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Merge Apple ID Accounts & iCloud Account Data

Where Can I get help if I need to Merge an Apple ID Account or Merge Apple ID Accounts?

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You can get help with Merging an Apple ID account, and to get help with Merging Apple ID Accounts from Keith Thomas, The Apple ID and Apple iCloud Specialist that provides both On Site and Remote Apple ID Support Service. On Site help with Merging an Apple ID Account or Apple ID Accounts is best done On Site and this needs a Apple Mac Computer to help with an Apple ID account Merge. Not all of the Apple ID Data can be Merged.

Get Help if you need to Merge an Apple ID Account Calendars, Contacts, Photos, Notes, Apple ID Keychain, and Apple iCloud Drive Data. Telephone: 07800 940756

How to Merge Apple ID Information and Apple ID iCloud Data.

  • Merge Apple Calendar.
  • Merge Apple Contacts.
  • Merge Apple Photos for Mac.
  • Merge Apple Photos Libraies.
  • Merge Apple iCloud Keychain and Apple Safari Passwords.
  • Get onsite Apple ID Help and onsite Apple ID Support service from Keith Thomas.

Do you have multiple Apple ID accounts, and you need to merge an Apple ID account, or you need to merge Apple accounts together?

If you have one or more Apple ID accounts across multiple Apple devices, or pc or Apple Mac computers, or you have shared the same Apple ID, or used the same Apple ID then for the best setup is to merge an Apple ID account, with another Apple ID account. An Apple ID account is an Apple cloud service in which the Apple ID account is an email address that has been used to setup an Apple ID account.

  • Information on how to merge an Apple ID account or Apple ID accounts.
  • How to change an Apple ID account username, password or change an Apple ID email address.
  • How to merge Apple Calendars.
  • Merge Apple Calendar with Google Calendars.
  • Merge Apple Calendar with Outlook.
  • How to merge Apple Photos and how to merge Apple iPhoto iCloud Libraries.
  • How to change an Apple ID or Apple iCloud account on an Apple Mac computer.
  • What to do if you have two Apple ID accounts.
  • How to merge an Apple ID account on a Apple iPhone or Apple iPad.
  • Get further help with merging an Apple ID account.

Merge Apple ID Help and Support.

Technically, Apple does not support merging an Apple ID account to another Apple ID account, however, there are a few ways in which that you can merge data between Apple ID accounts. The Apple ID services that are easy to merge:

  • Apple iCloud contacts – easy.
  • iCloud Calendars – easy.
  • Apple iCloud Drive files and folders – easy.
  • Apple iCloud Photos – a bit more complex to do.
  • Apple Notes – no easy way.
  • Apple Keychain – not easy.
  • Apple Safari Bookmarks – easy.
  • Apple Music and Apple iTunes – via Family sharing.
  • Apple app purchases – via Family sharing.

Merge Apple ID Accounts.

If you have two Apple ID accounts in use and one device or one computer is signed into the wrong or incorrect Apple ID, then the main issues are the data will not synchronize between devices, and Apple devices, and a separate set of data is created for each Apple ID. However, you can have two Apple ID accounts if you need to use one for work, and one for personal use, the supported way to do this is to have a computer account for each Apple ID on a Apple Mac computer, or a Windows PC computer. For an Apple iPad or Apple iPhone then a sub-Apple ID account is setup to support a personal and work Apple ID account setup.

Technically at Apple, Apple does not have an easy way to merge an Apple ID account with another Apple ID account. Use Apple ID Family Sharing if you need to share Apple app store purchases, Apple Music purchased, Apple TV, services, use the Add Apple ID in the Apple ID Family control panel.

Merge Apple Calendars.

The Apple Calendars application is able to merge one or more Apple Calendars into a new Apple Calendar, or the Apple Calendar data can be exported to another Apple ID.

Merge Apple Calendar with Google Calendar.

With a Google Calendar account it is possible to setup the Apple Calendars application, formally known as Apple iCal, to do one of the following tasks, setup an Apple Mac computer, iPad, or iPhone to sign into a Google account, and view the Google Calendar alongside an Apple iCloud Calendar, or export the data from a Google Calendar so the data can be imported to an Apple Calendar. You can also create a shared link to share a Google Calendar with Apple Calendar.

If you have setup an Apple device with Apple iCloud Calendar and Google Calendar, then one of the key settings is set correctly, is the default calendar. Make the default calendar either the Google Calenar or the Apple Calendar both the Apple Calendar and the Google Calendar have similar features to use.

Merge Apple Calendar with Outlook Calendar.

If you use Outlook for Mac 2021 and you need to share an Apple iCloud Calendar with Microsoft Outlook 2021 for Mac, then you can visit and then share an Apple iCloud calendar with a Microsoft

If you are using Microsoft Windows 10, or Windows 11, the Windows Mail application has the ability to setup an Apple iCloud account from the Microsoft Windows accounts settings, this will need the Apple ID account to have a trusted app password generated from the manage Apple ID account website page.

Apple ID Tips & Information that is useful to know.

With all merge Apple ID, and merge Apple accounts, and merge apple calendars, and Apple contacts merge, making an Apple Time machine backup is recommended before and tasks are done or are completed.

Data that is stored in the cloud that is synchronized between devices and between computers, can get lost quickly, as if you delete a calendar entry from a Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Mac computer, or from a Windows PC computer that is signed into the same Apple ID as another computer or device, the calendar entry is deleted often instantly.

How to Backup the Apple ID and iCloud Data that is Stored on your Apple ID or Apple iCloud Account.

  • Apple Contacts – Export to VCF file.
  • Apple Calendar – Export each Apple Calendar to an .ics file.
  • iCloud Photos – Make sure that you have downloaded all of the photos to the Apple Mac computer!
  • Then copy the Apple Photos file to either the Downloads Folder or to an external Apple Mac formatted storage volume.
  • Apple Safari Bookmarks – Use Apple Safari to export the Apple Safari Bookmarks.
  • Apple Keychain data – no easy solution.
  • Apple Notes – no easy way to do this.
  • Apple iCloud emails – Use the Apple Mail Export command to create an Apple Mail backup mailbox
  • Or use the Apple Mac Mail messages, copy command to copy Apple iCloud emails to another email account.

How to get further help with an merging an Apple ID or to get help with Apple Calendars, Apple Contacts, or get help with Apple iCloud Photos or help with pc, mac, iPhone, iPad Apple ID help and support.