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How to upgrade to Mac OS Catalina

Update: macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey will replace macOS Catalina for 2014 and newer Apple Mac computers. Read our How to update to mac OS Big Sur which is the update to MacOS Catalina.

For the very best Apple Mac computer experience upgrade to macOS Big Sur in mid 2021 and macOS Monterey late 2021 and 2022.

Learn how to upgrade your Apple Mac computer to Mac OS Catalina with our quick and easy to follow guide.

Start here to upgrade to Mac OS Catalina.

  1. Check to see if your Apple Mac computer is compatible with Mac OS Catalina, is your Apple Mac computer supported?
  2. All Apple Mac computers that are 2012 models or later support Mac OS Catalina, with one exception MacBook! (2015)
  3. Make a backup of your Apple Mac computer using Apple Time Machine to an external storage volume.
  4. Review all of the third-party applications that you have installed on your Apple Mac computer.
  5. Use the Apple System Report tool to look for any non-64-bit applications that are installed.
  6. Make a note of any application that are shown as 32 bit.
  7. Ideally simply find the uninstaller to remove the 32-bit applications before you upgrade to Mac OS Catalina.

Use the about this Mac menu and choose system report and click on the Applications panel to show 64-Bit (intel) information.

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan System Report before upgrade to Catalina.

Use Apple Time Machine to back up your Apple Mac computer.

Apple recommends that you have a completed Apple Time Machine backup completed before you install Mac OS Catalina.

Apple System preferences showing Time Machine icon.

Get ready to install Mac OS Catalina

Make sure that you have at least 18.5Gb of free storage space on your Apple Mac computer before trying to install Mac OS Catalina.

Use the how to get older versions of macOS Apple support page to open the macOS Catalina from the Apple App Store. Use the link to open the Apple page. Use Link.

Mac OS Mojave to Mac OS Catalina.

To upgrade from Apple Mac OS Mojave to Apple Mac OS Catalina simply open the Apple Logo, system preferences, and choose the software update icon, to start the Mac OS Catalina installation. or use the link to open the Apple app store to download macOS Catalina.

Mac OS Lion to Catalina.

Before you can install Mac OS Catalina you will need to upgrade to Apple Mac OS El Capitan before you can upgrade to Catalina.

Apple Mac OS Yosemite and newer Apple Mac OS operating systems can be upgraded to Mac OS Catalina.

Warning: The performance of macOS Catalina from macOS Lion or macOS Mavericks upgrade can make your Apple Mac computer slow. The best macOS Catalina performance comes from Apple Macs with Flash SSD storage.

If you are upgrading a Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro laptop computer make sure you are connected to your power adaptor, before starting the Mac OS Catalina installation.

Apple Mac OS Catalina FAQ Questions?

How can i download Mac OS Catalina?

Use the Apple Support website to open the link to start the Mac OS Catalina download use the link Here

Is there a manual to learn how to use Mac OS Catalina?

The Catalina help guide is found from the Apple Help menu at the top of the screen.
Its shown when you are in the Finder.
The best way to learn how to get around Mac OS Catalina is to have 1-2 hour of macOS Catalina training.

Does Microsoft Office 2008, 2011 work with Mac OS Catalina.

No, Microsoft Office for Mac 2019 or newer is fully supported with Mac OS Catalina.

Will my printer work with Mac OS Catalina?

Most printers will work with Mac OS Catalina, however older printers more then 6-7 years old may need a firmware upgrade or a 64 bit printer driver upgrade from the printer manufacturers website to work with macOS Catalina.

Can my Apple Mac computer be upgraded to macOS Catalina?

macOS Catalina only installs on 2012 2019 Apple Mac computers.
Use macOS Big Sur • or macOS Monterey from late 2021 on a 2014 or newer Apple Mac computer.

Do you need further assistance with instilling Apple Mac OS Catalina on your Apple Mac computer? Why not simply contact us and one of our Apple Mac computer engineers can simply remote control your Apple Mac computer to guide you thru all of the steps needed.

How to get help with installing macOS Catalina on your Apple Mac computer?

Read our free guide on how to update MacOS on your Apple Mac computer, or reach out to our Apple Mac computer engineers, and Apple Mac computer consultants to get help with a MacOS update, or MacOS upgrade.

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