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How to Clean Install MacOS Catalina using the recovery console

MacOS Catalina Support.

Find out how to re-install Apple MacOS Catalina from the built in Apple Mac OS recovery console.

The Apple MacOS recovery console is used to help troubleshoot and to fix and to repair the storage volume of a Apple Mac computer and the MacOS recovery console is also used to perform and install a clean copy of the Apple Mac operating system on to a Apple Mac computer.

Usually, you need to use the Apple Mac OS recovery console if your Apple Mac computer will not startup, or you need to install a clean copy of the Apple Mac OS Catalina operating system software.

The Apple Mac OS Recovery console can also be used to repair the startup volume on your Apple Mac computer, in English this means the internal hard disk also known as the storage volume.

The MacOS recovery console can erase your personal data, so care and caution neds to be used when using the MacOS recovery console on MacOS Catalina.

If you have a newer version of MacOS or you have a Apple Silicon Mac computer this article is not the steps that you need to take to perform a clean install of MacOS. browse the command R does not work on an Apple Silicon Mac, and MacOS Monterey and newer has its own way to clean install MacOS. by using the MacOS recovery console from a shutdown, and then hold down the power button from a shutdown to enter the MacOS recovery console.

How can you update Apple Mac Safari and Apple Mac Mail to a newer version?

By updating the MacOS version on a Apple Mac computer, this will also update the version of Apple Mac Safari and also update Apple Mac Mail and the other applications that are pre-installed with MacOS, including Photos for Mac.

If you need to re install Apple Safari, Apple Mail, Apple Photos for Mac, when you choose the option to re-install Mac OS Catalina, the pre-installed applications are re-installed.

If you have had your Apple Mac computer for many years often a fresh start will get back any lost speed and performance.

If you have had a Apple Mac computer, and each year you have updated the macOS operating system software version, every year, in some cases it can benefit the computer by backing up the computer to the Apple iCloud and then use the MacOS Internet recovery mode to install the most recent macOS version. Find out how to use the MacOS internet recovery mode on your Apple Mac computer.

How to clean install macOS Catalina using the macOS built in recovery console on an Intel Apple Mac computer.

How to Clean Install MacOS Catalina using the recovery console.

1. Make a backup of the Apple Mac computer to an external storage volume.
2. Make sure your Apple Mac is connected to a Wi-Fi network or connect a Ethernet cable to the Apple Mac for a Internet connection.
3. Use the Apple Menu to shut down the Apple Mac computer.
4. Restart the Apple Mac computer with the Command Key (CMD) and the R key both held down together.
5. When the Apple Mac starts up it should be in the recovery console.
6. Choose the option to Re-Install MacOS from the recovery console screen.
7. Agree to the software license agreement and enter your Apple ID and password if prompted.
8. Follow the on-screen instructions to Re-Install MacOS Catalina.
9. Allow 45 mins or longer to complete the installation.
10. The re-install MacOS Catalina should not delete any of your personal data.

Before you re-install macOS Catalina.

Did you know that most Apple Mac computer software problems can be resolved without having to re-install macOS Catalina?

Use the Apple Disk Utility from the macOS recovery console to perform a Fid Aid repair on the startup volume on your Apple Mac computer. The Apple Disk Utilities can fix storage volumes problems which can cause applications like Microsoft Outlook or Adobe Photoshop to crash.

One of the main reasons for having to re-install macOS Catalina is Mal Malware or a Apple Mac computer will not startup. If you find that your Apple Mac computer will not start up the internal storage volume often needs Apple Disk Utility to repair the startup volume.

How to get help with re-installing macOS Catalina on your Apple Mac computer?

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