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New Apple Mac Computer Setup Service

Our New Apple Mac Computer Setup Service is available in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and in the UK United Kingdom England by Remote Apple Mac Computer Setup service.

New Apple Mac Computer Setup Service.

Our New Computer Setup service process.

An Apple Mac Computer Engineer will visit your home or office to setup your new Apple Mac Computer and copy and transfer your documents, photos, videos and emails from your existing computer to your new Apple Mac Computer and install any software that you might need.

Once the New Apple Mac Computer has been setup and if you use the Apple icloud or Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox services our Apple Mac Computer Engineers will make sure that your new Apple Mac Computer had been setup correctly.

Apple Mac Computer Training can also be provided if you need to find out how to use some of the new features with Mac OS and with the new Apple Mac Computer.

Our Apple Mac computer Engineer will show you how to find your files and documents and show you how to use any new Apple Mac computer software and answer all of your questions that you might have about your new Apple Mac computer.

If you have an Apple iPhone or an Apple iPad, or a Android Smartphone our New Apple Mac Computer set up service can make sure that your smartphone or Apple iPhone, iPad is syncing and working with your new Apple Mac Computer.

Also if you have a printer or a scanner or other devices our Apple Mac computer engineers can setup printers, scanners, or a multifunctional printer copier, scanner.

With our new Apple Mac Computer Setup and Installation service our after care service can include Remote Apple Mac computer Support and Apple Mac Computer Telephone Support assistance if you need any further additional help with your new Apple Mac computer, or a further On Site Apple Mac computer support service can be provided.

Our New Apple Mac Computer Set up Service Overview.

  • Assistance with unboxing a new Apple Mac computer.
  • Inspection of the new Apple Mac computer and a technical specification.
  • To make sure the computer ordered is to the exact technical specification you paid for.
  • Ask and Answer New Apple Mac Computer Questions that your might need to know.
  • New Apple Mac Computers use USB-C ports so if you have USB devices then a USB A to USB-C adaptor is needed or a USB Hub is needed.
  • New Apple Mac computers are very fast vs the older generation of Apple Mac Computers and they are also more reliable too.
  • Mac OS and new Apple Mac computer hardware is very much improved from the previous Apple computers, however a Apple Time Machine Backup is highly recommend to an external SSD storage volume.

Why having a Apple Time Machine Backup is Recommended for a New Apple Mac Computer.

An Apple Time Machine is needed because if you delete a file from the Apple iCloud or you overwrite a file, then having a Apple Time Machine backup comes in handy.

Or if you have a Apple MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro laptop computer, and it unfortunately becomes damaged, then a MacBook Air Time Machine Backup or a MacBook Pro Time Machine Backup to an external SSD storage drive can save time if you need to replace a Apple Mac Computer.

Get Apple Care for your new MacBook Apple Laptop Computer.

For new Apple MacBooks, with the Apple MacBook Air and with MacBook Pro Apple laptops having AppleCare is recommended as the cost of a Apple MacBook screen repair or a MacBook case or a new MacBook keyboard is an expensive repair, so by having Apple care will help if a new Apple MacBook needs a accident repair service.

Our New iMac M3 Computer Setup & New MacBooks Information guide.

Our new iMac M3 Computer setup information guide and new MacBooks guide on how we setup a new Apple iMac M3 computer, new MacBook for our customers and clients.

How to Book or to make an enquiry for a New Apple Mac Computer setup and Computer Installation service.

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You can book or make an enquiry for a New Apple Mac Computer setup and New Computer Installation service with Keith Thomas. for On Site or for Remote help with a new Apple Mac Computer Setup service On Site to London, Central London, in Surrey, in Hampshire, in Berkshire, in Wiltshire, and by Remote Computer Setup in the UK, England, United Kingdom.