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How to fix the problem of my iMac suddenly slow

iMac suddenly slow help. Has your Apple iMac computer suddenly become slow or very slow, and you need to try and work out how to resolve the issue of the Apple iMac computer that has become slow and unresponsive to use?

What to do if your iMac has suddenly become slow.

What to do if your iMac computer has suddenly become slow. Find out the best way to fix a slow iMac.

Try our easy-to-follow steps which can help transform a slow iMac from being slow to a Apple iMac that is faster and more responsive, but if you want the best possible speed from an Apple iMac computer that is a few years old, one of the best ways is to factory reset the iMac and install a new clean installation of MacOS on the iMac computer.

How to speed up a slow iMac computer.

If your iMac computer has suddenly become slow, there are a few tasks that you can do to help speed up a iMac computer that has suddenly become slow.

Try these simple steps first.

  1. Close down all of the documents and applications that you have open.
  2. Make sure that every single applications has quit by looking at the Dock icon status.
  3. Restart the iMac, and choose the option to not allow for any documents to re-open.

For most users that have a iMac computer that has suddenly become slow, these quick and easy steps can resolve the problem.

Next, if the iMac computer is still slow, more tasks can be done to help speed up the slow iMac computer.

  1. Make a backup of the iMac computer to Apple Time Machine.
  2. Review the start-up disk storage volume to reduce the number of files if the storage volume is over 70% full.
  3. Then use the macOS recovery console to Repair the storage volume with Apple Disk First Aid.
  4. Restart the iMac computer to see if the computer is still slow.

More steps to try.

If the Apple iMac computer is still slow, after a restart or from using the macOS recovery console Apple Disk First Aid, then perform a Apple Mac Malware check on the computer.

One of the best Apple Mac malware tools Malwarebytes for Mac, how to use is Malwarebytes for Mac.

  1. Visit the Malwarebytes for Mac website page to download malwarebytes for Mac.
  2. Install Malwarebytes for Mac and scan your Apple Mac computer for mac malware.

What to do if no malware was found and your iMac computer is still suddenly slow?

Use the Apple app store to download a free tool called Black Magic Disk Speed.

  1. from the Apple Menu choose the App Store on your iMac computer.
  2. search for Black Magic speed disk.
  3. Use the Get or download button to install Black magic disk speed test.
  4. Use the Dock application launcher to start a Black Magic speed test.
  5. Review the results.

A Apple iMac that has a write and read speeds of less than 50 MB/s is slow. Often the choices here are to either replace the iMac storage volume with a much faster one, or to reset the iMac back to a factory condition to help resolve the problem.

If you have had your iMac computer for many years, often the only way to get back the original performance, is to erase and format the storage volume and start again with a fresh and new installation of macOS.

For a better solution to a iMac that has suddenly become slow, is to replace the storage volume with a new one. This can be difficult to achieve if you have a iMac computer that is more than six years old.

Apple will not service or upgrade a iMac computer that is 2014 or older should the storage volume become slow and it needs to be replaced. You can use a high street computer shop. But often a iMac computer can get damaged or the iMac upgrade repair can cause further damage to the iMac internal components.

If you have an iMac computer that has suddenly become slow, and the iMac is less than six years old. You can ask a Apple authorised service provider to upgrade your iMac with a flash storage volume known as a SSD solid state storage disk volume.

A SSD storage volume in a 21.5-inch iMac 2019 model that has a 5400 rpm SATA storage volume will be at least 66% or 70% faster, even from when the iMac was new.

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