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BT Home Broadband Support

Get BT Home Broadband Support near me.

Keith Thomas provides BT Home Broadband Support near me services for home computer users and for BT Broadband customers that need help and assistance with a BT Home Broadband Internet connection and need help and assistance with a BT Whole Home WiFi network setup and help with a BT Mesh wifi setup at home.

Our BT Home Broadband Support service provides onsite and remote BT Support services right across Surrey Hampshire Berkshire Wiltshire London and to some areas and locations in Dorset and Somerset.

PC and Apple Mac Network IT Support services from Keith Thomas provides an independent BT Home Broadband Support service for a home pc computer user that needs help with a BT Home Broadband internet connection issue or problem. Keith Thomas provides an onsite network IT support service and a remote network IT support service for home computer users. As Home Broadband and network connection are cross platform which means the setup for a hjome pc computer and the setup for a home Apple Mac computer is almost the same, and network hardware is always operating system software dependent for a home user computer network.

Network IT Support services for a home user and a home pc or Apple Mac computer user.

Today, home broadband and internet connections play a crucial role for a home user or for a home pc computer user, or for a home Apple Mac computer user, as we expect a home broadband connection to just work and be available 24/7 365 days a week.

Most Home BT Broadband issue and problems can be resolved quickly or identify quickly with basic network support knowledge. At Keith Thomas we can help home users and home computer users, on how to troubleshot and how to fix issues and how to fix common issues with a home BT Broadband internet connection, or help fix and repair network issues for a Microsoft Windows PC computer or for an Apple Mac computer or computers.

Home user network IT support and Wi-Fi wireless support services for home users.

  • Help with the installation and the setup of a new or replacement BT Home Router.
  • Assistance with setting up the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh System.
  • Help with how to get a better Wi-Fi wireless network signal to a room or to another location at your home or at an office location.
  • Assistance with Wi-Fi network security and help with updating network hardware and network devices.
  • Help with using 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz Wi-Fi network products and help.
  • Apple Mesh Wi-Fi help and PC Wi-Fi Mesh support for newer 5GHz and 6GHz Wi-Fi wireless network systems.
  • Help with Wi-Fi and internet connections for Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, Android Smartphones.
  • Get professional help with home IT security and help with PC and Apple Mac computer security.

New BT Router help and BT Router setup help and assistance.

Keith Thomas provides onsite help and support for home computer users and for home network users that need help with setting up a new BT Broadband Router or need help with setting up a new BT Wi-Fi Mesh Whole Home Wi-Fi system. Getting onsite help for a new BT Router setup also allows for onsite PC computer maintenance and onsite network security assistance for a home user network.

How often should a home router be updated or replaced?

A home router can be used for many years, however, if you need to have the best possible Wi-Fi network range and the best Wi-Fi network security setup at home then if your home BT broadband router is older than 4 to 6 years old, then review your BT Home router model, and see.

Can I change the DNS setting on a BT Broadband router?

No. BT will not allow the DNS setting to be changed on a BT Broadband router. If you need to use a better DNS service. Either use a Mesh Wifi Network system or change the DNS settings on each Wi-Fi or network device. Most home users do not need to change the DNS settings on a home BT Broadband network. If you have a pc computer or an Apple Mac computer then by using a better DNS service provider can help avoid getting a malware infection on a computer.

How can I factory reset a BT Broadband router?

If you need to factory reset a BT Broadband router one of the easiest ways is the login to the BT router web page which is usually and enter in the BT Broadband password which is printed on the base of the router, or on the pull-out information tab. Sometimes by resetting a BT Broadband router can help fix and resolve a connection problem or clear the cache memory from the BT Broadband router.