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Mac Recovery Mode Support – Information for Intel Apple Macs

Get Apple Telephone Support with the Mac Recovery Mode for an Apple Intel Computer or with a Apple Silicon M1, M2, M3 Computer from a Mac Specialist and Apple Mac Computer Software Repairs Expert.

Newer Apple Macs with Apple Silicon use MacOS Recovery by holding down the Power Button from a Shutdown startup.

MacOS Recovery Mode – Information on how to use the Apple Mac computer Mac recovery mode for re-installing and repairing a MacOS operating system software on a Intel Apple Mac computer. For newer Apple Silicon Macs, the command option R does not work, and you need to keep the power button held down in lieu of the command Option R.

Command Option R

Information on Command Option R macOS Internet Recovery Mode.

The built feature on Apple Mac Intel computers to download macOS over the internet.

Apple Mac computers since 2012 or earlier have the ability to download and restore macOS, and also upgrade macOS online over the internet.

What is macOS Recovery Mode for?

Apple Mac computers no longer come with any recovery disks or recovery media, the last recovery media was with macOS Lion and macOS Snow Leopard, which was a long time ago. and even before macOS Lion early vintage Apple Mac computers came with DVD recovery media.

Today Apple Mac computers do not have DVD drives, so Apple had to come up with a better way of helping customers that need to re-install macOS, or recover from a Apple Mac computer that will not startup.

macOS Recovery Mode can do 3 main tasks on Intel Apple Macs.

  1. Command R – the most common use for the macOS Recovery console on intel Apple Mac computers – Disk Utility and Re-install macOS.
  2. Option Command R – updates the macOS to the newest macOS version that the hardware can support.
  3. Shift – Option Command R – Installs the macOS operating system that was originally installed.

macOS Recovery on non-Intel Apple Macs known as Apple Silicon Macs.

Newer Apple Mac computers have a different way to use the MacOS Recovery console system, simply keep the power button held down when the Apple Mac computer is started to enter the recovery console. Starting with macOS Ventura macOS has a new feature which allows a Apple Mac computer to be reset to factory mode in a very similar way to an Apple iPad or Apple iPhone, which is to reset macOS and erase all of the personal data, so macOS recovery mode on macOS Ventura and Apple M1, M2 Apple silicon Apple Mac computers is easy to do, if needed.

Power off the computer to start the computer with the power button held down and then choose options.

Apple Mac Computer startup keyboard commands for Apple Silicon Macs.

Read the Apple guide on the macOS keyboard combinations start-up guide. >> macOS keyboard startup combinations guide >>

With macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey and newer macOS, the Intel command do not work on the Apple Silicon Apple Mac computers, the power button is now used to start the Apple Mac computer into the Mac Recovery Mode.

If your Apple Mac computer will not startup or you need to re-install macOS on an Apple Silicon Mac macOS will download from the internet.

For customers that have purchased a used or a refurbished Apple Mac computer for example a 24-inch iMac M1 2020 computer, and the seller did not sign out of their Apple ID account, then the iMac computer will not re-install macOS, as the Apple ID information is needed to re-install macOS.

This applies if the last user or owner of the Apple Mac computer erased the iMac computer, but did not sign out of their Apple ID account.

Do you need help with the Mac Recovery Mode?

Simply complete our online contact form to get with using the MacOS recovery console on your Apple Mac computer, our Apple Mac computer engineers and Apple Mac Computer experts are able to help with MacOS startup issues, help with a Apple Mac computer that will not load the MacOS startup bar. And help with a MacOS re-installation of MacOS on your Apple Mac computer.