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Mac OS Software Update Help Near Me

Find out if your iMac or MacBook computer can be updated.

Mac Update Help Near Me service in London and Surrey.

Mac Update Help Service Telephone Number: 07800 940756

Mac Update Help Near Me Opening Hours: 09:30 am to 20:30 pm.

Mac Update Help service is available in London and in Central London and in. Surrey and Hampshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire for an often same day and next day onsite service.

Get professional help with an iMac Computer Upgrade service.

Get Expert Help with a MacBook Update service.

Get professional Mac Support for an Apple iMac computer or for an Apple MacBook Apple laptop computer.

Our Mac Update Help service is ideal for a Home Apple Mac Computer User that needs a Apple Specialist and a Apple Mac Computer Expert to provide onsite Mac Support service and assistance with MacOS Software Updates and for MacOS Upgrades.

By using a Apple Mac Computer Specialist and a Apple Mac Computer Expert for a Mac Update or Mac Upgrade, if the Mac OS software update fails or the MacOS Update causes a printer or scanner or a third party Apple Mac computer software applications to not work. Then the problem can be quick resolved on site.

Apple Mac Computer Supported Mac OS Operating System Software Versions.

Apple Mac Computers that are 2011 or older are not suitable for MacOS Updates and Mac OS Upgrades.

Also Mac OS Catalina is the starting point for a Supported MacOS operating System software version that still actually works with most websites and with most email accounts and with Microsoft Office for Mac.

For example Google Mail is still fully supported with MacOS Catalina vs MacOS Sierra and Mac OS Sierra, which no longer works with Apple Mac Mail unless you want to use Google Mail Online via Apple Safari or you want to lower the security level of a Google Mail account.

iMac Computer MacOS Upgrades.

iMac 2011 MacOS High Sierra Supported.

iMac 2012 Mac OS Catalina Supported.

iMac 2013 Mac OS Catalina Supported.

iMac 2014 Mac OS Big Sur Supported.

iMac 2015 Mac OS Monterey Supported.

iMac 2017 Mac OS Ventura Supported.

iMac 2019 Mac OS Ventura and Mac OS Sonoma Supported.

iMac 2021 M1 Mac OS Big Sur, Mac OS Ventura, MacOS Sonoma supported.

iMac 2023 M3 MacOS Sonoma Supported.

Apple MacBook Computers.

Apple MacBook Air and Apple MacBook Pro range of computers follow a similar MacOS Update plan to the Apple iMac computer range.

Is Updating Mac OS a Good Idea?

For all Apple Mac Computers that have Flash Storage also known as SSD Storage, updating MacOS will give the best MacOS Security and the best MacOS performance.

For Apple Mac Computers that use either a SATA Macintosh HD or a Fusion Drive, the performance can degrade if the Macintosh HD or the Fusion Drive has a high number of files on the storage volume.

So before a Mac OS Update or a Mac OS Upgrafe, it is best to perform Apple Mac Computer Maintenance, before updating the Apple Mac computer.

It is also critical that a Apple Time Machine Backup is in place before any Mac OS Update or MacOS Upgrafe is done.

When MacOS is Updated or MacOS is Upgraded the Macintosh HD or Fusion Drive has to work really hard and it is known for a failing Macintosh Hard Disk or a Falling Apple Fusion Drive to simply fail during a MacOS Update or a MacOS Upgrade process or task.

iMac computer Hardware Upgrades.

Only a limited number of iMac computers can be upgraded by a user, this is limited usually to the iMac 27 inch Intel computers which have the memory door next to the power socket.

iMac computers that have a SATA Macintosh HD can be upgraded to a Flash Storage SSD storage volume. This ideally needs to be done by an Apple Authorised Service provider.

A Macintosh HD to SSD storage volume upgrade will give the iMac computer a much improved write and read Mb/s speed.

The more Mb/s speed a computer has the faster the computer will startup and the performance of opening applications is much improved.

All Apple computers since 2020 now have SSD Flash storage, and Apple designed MacOS Big Sur, MacOS Monterey, MacOS Ventura, and MacOS Sonoma to work with SSD Flash storage technology to give the MacOS the best performance.