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MacOS Screen Sharing Support

MacOS Screen Sharing Support service by Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist and Mac Computer Expert.

Keith Thomas provides Remote Mac Support by MacOS Screen sharing support service, MacOS Screen Sharing supports the observation and or the shared control of an Apple Mac computer screen, with two-way audio support for iMacs, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Apple Mac Studio, for Apple Mac Mini screen sharing a Microphone is needed for the Apple Mac Mini, or a call to an Apple iPhone or Apple iPad via Apple FaceTime Voice audio support.

If your Apple Mac computer is signed into your own Apple ID, Apple iCloud account, then MacOS Screen sharing should already be setup and you can skip the How-to setup MacOS Screen Sharing guide.

A quick way for MacOS Screen sharing is to open the Apple Messages application and choose file new message, and send a Hello test message, then use the top menu bar option of Communications and choose the option of Invite to Share My Screen. The Invite to Share my Screen option is to allow you to share your computer screen. The other option of Ask to Share Screen is to ask for permission to view another Apple Mac computer screen.

MacOS Screen Sharing Support.

The Apple MacOS operating system software supports Screen sharing which is a simple and often effective way to provide Remote Apple Mac technical Support.

This guide is for Apple Mac computer users, that need to ensure that their Apple Mac computer is setup for Remote Mac computer support service by using their own Apple ID account, also known as an Apple iCloud account.

To get started….

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to setup macOS Screen sharing support on an Apple Mac computer.

  1. Make sure the Apple Mac is signed into your Apple ID account.

    Open the Apple Menu Items
    Choose System Preferences …
    Open the Apple ID or Apple icloud Icon.
    Follow the steps to sign into your Apple ID account or create a Apple ID account.

  2. Check to see if the Apple ID • Apple iCloud is signed in.

    Double click on the Apple ID • Apple iCloud Icon.
    Verify if the Apple Mac computer is signed into your Apple ID account.

  3. Close down the Apple ID • Apple iCloud window.

    Click on the red icon to close down the Apple ID • Apple iCloud dialog box.

  4. Open the applications folder.

    Click on the Blue and White Finder icon to show the Finder dialog box.
    Click on the Applications in the left-hand panel.
    Open the Messages application.

  5. Open Messages Application.

    Double click on the Messages application to open the Messages application.

  6. Open the Messages application.

    Click on the Messages at the very top left of the Apple Mac computer screen.

  7. Sign into your Apple ID • Apple iCloud account.

    Click on the blue icon Accounts or Messages icon.
    Verify that the Messages application is signed into your Apple ID account.
    Or sign into your Apple ID account and enter your Apple ID • iCloud password.

  8. Verify that the Apple Message account is signed in.

    Make sure that the Enable this account is ticked.

  9. Close the Messages preferences window.

    Click on the red close button to close the Messages preferences window.

  10. Send a Message.

    Select File and choose New Message.
    Send a Message to the recipient.
    Either use the email address provided or use the telephone number provided.

  11. Sent a Message.

    Send a message to the recipient to allow for Apple Screen Sharing request to be sent.
    “Please send an Invite to Share my Screen message to the Apple Mac technician.
    Enter your message in the Message box in the Apple Mac Messages application.
    Use the Enter (Return key) on the keyboard to send your message.

  12. Wait for the Apple technician to send you an Apple Mac Screen Sharing Request.
    The Apple Mac computer technician will send an Apple Mac Screen Sharing request.
    The Apple Mac Screen Sharing Request popup window will appear at the top right of your computer Screen.
    Click on the option to Allow for the Apple Mac Screen Sharing session to start.
    Choose the option for the Apple technician to either observe or control your computer screen.
    The Apple Mac Screen Sharing session also has an audio conversation using the built in Microphone and speakers on the computer.

If your Apple Mac computer is already signed in to your Apple ID

If your Apple Mac computer is already signed into an Apple ID, then the Apple Mac computer is already setup for macOS Screen Sharing Support.

A quick way to get Apple Mac Screen sharing support if you Apple Mac computer is already setup, is to use the Apple Messages application, and choose the option “Invite to Share my Screen”

What tasks can be done using macOS Screen Sharing?

  • macOS screen sharing has full support for a two-way audio session, for Apple iMac, and Apple MacBook computers.
  • It is the same as having someone sitting next to you to provide Apple Mac computer help and support assistance.
  • Most Apple Mac computer tasks can be completed by Apple Mac Remote computer help service.
  • Apple Mac computer software updates and macOS software upgrades.
  • Computer Maintenance service to help manage and optimise the storage on a Apple Mac computer.
  • Apple Mac computer security and Mac Malware removal service.
  • Remote Apple Mac computer training service.
  • Assistance with the setup of a wireless printer or an all-in-one printer scanner.
  • Apple Mac computer Training service, if you are new to the Apple Mac computer or you need to know how to complete or do a new task
  • Ask questions about your Apple Mac computer software and Apple Mac computer hardware.

Keith Thomas is an Apple Mac computer specialist that worked for Apple Computer UK, and provides a same day and a same hour Apple Mac Remote IT Support service for home computer users, and for Apple Store customers, that need help and assistance with an Apple Mac computer by Remote Mac Support and Remote IT support service and assistance.

Some third-party software applications will stop macOS screen sharing from working, and macOS screen sharing will not work. In the event that MacOS screen sharing does not work, then Apple Mac Telephone support service is an option.