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Protect Computer | How to make your Home PC Computer Secure.

Find out one of the best ways to protect computer from getting infected and How to protect your home PC computer to make your computer safe and secure online, and also help protect your PC computer from a virus or from being hacked.

Did you know that in 2022 that malware and ransomware are becoming common, and both home PC and Apple Mac computer users need to step up and think more about PC computer security.

For a home PC computer user that does not have the skills or knowledge on how to protect their own PC computer or computer home network needs to consult with an external company or apply their own home PC computer security plan.

Start with a good PC backup strategy.

Most PC computer users start by installing software tools that scan for malware and PC computer security threats. This is the wrong approach.

Start with having a backup of your data vs focusing on using PC security tools. Did you know that with Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 11, Microsoft has given a home PC computer user most if not all of the tools that you need to use for home PC computer security.

A quick 4-point strategy for a home PC user to follow.

1. Make a backup of your computer to an external storage volume.

2. Use Microsoft OneDrive to protect your computer against ransomware and to put your critical files online.

4. Create a Windows 10 or a Windows 11 bootable USB memory stick and keep this available.

Did you know that Microsoft has made it easy to create a bootable Windows 10 or Windows 11 memory stick for a home PC computer user to create.

You will need a 16Gb or higher capacity USB memory stick to create a bootable Windows 10 or Windows 11 installer. If you use a 128Gb or even a 256Gb USB memory stick you can also use it to copy PC computer software drivers or motherboard support software too.

Microsoft has a dedicated Windows 10 and Windows 11 Download page which makes it easy to Download a Windows 10 or Windows 11 ISO file, which is used to help create a Windows 10 or Windows 11 bootable installer.

Create another bootable USB memory stick a few times a year.

Microsoft updates the Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows 11 ISO files a few time a year so it is a good idea to create another bootable USB memory stick.

Once you have created your bootable memory stick, learn how to use the memory stick so that you can lean and know how to use the memory stick if you need to use it.

If you have a Windows PC computer that is using an easy to remove storage volume, it can be a good idea to obtain another storage volume and do a test Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer installation. So you have the basic knowledge on how to re-build your own home PC computer if needed.

Use Microsoft Edge to help you with PC website security.

For the best PC computer security for online website browsing, use Microsoft Edge with a Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft Outlook account for the best PC computer security.

You can allow Microsoft to help you create passwords and if you use a Android smartphone you can also go password less with the Microsoft Authenticator application that is available for both Android smartphones and for Apple iPhone devices.

Did you know that you can have a Microsoft Outlook account today that does not need to have a conventional password?

My using the Microsoft Authenticator application you can sign into your Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft OneDrive account using your smartphone.

How to backup Windows 10 or Windows 11 on a home PC computer.

The best way to back up a home PC computer is to use an external storage volume that is a SSD solid state drive storage volume, and ideally one that is USB 3. 0 or USB-C or newer.

You can either use the built in Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows 11 backup software tools or choose to download a third-party solution.

Did you know that Microsoft OneDrive has a good anti PC Ransomware protection facility that you can use if needed?

If you do a lot of typing and word processing it can be wise to use Microsoft OneDrive and the online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The online version of Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Word and Excel are free to use and gives a home PC computer user 5Gb of free storage volume space to use.

When you use Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Word or Excel online, there is no save command so everything is automatically saved online to your own Microsoft OneDrive account.

Create a user profile for each user.

For the very best PC computer use and security create a user profile for each person that is using the home PC computer.

If you use your home PC computer for both personal and for work. You need to create a work profile in addition to your own personal home computer profile.

When you setup your own home PC computer for the first time a user profile is always created and it is easy to create another user profile too.

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