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How to contact Apple Support in the UK United Kingdom

Contact Apple Support UK – 0800 107 6285

Getting help and assistance with an Apple product or an Apple Mac computer in the UK is by either visiting one of the Apple Stores near you, or by getting Apple Support online, or by arranging to contact an Apple authorised service provider in the UK.

We are often asked what is the best way to get an Apple product repaired in the UK. At Keith Thomas – Apple Specialists we provide Apple Mac Telephone Support and Apple Mac Remote IT support service and assistance. We are simply Apple Mac computer MacOS Experts and Apple Mac computer software consultants in the UK.

What is the best way to get an Apple product repair service in the UK?

The best advice for iPhone battery and screen replacements.

If you have an Apple iPhone that needs a new battery, or you have an Apple iPhone that needs a new screen, the best place to get an Apple iPhone battery replacement and an iPhone screen repair service is by going directly to Apple or to one of the Apple authorised service providers in the UK. By using one of the Apple stores in the UK or by making arrangements to visit an apple authorised service provider you will get an original Apple iPhone battery replacement and an original Apple iPhone screen repairs service.

iMac and MacBook desktop and Apple laptops repairs service advice.

The best Apple iMac and MacBook Apple laptop repairs are carried out by a UK network of Apple authorised service providers in the UK, whilst it might seem like a good idea to get a iMac screen replacement, or an Apple MacBook Air, or Apple MacBook Pro screen repair done at a local computer shop or a company that just offers computer repairs service, for a Apple MacBook Air or a Apple MacBook Pro battery replacement, the parts used are either not the original parts, and the battery performance of a third party battery will often not be as good as the original part from Apple or an Apple authorised service provider.

How to contact Apple Support for Apple product repair and Apple authorised service in the UK

If you need Apple Hardware Support for your Apple product!

Or you need a professional Apple upgrade service in the UK.

The best and only way to get a professional Apple Mac computer repairs service is to use an Apple authorised service provider for an Apple product repair or service.

Use either an Apple authorised service provider, an Apple Store near you, or an authorised independent Apple repair company, authorised by Apple.

Find an Apple Authorised Service Provider known as an AASP in the UK

How to get Apple Support if you have a product that is not covered by Apple?

Some Apple products are no longer serviced by, Apple, or by an Apple authorised service provider, issues and problems can arise if you use a battery service from a computer repair shop, or you have an Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro screen replacement service done, in most cases for a screen replacement, either a secondhand part will be used, or the replacement display might not be as good as the original part.

How about Apple software support service and assistance?

Apple offers 90 days of free Apple support service and assistance for all of its products and services. And even after 90 days getting support from Apple either online and by telephone is still possible via the 0800 107 6285 official Apple UK support telephone number.

What if Apple cannot help or you need to get independent Apple Support and Apple assistance service?

In most cases Apple will help customers with MacOS support and help with their Apple ID or Apple iCloud account, for Apple products and services, but sometimes Apple will ask you to get independent Apple help and advice for your Apple product.

Or that the Apple Stores are busy, and the Apple Store Genius Bar appointments are fully booked or getting service support and assistance isa also busy or not available.

For Apple customers that need to get Apple Mac computer help and assistance, Keith Thomas, provides an independent Apple Mac IT support service in the UK for home users, Apple Stores UK customers, and for companies and small businesses in the UK United Kingdom.

Get Independent Apple Support from Keith Thomas – Independent Apple Specialist.

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