How to speed up a slow Apple Mac computer quickly

Read our free guide on how to speed up a slow Apple Mac computer with our easy to follow guide on the steps needed to quickly speed up the performance of a slow Apple Mac computer.

How to speed up a slow Apple Mac computer.

The best way to speed up a slow Apple Mac computer is to review the computers memory use, find out which applications are using memory, and review the Apple Mac computer storage volume.

Our simple guide can help speed up the performance of a slow iMac or a slow Macbook laptop computer.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to speed up a slow Apple Mac computer.

  1. Review the current memory performance.

    Use the Activity Monitor Apple tool to review your current memory status.Apple Activity Monitor

  2. Review the Memory Used.

    Review the Memory Used, and note the Swap Used and Memory pressure.

  3. Optimise the memory.

    Look at the Process name menu and review how the memory is being used.

  4. Notice that Google Chrome is using memory.

    To optimise the memory used simply close some of the Google tabs that can be left open.
    Google can take up a lot of memory as each tab can take away memory space until the application is closed.

  5. Quit all of the applications that are running in the Dock.

    The small black dot shows which applications are open, simply click and hold down on the icon to choose Quit.The Apple dock

  6. Control the items that start up when you restart your Apple Mac computer.

    Open the system preferences and choose Users and Groups.
    Click on the Login Items panel.
    Use the – symbol to remove the items that do not need to open when you restart your Apple Mac computer.Users and Groups Login items

  7. Restart your Apple Mac computer

    Uptick the box “Reopen windows when logging back in, then restart your Apple Mac computer.

Apple Mac memory – 8Gb of memory is best for most users!

New Apple Mac computers often come with 8Gb of memory installed, which is of course ok for a home user, or a small business that only needs to use the pre installed applications, or only a few further additional applications are installed.

Choose a new Apple Mac carefully! – order the right storage!

If you are purchasing a new Apple Mac computer today, when it comes to buying a new Apple Mac computer, the best way to optimise the speed the the performance of a new Apple Mac computer is to customise the order and choose the memory and the storage that you need.

Keith Thomas recommends that for every new Apple Mac computer purchase the memory option is upgraded from 8Gb to 16Gb of memory, why?

The amount of memory that you Apple Mac computer has the more responsive the performance will be, however the new Apple M1 and new Apple silicon Macs run almost the same performance with 8Gb as 16Gb memory!

Another fact is that once you have purchased a new Apple Mac computer upgrading the memory is either not possible or it means having an expensive memory upgrade done, unless you have a Apple iMac that is user upgradeable.

SSD Storage Optimisation

In addition to memory, by choosing a SSD Solid state storage option from a 1Tb SATA hard disk or from a 1Tb or 2Tb, 3Tb Fusion drive, the SSD (Flash storage), will further boost the iMac performance.

For the ultimate speed of a new Apple iMac 2020 purchase choose 16Gb or more or memory, and review a SSD storage option, over the 10 years of ownership the performance will come in handy if you spend a lot of time on the computer, or you have a busy family that needs the best possible performance.

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