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How to do a Quick Windows 11 Virus and Threats Health Check

Are you getting a message saying that your Microsoft Windows 11 pc computer has been infected with a virus or you have clicked on a link from an email message, or you have visited a website page that might cause Windows malware on your Microsoft Windows 11 computer?

With Microsoft Windows 11, Microsoft has included all of the tools that you need to keep Windows 11 safe from the most common Windows Viruses and Windows malware, for a home Windows 11 PC computer user, for for a small business, Microsoft Windows 11 has all of the tools that you need to keep Microsoft Windows 11 safe and secure.

How to do a quick Windows 11 Virus and Threats health check on Windows 11.

  • The first task is to use the Windows 11 start menu and search for “Security”
  • Then open the Windows 11 Security application.
  • Click on the Virus and threat protection panel.
  • Then make sure that the Virus and threat protection updates are up to date, make sure update successful is shown.
  • Click on the Back arrow, and choose Scan options, here you will see a list of scan options to choose from.
  • Start with a quick scan, if Windows malware or a virus is found, after a quick scan, then do a full scan of the computer. You can continue to use Windows 11 whist the computer is checking for Windows Viruses and threats.
  • If Microsoft Windows 11 is unable to remove Windows Malware or a Windows security threat, then use the Microsoft Defender Offline scan.

The Windows 11 Virus and threat protection dialog boxes.

The Windows 11 Virus and threat protection system works will for home users, and for small businesses, and for a home user, or for a small business, there is no need to buy or purchase any further additional pc computer security software for Windows 11.

There are a few more ways that you can make Windows 11 safe and secure.

Windows 11 updates.

Make sure that you keep Windows 11 up to date, again this is easily done from the Microsoft Windows update system, which is found by searching for update from the Windows 11 start menu, and then Check for updates.

How to help stop Windows Malware from infecting Windows 11 by using better DNS settings.

For a home user, or for a small business, when you search for a website or type in a URL website address name, you are asking the computer to do a DNS lookup search request. Your home or small business broadband router has a DNS server IP address setting. If you use BT Home Broadband then the DNS setting cannot be changed.

However, you can still get Windows 11 to use a better DNS server, one of the best ones to use is from Cisco, Cisco is a well-known and trusted company and is well trusted for computer security. You can read about Cisco Umbrella DNS security.

How to get Windows 11 to use a better DNS server to stop Windows malware from infecting a home computer or a small business work computer.

  • Click on the Windows 11 start menu and search for settings, then choose, Network & Internet.
  • Click on Ethernet if your computer has a wired connection to your home broadband router.
  • Edit the DNS server assignment menu and change the setting from automatic to manual.
  • You need to use both Cisco DNS server IP addresses, IPv6 is optional to use.

Edit Windows DNS dialog box for an ethernet connected computer.

For most home computer users, and for small businesses that are using Microsoft Windows 11 for home use or for use at a small office, the built in Microsoft Windows 11 Virus and threat protection is all that is needed to keep Windows 11 safe and secure. And by using a better DNS server from Cisco, Google, or another server provider, getting infected with Windows Malware can be avoided.

Hyper working and Windows 11 computer security for remote office workers.

For a home user, or a remote worker, that is using a home Windows 11 PC computer for work, then often the company that you are working for will often want you to install their recommended solution for remote and hybrid office workers. Most companies should provide a PC computer, or a Windows laptop computer to a remote office user, or a remote worker to use.

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