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The best way to speed up slow MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro Slow Performance Help and Support.

The Older generation of Apple MacBook Pro laptops can become slow or very slow!

If you have an Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer that has become slow, and the computer is 2015 or newer, chances are that the storage volume has become full or nearly full, or the MacBook Pro laptop computer has a Malware infection or a background task is causing the computer to become slow.

What to do if your Apple MacBook Pro runs slowly?

The first to do if a Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer becomes slow, is to simply quit, and close down the applications that are running on the Apple MacBook Pro, and simply restart the computer.

The best way to speed to a slow MacBook Pro is to upgrade the storage volume from SATA to flash storage if you have a MacBook Pro model that has a SATA internal storage volume that can be replaced with a flash storage volume.

One of the other main reasons why a MacBook Pro laptop becomes slow is the storage volume becomes full.

Apple MacBook Pro Slow Performance guide.

Our free Apple MacBook Pro Performance guide can help you troubleshoot a Apple MacBook Pro which has become slow.

There are many reasons why the Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer can become slow or very slow.

Start with a quick MacBook Pro slow performance assessment and troubleshooting guide.

Is your MacBook Pro laptop computer getting hot or overheating?

If the Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer is getting hot. Heat will cause the computer to slow down. By running a task in the background which slows down the cpu to reduce the heat. If the MacBook Pro battery or charger is causing heat. The MacBook Pro will always be slow.

Check the health of your MacBook Pro Battery!

Make sure that the MacBook Pro battery status is ok. If the MacBook Pro battery needs servicing or the wrong mains charger is used the MacBook Pro laptop computer will slow down due to a thermal heat problem.

The Apple MacBook Pro battery service needs to be done by an Apple authorised service provider. Apple has a fixed MacBook Pro battery service repair cost.

Use the correct mains power adaptor!

If the incorrect Apple MacBook Pro power adaptor is used, this will cause overheating and possible overcharging of the MacBook Pro battery. If you have had a non-Apple MacBook Pro battery fitted, this can cause heat.

Reset the SMC – System Management Controller!

If a MacBook Pro laptop computer will not charge, or even switch on, or the fans run all the time. Resetting the SMC is the first steps to try. This can also cause a MacBook Pro to run faster.

If the the MacBook Pro SMC system is not working correctly the internal fans will run and the thermal sensor is not working correctly.

Try a SMC reset to help troubleshoot a slow MacBook Pro laptop computer.

Is the MacBook Pro storage volume full or nearly full?

If the Apple MacBook Pro internal storage volume is full or is nearly full the MacBook Pro will be slow or very slow!

The only way to resolve a MacBook Pro laptop that is slow, which caused by a full or nearly full storage volume is to reduce the number of files and folders on the computer. Or replace the storage volume with a higher capacity storage volume.

Is Spotlight or the storage volume index damaged or corrupted causing a slow Mac?

If the Apple MacBook Pro storage volume is corrupted with a damaged spotlight index or the storage volume has bad blocks. This will cause a MacBook Pro to be slow.

Or if the storage volume is failing causing the Apple MacBook Pro to become slow or very slow.

The SATA hard disk has a limited use before MTBF (mean time before failure!) MTBF is usually 4 to 7 years or less if the computer is used more often.

Apple has said that Mac Malware is on the rise.

During the June 2021 Apple WWDC event, Apple said that due to side loading mac malware is on the rise. Side loading is downloading software that is not from the Apple app store.

The best way to protect your Apple Mac computer is to update the macOS to the most recent version that your Apple Mac computer can suppport.

Common macOS software problems on MacBook Pro Apple Laptop computers.

  1. The storage volume is not optimised for performance.
  2. Malware is causing the computer to run slowly.
  3. Too many applications are open or running in the background.
  4. Missing macOS software updates.
  5. Hardware issues with the computer causing macOS to be unstable.
  6. Low storage volume free space on the macOS startup disk storage volume.
  7. The storage volume has developed a hardware fault.
  8. Low available memory causing the computer to become slow or unstable.

An Apple Mac OS operating system software problem can cause a MacBook Pro laptop to be slow or very slow. Often caused by macOS utility software or a third-party software tool process.

A third-party Apple Mac computer application might be crashing which is causing the Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer to become slow or again very slow.

How to get help with a slow MacBook Pro laptop computer in the UK?

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