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How to avoid Ransomware on MacOS

How to avoid Ransomware on MacOS. Keith Thomas provides expert Apple Mac computer security advice for home users and for small business.

Beware Apple Mac Malware is on the rise “Apple Computer UK” and “Apple Inc” public announcement!

Now that Microsoft Windows 11 is here the Apple Mac OS might be under attack sooner than you think!

How to avoid ransomware on macOS.

The best way to avoid ransomware on the Apple Mac computer is to use Apple Time Machine to back up your computer to an external storage volume.

Did you know that you can actually have more than one Apple Time Machine backup!

The Apple Mac OS operating system software is very safe and secure, the risk of any Apple Mac Ransomware attack is rare, but as you know the BBC and Sky news can come up with stories about companies that have had a Ransomware attack.

Use the very old technique of a grandfather backup to protect your Apple Mac computer from any future Mac OS Ransomware attack!

A grandfather backup is the concept of having three backup storage devices, with only allowing two of the three storage devices to be used at the same time.

The Apple Mac OS Time Machine backup system allows for more than one or two backups.

The approach is to let the Apple Mac computer backup to the three storage volumes, and then rotate one of the storage volumes to be disconnected or off site to allow for an Apple Mac Time Machine restore should you need to recover from an iCloud Ransomware attack or an Apple Mac OS ransomware attack.

The chance of getting a Mac OS Ransomware attack is low, extremely low!

Use SSD Flash storage volumes for the ultimate Apple Time Machine backup time!

  • And did you know that by using a SSD solid state drive as your time machine backup can speed up the time it takes to complete a Apple Time machine backup.
  • To avoid ransomware attack on your Apple Mac computer, add another external time machine backup to your Apple Mac computer and backup once a week or once a month.
  • So in the very rare event that your Apple Mac computer has ransomware attack, you can simply restore your data from a Apple Time machine backup.
  • We think that ransomware is so rare on macOS, it’s more of a problem with Microsoft Windows.
  • Our Apple Mac computer engineers also worry that ransomware might infect a Apple iCloud Drive account.

Apple Mac OS Monterey will have the best Apple Mac computer security to date from Apple!

For the very best macOS computer security use macOS Monterey, even if this means you have to purchase a new iMac computer or a new MacBook Air or Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer.

The risk and cost of security for most people is simply worth the justification of a new Apple Mac computer.

Keith Thomas is a Apple Mac security specialist that worked for Apple computer UK. And now provides independent Apple Mac IT support service in the UK.

Apple Mac Security FAQ questions.

Do Apple Mac computers get Viruses?

With macOS X there have not been any Apple Mac computer viruses since the Classic version of Mac OS X.

Do Apple Mac computers get malware?

Apple Mac malware is rather common on all versions of macOS including macOS Big Sur.
Mac Malware is on the rise since 2020 and 2021. Apple has made this announcement public at the WWDC 2021 event by a senior Apple employee.

What is the best Apple Mac malware software to use on macOS?

Malwarebytes seems to detect Mac malware vs Clean my Mac X which does not detect common Apple Mac computer malware.

How can I do a security check on my Apple Mac computer?

1. Review the items that are starting up with the Apple Mac computer.
2. Remove non-Apple applications that you do not recognise.
3. Use Malwarebytes for Mac to scan and check your Apple Mac computer for Mac malware.
4. install and update to the very newest Apple Mac operating system software that your Apple Mac can use.
5. Use the Apple Keychain to manage passwords on your Apple Mac computer.
6. Check the Apple System Preferences, Security and Privacy control panel on your Apple Mac computer.

Is the Apple iCloud Drive good for security?

The Apple iCloud Drive is good for security and privacy, as long as you do not share or give out your Apple ID password, or use a Apple ID password this is known to be weak.

Why is the Apple Firewall switched off on my new Apple Mac computer?

Apple has left the Apple Firewall switched off, so that you can install your third-party software without problems.
By having the Apple Firewall switched off, this means less calls to the Apple Support Helpline.
Switch on the Apple Firewall once you have setup your Apple Mac computer.

Are USB memory sticks and MicroSD cards safe from ransomware?

Do not leave a memory stick or a MicroSD card connected to your computer.
The risk of a ransomware attack on a Apple Mac computer is low, but any external storage volume can be at risk if the Mac OS is infected with either Mac Malware or a ransomware attack.

How to contact an Apple Mac computer security specialist?

Keith Thomas is a Apple Specialist and a Apple Mac computer expert that provides professional Apple Mac computer advice, and expert specialist advice on Apple Mac computer security and MacOS security Information to the general public in the UK.

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