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How to fix a slow Mac Wi-Fi network connection

How to fix a slow Mac Wi-Fi wireless network.

Read our article on how to fix and troubleshoot Mac Wi-Fi wireless problems with your Apple Mac computer.

Our free guide on how to fix a slow Mac Wi-Fi problem, read thru the steps to help fix, troubleshoot and resolve a slow Mac Wi-Fi problem with your Apple MacBook Air laptop • Apple MacBook Pro laptop • Apple iMac • Apple Mac Mini computer.

If you have other Wi-Fi network devices that also have a slow Wi-Fi network connection.

  1. Update the Apple MacOS operating system software on your Apple Mac computer to the most recent version that your Apple Mac computer hardware can support.
  2. Install any MacOS software updates that are available.
  3. Perform an Apple Mac computer virus health check.
  4. Also perform an Apple Mac computer Malware scan.
  5. Switch off any Bluetooth devices that are close to the Apple Mac computer.
  6. Switch off any wireless printers that have a Wi-Fi Direct connection.
  7. Disable any personal hot spots mobile broadband devices that are close you your computer.

Did you know that macOS Lion • Mountain Lion 10.8 • macOS Yosemite • macOS Mavericks • macOS El Capitan are now classes as being outdated and do not work well if you need to use Apple Mac computers on the internet?

For the very best internet experience use macOS Catalina or newer is needed. If you are using an older Apple Mac computer. now is the time to consider purchasing a new Apple Mac computer.

How to optimise the Wi-Fi network settings on the Apple Mac computer.

The Apple MacOS network settings can be optimised so that your home or office router becomes the preferred network connection.

The following steps can help troubleshoot Apple Mac slow Wi-Fi connections.

  1. Open the Apple menu and choose System Preferences…
  2. Open the Network icon.
  3. Click on the Wi-Fi name in the Network dialog box.
  4. Click Advanced.
  5. Drag your own Home or Office Wi-Fi network name to the top of the list of the Preferred Networks.
  6. If you have a 5GHz wireless network and a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network join both networks to help.

Keith Thomas is a Apple Mac network IT professional that provides Apple Mac Network IT computer support services for both home users and for small business.

How to troubleshoot a slow broadband internet connection to your home or office.

A quick way to fix and troubleshoot a slow broadband internet connection to your home or office is to simply power off the broadband router for a few minutes and switch it back on again, as the 1st step troubleshooting profess.

The simple task of rebooting a wireless modem or a wireless router, will help optimise the broadband connection from the internet service provider to the wireless modem or router, and this will also reset the cache in the router too, for some customers this is all that is required, some modern wireless routers will also scan the Wi-Fi network channels and if a better Wi-Fi channel can be used the Wi-Fi channel will be updated, this can also fix and resolve a slow Wi-Fi wireless network connection for a home broadened connection.

How can you know if a slow broadband internet problem is at your home or outside of your home?

To find out if a slow broadband internet connection is inside your home, office, apartment or property, some quick and easy tasks are needed and its gathering up key information that you need to know.

  • Find out the best possible speed that you can actually get at your home, office, or property by using the BT Broadband availability checker too from BT Openreach, it does not matter if you use Sky or another internet service provider, as usually it is BT Broadband that is providing the connection anyway.
  • Write down the best possible speeds from the report given by the BT Broadband Availability Checker see our guide below on how to read the information.

The panel of the left is showing that a 1Gb broadband internet connection with a 200 Mb upload speed for the highest paid service that BT is offering. The box on the right is a much slower ADSL BT Internet connection with 15 Mb slow broadband internet connection.

Once you have obtained this information, then the next step would be to logon your broadband modem or wireless router to find out what the broadband internet speed is at the router box location.

Once you have this information, it is then possible to see if a slow broadband internet speed is at your home, office, or apartment, or the slow or poor internet speed at a problem that is outside of your home, or office.

Did you know that a consumer is not responsible for resolving a technical slow broadband internet connection problem the is outside of your home or office, the broadband internet service provider should be able to get you a broadband internet connection speed that is either the same as a BT Broadband Amiability Checker report, or close to the report?

How to check the Broadband speed of a wireless modem or wireless router?

All routers have a website page running and this can be seen by typing in the IP address of the router for a BT broadband router this is and the username and password is not the Wi-Fi password, but the password written down on the small black card or is written on the routers label. For a Sky router, the IP address is and usually the username is admin or sky and the password might be sky, admin, or simply password.

Once the routers internet website is shown it should be possible to get the current broadband connection speed from the connection or internet connection page of the router.

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