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macOS Training

MacOS Training service by Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist and Apple Mac computer Training consultant.

macOS Training.

Keith Thomas provides MacOS training service for peple who are new to Apple, and are new to Apple Mac computers, Keith Thomas provides macOS Training courses for both home computer users and for small businesses, and for Apple store customers that need macOS computer training, and you need to know how to use MacOS on a home personal computer or a work office computer.

Keith Thomas also provides macOS Training for home users and for small businesses that have switched from using Microsoft Windows PC to the Apple Mac computer. Our Windows to MacOS computer training course will give you an overview and teach you how to use MacOS from using Microsoft Windows.

MacOS Monterey Training.

macOS Monterey is available from the 25th of October 2021 to either download onto a 2015 to 2019 Apple Mac computer, Mac OS Monterey is also available for the late 2014 Apple Mac mini computer.

macOS Big Sur Training and MacOS Monterey computer training service.

MacOS Monterey is the newest macOS operating system software for late 2021 to late 2022, macOS Big Sur was the previous version of MacOS. MacOS Monterey is the current macOS that is pre-installed on all new Apple Mac computers in 2022. From the 25th of October 2021 to late 2022, macOS Monterey will be the current macOS version, a further new MacOS version will be announced at the June 2022 WWDC Apple event.

The best way to learn how to use a new Apple Mac computer is to learn how to use macOS. And learn how to use the Apple Mouse or Trackpad.

Did you know that macOS is easy to learn? And the best macOS training for home users and for small businesses that are using the Apple Mac computer for the first time is my having a personal one to one macOS training session.

macOS Training overview for people who are new to Apple Macs

  • Learn all about the macOS Finder.
  • Understand the macOS menus and computer screen.
  • Find out about the Apple System Preferences.
  • Learn how to manage and organize your files and folders.
  • Understand how to use the iCloud with macOS.

Keith Thomas is a Apple macOS specialist that has over 32 years of Apple macOS computer training skills and Apple Mac computer knowledge.

Apple Mac Computer Training by Keith Thomas also provides macOS support for home users and for small businesses by remote Mac support service.

Windows to Mac OS Computer Training.

We also provide Microsoft Windows to Apple Mac OS computer training courses for people who are switching from using Microsoft Windows to the Apple Mac Computer.

Or PC to Mac computer training service is ideal for people who know how to use Microsoft Windows, but they need to get up to speed with using a Apple Mac computer.

With all of our Apple Mac computer training courses, you can ask our Apple Mac computer training consultants questions about Mac OS, Apple Mac computer tips and how to use the Apple Mac OS Finder, how to use the Apple Dock, and how to get around the Apple Mac computer desktop or laptop computer screen.

All of our Apple Mac computer training courses are by personal one-to-one Apple Mac computer training and tuition service.

How to contact a Mac OS Training Specialist or make an MacOS computer training enquiry?