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Mac Computer Classes in Wiltshire

Get professional Apple Mac computer Training in Wiltshire.

Keith Thomas provides Apple Mac computer classes in Wiltshire for home PC computer users that need computer training and personal one to one private computer training lessons in Wiltshire.

Computer Training courses available.

MacOS Training.

MacOS is the Apple Mac computer operating system software, is needs to be the first training course that needs to be done, so a new person who is new to the Apple Mac computer can learn how to get around the Apple Mac computer desktop screen.

  • Learn how to use the MacOS Finder.
  • Understand how to use the Apple Menu Items.
  • Learn how to use and customise the macOS system preferences.
  • Get to know about the Apple Dock.
  • Find out how to open, close, and manage the applications on the Apple Mac computer.
  • Learn the basics of MacOS computer maintenance and how to keep MacOS up to date.
  • Find out how to manage and optimise the storage on MacOS.

MacOS training courses by Keith Thomas take about 35 to 45 minutes to complete, and you can ask MacOS questions to our Apple Mac computer training consultants.

Apple Mail Training course.

Email on the Apple Mac computer is often done by using Apple Mac Mail which is pre-installed and is built into macOS.

  • Learn and find out to setup Apple Mac Mail.
  • Find out how to compose and how to send email messages on your Apple Mac computer.
  • Get to know how to Archive and manage email messages.
  • Learn how to create a email signature in Apple Mac Mail.
  • Get to know how to add a picture to a Apple Mac Mail signature or add a website link to a Apple Mail signature.
  • Learn how to keep your inbox and outbox tidy.
  • Ask our Apple Mac Mail experts questions.
  • Find out how to manage the Inbox, sent items, and drafts folders.

Apple Mail Training is ideal for people who are new to the Apple Mac computer, or have switched from using Microsoft Windows and need to get up to speed using Apple Mac Mail.

Apple Mac Photography training courses.

MacOS includes Photos for Mac, which is built into the macOS operating system software and it has been designed to make photography on the Apple Mac easy to do.

Our Apple Photos for Mac computer training course can teach you how to get around Photos for Mac and how to import or export Photos and how to email Photos on the Apple Mac computer.

Ask our Photography experts questions about Apple Photos for Mac.

About our Apple mac computer training classes.

Our Apple Mac computer training classes are ideal for people who are new to the Apple Mac computer, or for people who have switched from using a Microsoft Windows PC computer to the Apple Mac computer.

All of our Mac Computer Classes in Wiltshire are easy to follow, and are provided by Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist that has over 30 years of Apple Mac computer IT support and Training skills, and Apple Mac computer product knowledge.

Some of the locations and areas in Wiltshire that we service.

Swindon Salisbury Trowbridge Devizes Bradford-on-Avon Calne Melksham Malmesbury Warminster Amesbury Bulford Stonehenge.