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BT Mail Apple Issues help from Mac computer specialists

BT Mail Apple Issues help by Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist and Apple Mac Computer Expert.

BT Mail Support for Apple Macs!

Get information about using BT Mail on your Apple Mac computer or Apple product from Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist and Apple Mac computer expert.

Are you having BT Mail issues and problems with BT Mail on your Apple Mac computer?

Read out Apple Mac BT Mail guide to help you identify and help with BT Mail Mac issues.

BT Mail Apple Issues Apple Mac Technical support.

  • Are you having problems with BT Mail on your Apple devices?
  • Are you having problems with your BT Mail account not accepting your BT email password?
  • Do you need help with Apple Mail on your Apple Mac computer?
  • We are Apple specialists providing BT Mail assistance for home users and small business.
  • We are open from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm Monday to Sunday 7 days a week.
  • Professional Apple Mac BT Mail email technical help and assistance.

Update: BT Mail on Apple macOS Big Sur 11.6 is stable!

Did you know that 99.9% of people do not have any issues or problems with using BT Mail on a Apple Mac computer? And that most issues and problems arise from the lack of Apple Mac computer maintenance.

Using BT Mail on a Apple Mac computer that is running macOS Big Sur 11.4 to Mac OS Big Sur 11.6 or newer is stable.

Update April 2022: BT Mail and Mac OS Monterey 12.3.x update.

The Apple MacOS Monterey update 12.3.x is now available as a software update on MacOS Monterey, the BT Mail service using Apple Mac Mail is working without any setup or with any issues when using Apple Mac Mail, one report of Apple Mac Mail going offline after a MacOS security update, this was resolved and fixed by choosing the option to take all mail accounts online from the Apple Mac Mail menu.

Update 26th October 2021: BT Mail and Mac OS Monterey.

Apple Mac OS Monterey is now available from Apple; we expect BT Mail and Apple Mac OS Monterey to work the same way as BT Mail with Mac OS Big Sur.

For the very best experience when using macOS Big Sur or Mac OS Monterey, with a BT Mail account is to switch on the Apple iCloud Keychain, so that your BT Mail passwords are kept safe and secure.

Apple has said that Apple Mac computers that have downloaded applications from the internet from a technique called side loading can infect the Apple Mac computer with an Apple Mac malware infection.

Ask Keith Thomas for an Apple Mac computer security review. Our Apple Mac computer security review is by remote IT support service. Ask Keith Thomas for the best way to protect and secure your Apple Mac computer.

Do you need BT Mail support for your Apple Mac computer?

Are you having BT Mail technical issues and problems with using Apple Mac Mail with your BT Mail account?

Do you need to contact a Apple Mac BT Mail specialist that can resolve your BT Mac Mail problems?

Maybe you have been talking to BT Technical support and they have advised your to contact Apple for BT Mail support?

Our Apple Mac computer engineers and Apple specialists are able to help BT Mail customers with Apple Mac Mail technical support and assistance.

BT Mail and Apple Mail known issues.

Did you know that there are three BT Mail accounts that you can have, • BT Mail • BT Yahoo Mail • BT Business Mail?

The BT Mail accounts are for home users that are using BT as your broadband internet connection, the BT email account is paid for from your broadband connection.

The BT Mail Yahoo accounts also have a email address, the BT business account email address is, which causes the most issues and problems.

The first known issue with this is that if you move away from BT and you use another internet service provider, you might have problems sending email messages

And you may loose the ability to use BT Mail with Apple Mail in the near future, plus BT will ask you to pay to keep the @btinternet account open.

BT Yahoo Account problems on Apple Mac computers.

The BT Yahoo email accounts are more of a problem for some BT customers.

BT had a plan to move all BT Yahoo customers to BT Mail, this seems to have stopped, with some customers left on Yahoo and some customers migrated to a new BT mail server.

it’s taken BT five years to sort this out, and is still ongoing today, BT will not give a public statement on the migration process, or if the project has been cancelled.

Are BT Mail Accounts safe and secure?

To keep an email account safe from computer viruses, spam, and malware, needs investment, of course BT are not putting any money into BT Yahoo Mail.

for a BT Yahoo Mail user this means that more advertising emails will be arriving very soon, as Yahoo email accounts are advertising sponsored today.

If BT won’t move your account to a BT Mail server from a BT Yahoo server, then your option would be to look at having your own personal email account.

For BT accounts BT seems to be using newer more modern server technology, we assume they are using Microsoft technology to host emails.

For Apple Mac customers that are using BT Mail email accounts on Apple Mac computers BT Mail works without any problems for most customers that use BT mail on their Apple Mac computer.

BT Business Mail and Apple Mac computers.

BT have chosen Microsoft to host BT Business mail accounts these are accounts, set up as pop accounts, how stupid, we no longer support this!

We don’t like the name, maybe BT don’t like it too, running a business with a is simply not a good business email solution to use.

The name was used when email was new to the UK, and BT did not think to offer business domain names!

BT have a new BT Business Mail login website page if you need to check your email account online.

For a professional business email solution contact us and we can recommend a solution and a company that provides professional business email support for Apple Mac users in the UK.

BT and Apple Mail setup.

The Apple Mail application on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Mac computers using and accounts work ok for most people.

If you are using Apple MacOS High Sierra • macOS Mojave • macOS Catalina • macOS Big Sur, then the setup of BT Mail on a Apple Mac computer is automatically configured.

The BT Mail Yahoo accounts can cause more problems to setup.

Do you setup the account as a Other Mail account or as a Yahoo account from the Apple internet accounts icon?

For some BT Yahoo customers, the other mail account works, for other customers the Yahoo account setup works.

The key question is to try to find out from BT which server your email account is hosted on, which can be impossible to find out.

Of course, the BT Mail technical support service follow a Indian call centre script, so of course calling BT is often a waste of time and effort!

You are unlikely to be talking to BT Mail telephone support agent that goes thru set action script, we know this wastes time for more people who need a BT Mac Mail issue fixed.

How can we help BT Apple Customers?

Our Apple Mac computer engineers are able to provide Apple Mac IT Support and BT Mac Mail Technical Support for BT Mail customers!

We are experts in troubleshooting Apple Mac Mail issues and problems with BT Mail Accounts on the Apple Mac computer.

Our Apple Mac computer engineers and Apple Mac Mail consultants provide expert assistance with troubleshooting BT Mail email accounts on a Apple Mac computer.

BT Mail Apple Mac Mail Training!

We provide Apple Mail email training service for BT Mail customers that need to learn more about using Apple Mac Mail with their BT Mail email account on the Apple Mac computer.

Our Apple Mac computer training specialists, and Apple Mac consultants provide BT Apple Mac mail computer training.

We also provide Apple Mac Mail email consultancy, and Apple Mac mail troubleshooting and maintenance service.

Apple Mail Maintenance for BT Mail computer users.

Over time many customers build up a lot of email messages, and the management of the emails become difficult and time consuming.

We can help BT Mail customers manage and organise your email messages.

if you need to Archive emails, or you need help with reducing your email mailbox size.

If you need help with managing and organising your email messages using Apple Mail, we can give you a quick overview.

Our Apple Mac Mail IT consultants can advice you on how to manage and organise your BT email account using Apple Mail.

How to reset your BT Mail Passwords and BT Mail FAQ.

How can I change my BT ID password for My BT?

Use the BT ID website page to reset your BT ID password

How can i reset my BT Mail password?

Use the BT reset my BT Mail password website to reset your BT Mail password.

How can i update my BT Mail password on my Apple Mac computer?

Start by making sure that the Apple Mac Mail application is not open before following the 6 steps on how to update by BT Mail password on my Apple Mac computer. only follow this for BT email account.

1. Click on the Apple Logo, top left of your screen, choose, System Preferences.
2. Open Internet accounts, select your email account and you will find an password field
3. Delete the password and enter in your new BT Mail password.
4. Now open Apple Mail and choose, Mail, Preferences, and settings, choose accounts.
5. click on your BT Mail account, and edit the outgoing mail smtp settings.
6. Choose edit smtp server list…, click on Advanced and now update your BT Mail password.

How can i contact a BT Mail Apple Specialist to help me with my BT Mail account on my Apple Mac computer?

Complete the online website contact form to get in touch with Keith Thomas for assistance with BT Mail on a Apple Mac computer or Apple product.

How can you manage a large BT Mail Inbox?

The BT Webmail has an Archive feature.
Simply highlight one of more emails that you have in your BT Mail Inbox.
And then click on the Archive option. Get started with BT Webmail here.

Does having an optimised BT Mail Inbox help with loading BT Mails on your computer or tablet device.

If you have a large BT Mail Inbox, use the BT Mail Archive feature to fully optimise your older email messages.
Then use the BT Webmail search if you need to review a Archived BT Mail email message.

How can I backup my BT email messages on a Apple Mac computer?

Use Apple Time Machine to back up an Apple Mac computer, and then use Apple Mac Mail Export command to create a Apple Mailbox file for the Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, and any Folders known as Mailboxes that you have created using Apple Mac Mail.
This will help you backup your BT email messages on a Apple Mac computer.

How can I protect my BT business emails against possible emerging Apple Mac computer ransomware?

Use Apple Time Machine to help protect a BT business email account against ransomware.
Ask BT business email support for a solution to back up your email messages on their server.
Use a Microsoft Exchange backup tool or consult with a Microsoft BT Exchange specialist for help with a BT Business email backup solution.

Does BT Mail work with Mac OS Monterey?

Yes, BT Mail works with Mac OS Monterey. Most issues and problems do arise if a Apple Mac computer had not had any computer maintenance, or an Apple Mac computer has a malware or a third-party software application issue causing a problem with Apple Mac Mail

How can I use my BT Mail account if i need to check an email message away from my own computer or on another computer?

All BT Mail accounts support webmail, BT Webmail is a good way to manage a BT Mail account from another computer, or if you need to do BT Mail Maintenance for your Inbox, the BT Mail Webmail service is often used.
To access a BT webmail account visit and click on the BT Mail at the top of the computer screen. Or use our Link to access BT webmail.

Keith Thomas is a Apple Mac computer specialist that provides Apple Mac technical support and Apple Mac Mail support for BT customers.

that need professional assistance from a Apple Mac Mail computer specialist, Apple Mac Mail consultant.

Keith Thomas can often help you quickly identify, fix and resolve, issues and problems with Apple Mac Mail for BT Mail account customers.

How to contact Keith Thomas for Apple Mac Mail technical support and assistance?

  • Complete the online website contact form. (open 24 Hours) with 10:30 am to 21:00 pm response times for completed forms sent to us.
  • Our online website contact form only takes a few minutes to complete on your • computer • phone • tablet device.
  • We respond by email: we are open daily from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm • 7 days a week service! including weekends and Sundays!
  • For Apple Product Repairs for Hardware and Apple Service, use the Apple Product Repairs button!
  • Call or Text 07800 940756 lines open 10:30 – 13:00, 14:00 – 17:00, 18:45 – 20:30