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Photos for Mac Questions and answers

Photos for Mac questions and answers

Do you have need to find out the answers for Photos Mac questions.

Our Mac computer Training consultants are able to provide answers to questions regarding Photos for Mac.

The Photos for Mac software have change a lot following the launch and release of MacOS Big Sur and is very different to the Apple iPhoto.

Today with Apple Macs now using flash storage the performance of Photos for Mac is impressive vs iPhoto on a older generation Apple Mac computer on a conventional hard disk drive storage volume, and the newer versions of Photo for Mac is vastly more stable and the performance is much improved.

Ask our Photos for Mac specialists and experts questions about Photos for Mac.

  • How to import and export pictures and images.
  • How to reduce the size of the Photos for Mac Library file.
  • How to repair a Photos for Mac library file.
  • Photos for Mac backup strategy for DSLR semi-professional photographers.
  • How to merge one or more Photos for Mac Library databases.
  • Ask how to back up your Apple Photos for Mac Library.

Did you know that you do not need Adobe Photoshop to do Photography on the Apple Mac computer!

Apple Photos for Mac FAQ questions and answers.

How can i merge multiple Photos for Mac Library files or two or more Photos for Mac database Library files together?

The best way to merge one or more multiple Apple Photos for Mac Library files or Apple Photos for Mac databases together is to use a third-party software tool from Fat Cat Software called Power Photos.
Another way you can merge multiple Photos for Mac Library files or databases is to upload each Library to the Apple iCloud and then download the merged Apple Photos for Mac Library back to the Apple Mac computer, or simply let Apple store the high-resolution photos in the cloud so optimised smaller size versions are kept on each Apple device or computer.

How many Photos and Videos can Photos for Mac store?

Apple Photos for Mac does not have a limit to the number of photos and videos a Apple Photos for Library can store, its limited to the storage capacity of the storage volume.
A recommendation of about 500Gb is often the best size if you have lost of images, pictures and videos.

I opened Photos for Mac on macOS Monterey and i now want to use the same Photos for Mac Library on an earlier of macOS how can i downgrade an Apple Photos for Mac Library?

Once a Apple Photos for Mac Library has been upgraded to a newer version of macOS, the Apple Photos Library will not open on an older macOS version, to use the library consider uploading the library to iCloud, which can allow the library to be used on an older macOS version.

Where can i get Apple Photos for Microsoft Windows?

Apple does not have an Apple Photos for Windows application that you can use or download.
If you have a Windows PC computer you can use Microsoft Edge with the to view and manage a Apple Photos.
You can also install the Apple iCloud for Windows PC control Panel from Apple to allow Windows PC to work with the Apple iCloud Photos on a Microsoft Windows PC computer.

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