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Apple Security Help near me | No 1 best advice for home Mac users

Apple Mac Computer Security Help near me service by Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist and Mac Computer Expert.

Keith Thomas is a Apple Specialist and a Mac Computer Expert that provides Apple Security Help near me services right across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, London and to some areas and locations in Buckinghamshire, Dorset and Somerset providing Apple Security help near me service to home users, Apple Store customers, and for small businesses, and for companies that need Apple Mac Computer help and assistance with Apple Security, and Apple Mac Computer security.

Apple Mac Security Check Essentials.

Whilst MacOS, and Apple Mac computers enjoy a high level of protection with the last 3 versions of macOS, there are a few easy to do tasks that all Apple Mac Computer users, and Apple Mac computers can do to protect help protect their home network and Apple Mac computer, with Apple Mac Security check essentials.

  • Swich on the MacOS Firewall – The MacOS Firewall default is off; this is done to allow the initial setup and the installation of Apple Mac Computer Software.
  • Use a better DNS service provider – Cisco Umbrella DNS protection helps stop malware from infecting computers.
  • Mac Malware is on the rise so use a leading Malware protection software – Malwarebytes for Mac is the leading MacOS Malware protection software for MacOS.
  • MacOS operating system software – Use the most recent version of MacOS that your Apple Mac Computer can support.
  • Install all of the Apple Mac computer software updates that are in the Apple Applications store ready to be installed.
  • Use the Apple MacOS Storage Management feature to review the Applications that are running on MacOS.
  • Review your home network setup and make sure that your home broadband router is not older than 4 years old.
  • Make sure that all of the Bookmarks in Apple Safari or in Google Chrome are updated to use https from http.
  • Delete any Bookmarks from Apple Safari that you will never use again on any Apple device.
  • Use the Apple MacOS Finder Go Menu and manage the Downloads Folder – .DMG and .PKG files can often be deleted.
  • Apple Mac Mail security – Use the option to block downloads for each email message – which gives the opportunity to review or trash email message.

Does Apple Macs need Security Protection?

Yes. With the rise of cyber security, and threat detectors on the rise too, since 2019, Apple Mac computers do need additional protection against Mac Malware, and protection against websites and links from email message that can try to infect a Apple Mac computer.

Apple Mac Computer Security

At Keith Thomas, we are often asked how does a Apple Mac Computer, or any computer get infected with a Malware infection?

  • MacOS Sideloading is one way in which Apple Mac computers can be infected with Mac Malware – use the Apple Application store if you need to get MacOS software.
  • MacOS Malware often comes from scam or junk email messages which have links to bogus websites.
  • Visiting a lot of websites that are uncommon can cause an Apple Mac computer, or a computer to get infected with Malware.

Mac Security Updates

Apple keeps MacOS safe by allowing the automatic download or critical MacOS security updates for MacOS, and in some cases the MacOS security updates are installed without any information from Apple, or a user or a small business will not know that the MacOS has had a security update. This is one of the best way to keep MacOS safe and secure, Apple does not discuss Apple Mac computer security, which is the best way.

With MacOS, Mac Security updates are also rare and only very few MacOS security updates are installed or made available in a year. With Microsoft Windows 11 there has recently been more Windows 11 security updates from Microsoft for Windows 11. This tells us that Computer Viruses and Malware is on the rise, or threat actors have been able to make a threat to Windows 11.

Apple Mac Computer Security for Home Apple Mac Computer users.

Keith Thomas provides Apple Mac Computer Security for home Apple Mac Computer users, and for small businesses that need help with keeping a Apple Mac home computer secure, or keeping a work or office Apple Mac computer secure.

Why not book an onsite Apple Mac computer security health check-up service, or book a remote Apple Mac IT support session with Keith Thomas, or combine getting a Apple Mac Computer security and health check-up service for your Apple Mac computer, or Apple Mac computers at your home or at your office.

Keith Thomas provides onsite Apple Mac computer IT support services right across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, London, and to some areas and locations in Buckinghamshire, Dorset and Somerset.

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