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Discover Mayfair London UK England

Mayfair London Information and help if you are visiting London or you need to find a Mayfair Restaurant, or you need Hotels in Mayfair, or you need IT Support.

Mayfair England London 2024 Information written by Keith Thomas.

Mayfair London Information by Keith Thomas an Apple IT Speciality and a Apple Business Consultant that provides a wide range of IT and Technical Support services in Mayfair London.

If you are looking for the Apple Store Mayfair, then just to say that there is no Apple Store Mayfair in the UK, the Apple Store Mayfair is actually based in the USA you can use my link to get to the Apple Store Mayfair page, if you need the Apple Store near to Mayfair in London, then the Apple Store is located at Oxford Circus, and also at Covent Garden which are the two stores near to Mayfair London.

Things to do in Mayfair London.

Mayfair London has many things to do, if you are visiting London, or you live or you work in London, Mayfair is near Oxford Street, near to Marble Arch, and near to Marylebone, and also near to Park Lane London, Marylebone Station is also located neat to Mayfair with a bus to walking distance is possible when the Mayfair London weather is fine, Mayfair London has some of the best shops, for luxury items, for restaurant’s, and for places to eat, and Mayfair has BMW at Park Lane, and many Mayfair hotels, and one of the best places to eat is the Mayfair Church that has been transformed into a Mayfair Food Hall and eating place for Pan Asian, Spanish, Italian, and also for Malaysian food right in the heart of Mayfair London.

Mercato Mayfair. Market Food Hall & Church Photography by Keith Thomas.

The Mercato Mayfair London is a church that has been converted into a market food hall, if you have tried the Oxford Street Food Market Halls, next to John Lewis at 300 Oxford Street, then the Mercato Mayfair is a more quiet and much less noise, some online reports are saying the the church is cold in the winter, but Keith Thomas has been to Mercato Mayfair and the venue was ok, not tool cold the Mercato has two floors where you can eat and drink, you can also take photos and take photography as long as you do not use a flash, or ask the staff if this is allowed.

The Mercato Mayfair is a short walk from Oxford Street, and is located at St Marks, North Audley Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 6KA, you can book online, or during the week you can also simply walk in and eat, or get a drink from the Mercato Mayfair Bar. The Mercato Oxford Street, Mercato Bond Street, is actually located in Mayfair, North Audley Street, and is a very short walk from Bond Street, and Oxford Street.

You can get Italian Coffee, German Beer, Cocktail Bar, Pizza, Asian Pad Thai food, Sushi, Spanish, Beef and Grilled Meat, Lobsters and Oysters, Dumplings and Ramen, Japanese, Indian, or you can get Fish and Chips the the Mayfair Fish Shop next to the Mercato Mayfair.

Hakkasan Mayfair.

One of the Best Chinese Restaurants in London.

If you are from North China, or you simply love Chinese food, and you do not want to eat in Chinatown Soho London, then the Hakkasan Mayfair is for you, the Hakkasan Mayfair offers a £49 price for a set menu or you can simply order what you like to eat if you like Northern Chinese food then the Hakkasan Mayfair is one the best Chinese Restaurants in London.

The Ivy Asia Mayfair.

The Ivy Asia Mayfair is located at 8 – 10 North Audley Street London, and is an alternative to the Mercato Mayfair also nearly on Audley Street London, W1K 6ZD, and the nearest subway, train station is Marble Arch and Bond Street Station, you can also walk to the Ivy Asia Mayfair from Oxford Street. The Ivy Asia has some of the best Asia food that you can eat and enjoy in Mayfair London and for £24.95 you can get a weekend Brunch.

More Mayfair Restaurants in London.

Mayfair London, England has so many Restaurants at least 200 that you can get most types of food and drink to eat and to enjoy, from Mayfair hotels that have restaurants and bars, to tiny and small eating places, all the way up to private dining and luxury eating, Mayfair London has it all from English Fish and Chips, Chinese, Malaysian, Singapore, Spanish, Italian, French, Thai and Thailand food, you can also find food from Philippines, or if you need to get a very quick bite to eat, then Pret, Costa, MacDonalds, and KFC are popular if you need a quick snack.

Italian Restaurants in Mayfair.

Gattopardo, Murano, are two Italian Restaurants in Mayfair Bocconcino is located at 19 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London W1J 8ED, and Gattopardo is location at 27 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4HZ, for fine Italian foods, drinks, both of these Italian Restaurants provide the taste of Italy in London.

Chinese Restaurants in Mayfair London.

Hakkasan and Park Chinos stand out as some of the best Chinese Restaurants in Mayfair and in London, with some of best northern Chinse foods that you can eat and enjoy in Mayfair London, Park Chinois is located at 17 Berkley Street, Mayfair London, W1J 8EA, and Hakkasan Mayfair is located at 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 6QB, then you have the China Tang at the Dorchester hotel at 53 Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1K 1QA, and the MiMi Mei Fair at 55 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 8JG, if you need to eat Chinese food near to Mayfair, and you need a cheap and low cost price for Chinese food, then head to Leicester Square, Chinatown London, where you can eat for £5 to £10 if you are hungry and you do not want to spend a lot to get some Chinese food near Mayfair.

Indian Restaurants in Mayfair London.

Benares, Jamavar, Gymkhana, Bombay Bustle, BiBi, are some of the more expensive Indian Restaurants in Mayfair London, if you need Indian food, then you can get basic Indian food from pubs and from other places in London, if you want to get Indian food and you are visiting London, then you from the Elizabeth Line you can get a train to Southall, or to Hayes and Harlington for Indian, or you can find Indian food at the Market Halls next to John Lewis 300 Oxford Street London.

Benares Indian Restaurant does have a £50 minimum spend for each person, for Mayfair London, for fine Indian food £50 is ok for central London, but other less expensive Indian is available near and close to Mayfair London.

Steak and Grill Restaurants in Mayfair London.

The Grill by Tom Booton at The Dorchester Hotel, 53 Park Lane if you need to eat rare bread beef, steak and meat, but be prepared to spend over £100 to enjoy the taste of steak and Beef, and meats that you enjoy to eat, The Humo Wood Grill at 12 St George Street Mayfair, W1S 2FB, Bentleys Oyster Bar & Grill, The Colony Grill Room at the Beaumont, or Goodman Mayfair, Guinea grill at 30 Bruton Place, W1J 6NL, Mayfair, London, Coya for south American, or you have the high street chain steak house on Oxford Street for £25 to £30 for steak.

Mayfair Hotels in London.

Mayfair London has some of the best hotels that you can find in London, prices range from well over £4000 a night, to £100 to £75 a night if you can get a late deal from an online website at the popular or from or if you are traveling from London Heathrow Airport, and you need to get luxury accommodation in London, then London Mayfair is for you, the the Dorchester Park Page, and with the Ritz Hotel, and the Hilton Hotel Park Lane, to name a few.

5 Star Hotel in Mayfair London.

Are you looking for 5 Star hotels in Mayfair London?

There are many Hotels in London, and many 5 star hotels, for fine dining, and for some of the best foods to eat and enjoy, or for a drink, and for the best accommodation in Mayfair London. The Beaumont, Claridge’s, The Connaught, The Dorchester, 1 Hotel Mayfair, The Ritz, The Biltmore and many more, 5 star Hotels in Mayfair.

IT Support Mayfair London. For Apple Mac Computer Help Service.

Do you need to get IT Support in Mayfair London?

Are you visiting Mayfair London, or you live or work in Mayfair London, you can get on site IT Support in Mayfair from Keith Thomas, either at your home or at your office, or you can get help at your Hotel in Mayfair London, Keith Thomas is a Apple IT Support Specialist and a Apple Mac Computer consultant that can help you with your Apple iPhone, your Apple iPad, or help you with your Apple Mac Computer in Mayfair London, and in central London. To get in touch with Keith Thomas, simply complete my online website contact form, or you can get in touch with Keith Thomas on 07800 940756 i am often available from 09:30 am to 20:30 for a telephone call, or you can text or simply complete my online website contact form.

Skin Care Medical Cosmetics Aesthetics and Beauty Healthcare Treatments in Mayfair.

Mayfair Best for Botox London Injectables & Lip Dermal Filler Treatments.

Try Pure Skin Mayfair London.

When it comes to skin care and healthcare aesthetics then one of the best for London Injectables is Pure Skin, Pure skin have some of the best skin care consultants in Mayfair London, for dermal skin care and for dermal filler injections, Botox, HIFU, IPL Laser Treatment , Pure Skin are medical based cosmetics and provide one of the best for facial and for face cosmetic treatments in London Mayfair. You can get specialist Botox help if you need a lip injection, or you need a dermal lip filler, or you need to get face, and facial skin care, Pure Skin specialise in Korean Skin care, Chinese Skin care, and skin care for women and for men that need to get face and face care treatments for the best skincare and after skin care.