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IT Support Home Users

Keith Thomas provides professional Apple Mac IT Support service for Home Users.

Keith Thomas provides IT Support for Home Users that need both onsite and remote IT support service across Surrey Hampshire Berkshire Wiltshire and London.

Keith Thomas provides a wide range of IT Support Services for Home Apple Mac Computer Users.

Getting IT support service for a Home Apple Mac computer is by simply completing our online website contact form to get iMac Support or MacBook support service and assistance for a home or work office computer.

One of our popular Home User IT Support Services is Remote IT Computer Maintenance Service.

Modern Apple Mac computers do not need a high level of Apple Mac computer maintenance service today, as most Apple Mac computers will have a flash storage volume and with macOS and the APFS Apple file system a home user can do their own Apple Mac computer maintenance service. We just offer help and guidance on how to do Home iMac computer maintenance and home MacBook computer maintenance.

Apple Time Machine backup and the Apple iCloud system.

Apple recommends that a home user created a Apple Time Machine Backup for a home iMac computer or for a home MacBook Air or MacBook Pro laptop computer, and in addition use the Apple iCloud Drive too.

Having just a Apple iCloud account and the Apple iCloud services switched on, most home users and business Mac computer users fail to understand that the iCloud services from Apple actually synchronise the data between the iCloud and other devices, and with modern Apple Mac computers it’s instant and quick.

So, if you delete an email from Apple Mac Mail or one of your contacts in error, or you accidentally deleted a Apple calendar event, with a Apple Time Machine backup and a Apple iCloud account Mac data recovery becomes possible.

Book in your Apple Mac Home Computer for a remote Mac Maintenance service.

Simply complete our online Apple Mac computer maintenance service contact form to get a same day and often a same hour service for Remote IT support for your Home iMac or Home MacBook Air, MacBook Pro computer.

Our IT Support for Home users service is available from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm 7 Days a week service for either onsite IT support across Surrey Hampshire Berkshire, Wiltshire, London, and by Remote Mac Support service throughout the UK Unuited Kingdom.