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Microsoft Windows 11 05th October 2021 was the launch date

Microsoft Windows 11 launched on the 05th October 2021

Microsoft Windows 11 is the best Windows PC operating system since Windows XP and Windows 7.

What are the key features of Microsoft Windows 11 for PC computer users?

  • New Windows 11 desktop with a new start menu that you can actually use.
  • The best Windows PC computer performance.
  • Great Microsoft Windows 11 PC computer security.
  • Built in protection against PC computer malware and PC computer ransomware
  • Easy to update Windows 11 with Microsoft Windows 11 PC computer software updates.
  • All new Windows Key support from Windows W Key and Windows S for all new Windows 11 search.

Microsoft Windows 11 PC Computer System Requirements

For the very best Windows PC Computer performance make sure your PC computer is using Flash Storage SSD storage.

The Microsoft Windows 11 PC computer system requirements: –

Use the Microsoft Windows 11 System compatibility checker to see if you PC computer can run and install Microsoft Windows 11 on your PC Personal computer.

Microprocessor CPU requirements for Microsoft Window 11

1GHz CPU Microprocessor with 2 or more cores, 64-bit Microprocessor, or a (SoC System on a chip known as a (SoC)

Microsoft Windows 11 Memory Ram system requirements

4Gb of Memory RAM.

Storage requirements for Windows 11

Choose NVMe or SSD Solid state storage for the ultimate Windows 11 PC computer performance.

64Gb of storage is needed to install Microsoft Windows 11.


Direct X 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver.


HD display 720p 9-inch minimum diagonal display screen size with 8 bits per colour channel.

Other requirements needed for Windows 11

Internet connection and a Microsoft Windows account.

TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module)

The TPM 2.0 trusted platform module can be activated from the PC computer BIOS on PC Motherboards that support the TPM 2.0 trusted platform module. If your PC computer is from 2017 or newer, the TPM 2.0 trusted platform module is often supported from the PC BIOS. Some PC motherboards will need a TPM module to support Windows 11.

How can I get Microsoft Windows 11 for my PC computer?

If you are upgrading from Microsoft Windows 10 to Windows 11 you can download the free Microsoft Windows 11 upgrade utility directly from the Microsoft Windows 11 support website.

Visit the Microsoft Windows 11 How to get Microsoft Windows 11

Visit the Microsoft Windows 11 Installation and updates Microsoft website page to get Window 11 for free.

Keith Thomas provides a same day and a same hour Microsoft Windows PC computer support service in the UK to Home PC computer users, and for small businesses in the UK that need Microsoft Windows 11 PC computer support.

Microsoft Windows 11 21H2 is the second update to Windows 11 from the initial launch date of the 24 of October, the Windows 11 21H2 version is find, but Windows 21H3 due in June or July 2022 is going to be another major update to Windows 11.

Do you need help with Microsoft Windows 11 for your own PC computer?

Our Microsoft support consultants reply to all Contact Us forms by email. during 09:30 am to 21:30 pm 7 days a week
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