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How to Update MacOS

How to update MacOS on an Apple Mac Computer

Do you need to get help with updating MacOS on your Apple Mac computer?

Are you keen to find out the best way to update MacOS on your Apple Mac computer?

Do you need to get professional help and assistance with updating the Apple Mac operating system software on your Apple Mac computer?

Why update MacOS on your Apple Mac computer?

There are three main reasons why you need to update MacOS on your Apple Mac computer.

  1. To keep the MacOS operating system software updated to help with MacOS security.
  2. When MacOS is updated, Apple Mac software updates can also be updated for Apple Mac Mail, Apple Photos for Mac, Apple Safari, and for the pre-installed MacOS software that comes with the Apple Mac computer.
  3. Performance improvements and MacOS software errors known as software bugs.

MacOS is rather safe and secure to use since the introduction of Mac OS X, Mac OS X Panther 10.3 or 10.4 to Mac OS X 10.11 was rather secure to use, but move forward to 2022 and with MacOS Monterey, the Apple Mac computer is still secure, but Apple does advise consumers and businesses to use the very latest MacOS operating system software version, and will all of the MacOS software updates.

How to keep MacOS operating system software up to date.

The best way to keep the MacOS operating system software up to date on MacOS High Sierra and newer MacOS including MacOS Catalina, MacOS Big Sur, MacOS Monterey, is to setup the Apple software update icon from the Apple Menu Items and the system preferences control panel to allow MacOS to download and to install the MacOS software updates.

The Apple Mac software updates control panel information, has two sections, the top section, might suggest moving or updating to a newer MacOS operating system software version. Or the option to install MacOS software updates for the current version of MacOS that is installed.

What to do before you update MacOS or upgrade to a newer version of MacOS.

Having a backup should be the first task that needs to be done, before updating or installing a new Apple Mac computer software update or an upgrade to a newer version of MacOS. And the best way to do this is to backup to Apple Time Machine backup. Even if you have backed up to the Apple iCloud system.

MacOS performance updates.

If you have an Apple M1 Apple Silicon CPU, then the most recent version of MacOS, together with all of the MacOS software updates, will give the best performance on any Apple M1 computer.

Apple optimises the Apple MacOS software updates to take advantage of the Apple M1 silicon CPU and GPU, and also third-party software vendors update their own applications to work alongside MacOS. One example is Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac and Microsoft OneDrive for Mac.

For Intel and older Apple Mac computers, sometimes more memory and a better storage system is needed to update MacOS on an older Intel iMac or an Intel MacBook Air, MacBook Pro laptop computer.

Sometimes a MacOS software update and a MacOS operating system software upgrade, can make an Apple Mac computer slow, or very slow, this is common on the older generation of iMac computers that had 4Gb of memory, and the even older Apple MacBook Air laptops with 2Gb of memory.

Check that you have enough storage space before you update or upgrade MacOS on your Apple Mac computer.

Some of the Apple MacOS operating system software updates can require the storage volume to have free storage capacity available, so a MacOS software update or MacOS upgrade can be completed. This can be as high as 38.5Gb of free storage space available.

For an Apple MacBook Air laptop computer user, that has a 128Gb storage volume, then sometimes, updating the MacOS operating system software can be a challenge, as MacOS itself can use 30Gb to 40Gb of storage volume space.

Do you need help with How to Update MacOS on your Apple Mac computer?

Keith Thomas provides both onsite and remote Apple MacOS IT support and MacOS help with updating and upgrading MacOS on Apple iMac desktop PC computers, the Apple MacBook Air, Apple MacBook Pro, Apple Mac mini. IF you have just purchased a new Apple Mac Studio computer then the MacOS will be MacOS Monterey, and the next update announcement will be in June 2022, and the MacOS software update due fall 2022.

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