Kingdom.

In Warranty Apple product repairs.

If you have an Apple product that is less than 14 days old and you need a Apple product repair, in most cases Apple will simply replace the product.

We think this is the UK consumer right that a new product that is faulty is covered by the right for an exchange or a refund.

If you have an Apple product that needs a repair and the product is between 30 to 6 or 7 years old, then the best Apple repair service is going to be in fact an Apple Authorised Service centre, also known as a Apple Authorised service provider.

An Apple authorised service provider has all of the special tools and equipment to carry out a professional Apple product repair service.

If you need to get an Apple MacBook Pro laptop screen repair or replacement done to fix a broken or damaged laptop screen, then of course you expect and want a genuine Apple MacBook Pro screen fitted.

If you use an Apple Authorised service centre or provider, then you are guaranteed a genuine Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer screen.

Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook battery service information.

Our best advice is to use an official Apple Authorised service provider or the Apple Stores for a battery service.

One of the biggest issues and problems is with batteries. If you need a Apple iPhone battery service for a Apple iPhone, they only use a Apple authorised service provider or the Apple Store.

Consumers often forget that a Apple iPhone battery service from a non-Apple authorised service provider, ie your local computer shop, or a store offering Apple iPhone battery replacements, will use a battery that has come from China, Taiwan, it’s not the original battery that Apple used.

For a consumer, having an iPhone battery repair done by your nearest local computer shop, will often seem ok, but in some cases, after a few months, the battery performance will quickly degrade.

But there is another problem, fire! The Apple genuine battery is safe and has great protection against overcharging and overheating, vs a non-original Apple iPhone battery, which costs about £5 to £10 to buy, does come with a risk, the risk might be low, but would you rather have a real genuine Apple iPhone battery fitted?

Apple has a fixed price battery service cost, and an Apple iPhone battery service can be from either the Apple Store near you, or from an Apple authorised service provider.

You can use our link to find the nearest Apple authorised service provider for an Apple product repair.

For Apple MacBook Air and Apple MacBook Pro, Apple laptops, the same information applies for a MacBook battery service.

A MacBook battery when new gives great performance, but the battery has a limited-service life, a third-party MacBook battery from Amazon or from eBay, might sound like a good idea, but in most cases with some MacBook Air laptops the battery can increase in size when it gets hot and cause the MacBook Air Trackpad not to work correctly.

For the best battery service for any Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Apple laptop, it is best to use a Apple authorised service provider or use one of the Apple Stores.

Problems can arise if you have an Apple product that Apple no longer provides service support for. This can be the case for iMac repairs to the older generation of iMac desktop computers.

Apple, and Apple authorised service providers will only service and repair an Apple iMac computer that is under warranty to about 6 or 7 years old.

Is your Apple iMac 21.5-inch computer slow or very slow? Find out why?

Our advice and free tips for an iMac computer user and owner is if you have an Apple iMac computer that is 6 to 7 years old and the iMac computer is slow, then one of the best ways to make the computer much faster is to update or upgrade the iMac with a flash storage volume.

A flash storage volume on an Apple iMac computer is much faster.

The original storage volume on some 21.5-inch iMac computers, that had a conventional 1TB storage volume fitted from new, often had slow computer performance. This was due to the fact that a mechanical 1TB storage volume in some iMac 21. 5 desktop computers had a hard disk fitted that was technical a 5400-rpm volume vs the 7200-rpm storage volume more often found on the iMac 27-inch range.

By using Apple or an Apple authorised service provider, if you have a Apple iMac computer that is slow, and is still within the iMac service period of 6 to 7 years, a good option would be to ask about a iMac flash storage volume upgrade.

Even if you have an Apple iMac computer that has the Apple Fusion Drive which is part mechanical and part flash storage, a full upgrade to flash will boost the performance and the reliability of the iMac computer.

Upgrade your Apple iMac 21.5-inch computer before it is too late.

Did you know that if you ask Apple or an Apple authorised service provider to replace the 1Tb SATA storage volume on your Apple iMac computer with a flash storage volume the iMac computer will be at least 66% to over 70% faster, and for a iMac 2012 to iMac 2019 computer the macOS Catalina to macOS Monterey is supported?

If you use your Apple iMac computer online or just for internet use, the iMac 2012 t0 2019 models that use flash storage is quick and fast to use. For most people, as long as the computer is fast and responsive, there is often not the need to buy or to purchase a new computer.

What can you do if you have an Apple iMac 2012 to 2014 computer that is slow, and Apple will not service the computer?

iMac 2012 to iMac 2019 external bootable macOS solution.

Did you know that the Apple iMac has a fast USB 3.0 ports on the computer, you can buy an external flash storage volume and install macOS to the external USB 3.0 flash SSD storage volume? Or you can restore a Apple Time Machine backup to the external USB 3.0 flash storage volume. This can make an Apple iMac computer that has become slow or the internet storage volume no longer works. And in most cases the iMac 2012 or newer computer will be much faster to use than the original storage volume, when the Apple iMac computer was new.

Do you need an Apple software repairs service near you?

Keith Thomas provides a unique same day, and a same hour Apple Mac computer software repairs service in the UK by Remote Mac Support service and assistance. To use this service simply complete our online website contact form to ask a question, or to book an Apple Mac Remote computer software repairs service.

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