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Apple iCloud questions and answers.

Do you have questions about the Apple iCloud that you need to get the answers for?

Apple Mac Computer Training, by Keith Thomas, has Apple Mac computer iCloud specialists that can provide answers regarding the Apple ID and the Apple iCloud.

The Apple iCloud service from Apple today is very different to the original service from Apple. As we get ready for macOS Monterey. The iCloud service will evolve again with iCloud Plus service from Apple.

  • Ask questions about the Apple iCloud.
  • Ask how to save storage volume space to the Apple iCloud.
  • Ask questions on using iCloud on your Apple Mac computer.
  • How to create an Apple ID.
  • How to reset Apple ID password.
  • How to merge one or more Apple ID accounts.
  • How to remove Photos from the Apple iCloud.
  • How to view iCloud Photos on Microsoft Windows 10 PC computer.

The Apple ID and Apple iCloud for most people are easy to use and they do not even know they are using the services from Apple, as most people who buy a Apple Mac computer or a Apple iPhone, or Apple iPad follow the simple information from Apple on how to setup a Apple ID or the Apple iCloud on a Apple Mac computer or on a Apple iPhone or Apple iPad device.

However, problems can arise if you are not signed into the Apple ID account correctly, or you have services that are switched off or you have more than one Apple ID or more than one device or computer and the Apple ID information does not synchronise or you have used the same Apple ID for more than one person either in your family or you have shared an Apple ID account information with anyone outside of your family issues and problems can arise.

Apple iCloud and Apple ID questions and answers.

What is the best way to reset my Apple ID password or Apple iCloud password?

The best way to reset a Apple ID password or a Apple iCloud password is to use a Apple iPhone.
The Apple iPhone is the most trusted Apple device if its already signed into the Apple ID account.

I cannot remember my Apple ID or Apple iCloud password. How can i reset a Apple ID or Apple iCloud password?

If you have an Apple iPhone or a Apple device that is signed into the Apple ID, use that device to reset the Apple ID password.
And if the Apple ID is not signed into any devices, you will need to visit the Apple website to reset or recover a Apple ID account.

What can i do if Apple cannot help me with my Apple ID or Apple iCloud account if the Apple ID or Apple iCloud account has been stolen or hacked?

If you have been in contact with Apple Support and you have had assistance from the Apple ID support team, the only option that you can do is to report the problem to action fraud or to the police.

How can i merge two Apple ID account together?

Technically it is not possible to merge two Apple ID accounts together, however a workaround can be to use the Apple Family sharing option from the Apple ID and Apple iCloud control panel.
You can however extract some of the data from each Apple ID by exporting and importing information this works for the Apple Address book also known as contacts, Apple Calendars, and export the images and Pictures from an Apple iCloud Photos Library.
In most cases and instances, you will need to get help from Apple or help from an Apple iCloud Specialist to help you with the task of separating the data from one or more Apple ID accounts.

How can i know that my Apple iCloud Photos are actually on the Apple iCloud?

You can use a PC or Apple Mac computer using a website browser to view a Apple iCloud Photos.

How can i view my Apple iCloud Photos on a Windows PC computer?

Use Microsoft Edge and visit and sign into your Apple ID account, or download and install the Apple iCloud control panel from the Apple downloads website page.

Do you have Apple iCloud and Apple ID questions that you need help with?

Apple Mac Computer Training by Keith Thomas provides Apple iCloud and Apple ID Training and support and assistance for both home users and for small businesses and for companies that need Apple iCloud help and Apple iCloud support.

Ask our Apple iCloud and Apple ID consultants questions about your own Apple ID or Apple iCloud account.

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