Apple Training – COVID-19

Apple Mac computer Training during COVID-19

Our on site Apple Mac computer training service has been temporary suspended due to the Corona Virus COVID-19 outbreak. A solution to this is Apple Remote IT computer training.

Apple Mac Remote computer training courses.

Our Apple Mac remote computer training service is the new normal. for us it’s not ideal as we miss the social contact with our keen Apple Mac training recruits. And of course coffee and nice biscuits we get offered. But some clients make bad coffee that’s simply undrinkable.

Apple Mac Remote computer training service during COVID-19

Our Apple Mac remote computer training service is very similar to a personal one to one computer training session with our Apple Mac computer training specialist talking to you remotely and if needed viewing your computer screen.

Remote working and remote computer training is now the new normal during COVID-19.

Apple Telephone Training service.

For some customers who are not comfortable with remote computer screen sharing, our experienced Apple Mac computer training specialist can talk you thru the training session.

Our Apple Mac computer Telephone Training service is now available.

Now is the time to learn something new or ask the computer questions that you need the best answers for. With both Apple, Google, Microsoft there is always something new to learn.

Popular Apple Mac computer training courses.

How to use the Apple Mac Finder so that you can learn how to get around the Apple Mac computer screen.

Learn the key Apple terminology Finder, Finder Window, Dock, Menu Bar.

Understand the Apple System Preferences.

Learn how to setup and use the Apple icloud service on your Apple Mac computer.

Learn how to setup and use Apple Mail.

Learn how to correctly save and store your Documents and learn how to correctly store your personal and business files.

Learn how to use Apple Photos so you can manage and organise your pictures and images.

Learn how to use Apple Safari to find the information you need to know.

Learn how to stay safe online and ask us about common scams.

Ideally make a list of questions to ask our Apple Mac computer training specialist and Apple IT consultant.

Ask Keith Thomas about Apple and how to use the Apple Finder.

Learn how to get around your Apple Mac computer with our getting started guide.

Learn new skills and new ways of working with your computer, the Apple design way has always been usually three ways of using menus, mouse and trackpad use.

Learn how to take a screen shot of your Apple Mac.

The Apple Mac computer training manual is in fact installed on your computer out of the box, however, with Apple the revenue is key vs providing a physical Apple Mac computer training manual.

Are you looking for the Best Apple Mac computer training book to read?

So many of the Apple Mac computer training books that I have seen and tried to read just jump from topic to topic and or just talking about tasks that you might not need to learn.

A quick Apple Mac remote IT training session is going to be efficient and effective.

To contact Keith Thomas, simply complete the website contact form and send a quick summary of your computer training needs and then arrange for a remote Apple Mac computer training session with Keith Thomas.

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