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Slow iMac Computer Fix and Repair

Slow iMac computer help and information by Keith Thomas – Apple iMac Specialist and iMac Expert.

Same day and same hour slow iMac computer repairs service in the UK.

We are open from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm Mondays to Sundays 7 days a week service.

Is your Apple iMac computer slow or very slow, do you need to find out why your Apple iMac computer is slow, or has become slow, Keith Thomas is a Apple iMac Specialist and a Apple iMac expert and is able to provide information and solutions to a slow iMac desktop computer.

The Apple iMac computer range has changed over the years, if you have an Apple iMac desktop computer that is 2020 or newer, you should not have a slow iMac computer unless either the storage volume is, full, or the iMac computer has a Mac Malware infection. The iMac models that are known to be slow or very slow:-

21.5-inch iMac 2012 – slow iMac 2012 due to the fact that Apple used a slow 5400 rpm storage volume in this model, also the 21.5-inch iMac 2013-, and 21.5-inch iMac 2015, and 21.5 inch iMac, and the 21.5-inch iMac 2019 all used a slow 5400 rpm storage volume.

You can see from the images above that a 5400-rpm storage volume has a slow write and read speeds of (write 55.2 Mb/s) and (read 95.9 Mb/s), the faster the write speeds and the read speeds is a major factor on how fast the Apple iMac computer, or any computer can startup. Today Apple now uses flash storage technology, so the days of having a slow storage volume on a newer iMac or any Apple Mac computer is gone.

With the Apple iMac 27-inch range of Intel Apple iMac computers, Apple used a 33% faster storage volume with a 7200-rpm speed, with a higher write and read speeds, so we are often asked, why is my iMac 2011 or iMac 2007, or iMac 2009 iMac appear to be faster than my newer iMac? The simple answer is that a 7200-rpm hard disk drive is much faster than a 5400-rpm storage volume. We understand that Apple used the 5400 rpm to save costs, and to also meet the iMac design thermal temperatures.

iMac 2012 with external USB 3.0 enclosure as MacOS startup volume workaround.

You will notice that the Blackmagic Disk Speed test showing a write speed of 95.2 and 399 Mb/s is an Apple 21.5 inch iMac 2012 model that has a slow 5400 internal storage volume inside the iMac computer, and our Apple Mac computer engineers used an external USB 3.0 enclosure as a MacOS startup volume, to make the slow iMac 2012 computer from being slow, and unusable, to a iMac computer that has a fast startup time, and the Apple Mac applications open very quick, in fact with the iMac 2012 used with an external SSD storage volume, the iMac 2012, as good as an iMac M1 desktop computer for use online, but of course the iMac 2012 supports MacOS Catalina, and not MacOS Monterey, but for email and internet use, its perfect to use.

Apple will no longer service a Apple Mac commuter that is older than six years, apart from a MacBook battery service, so if you are looking at getting a slow iMac upgrade, for an older Apple Mac computer you will need to use a non-Apple authorised service provider if you need to get a flash storage upgrade for an iMac computer. With the iMac 2012 and newer iMac range of computers, with USB 3.0 ports on the iMac 2012 and newer, the USB 3.0 ports and with a USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 external enclosure you can get a near 400 Mb/s read performance from an external SSD solid state drive. You can even use a newer NVMe flash storage module with a NVME USB-C enclosure, with a USB-C to USB-A cable or an adaptor. see the image below. We used a Sabrent NVMe USB-C enclosure with a Western Digital NVME on an iMac 2012 computer.

The Sabrent external USB-C storage module is ideal for USB-C Apple Mac computers as an Apple Time Machine backup

Apple Mac Malware causing slow iMac computers.

Another main reason, why an Apple iMac computer can become slow or very slow, is Mac Malware, Apple Mac Malware is on the rise in 2022, and even before from late 2020, Mac Malware has become, more common, most of the Mac Malware does not do any real damage to a Apple Mac computer, apart from making a Apple Mac computer slow or very slow, maybe Mac Malware helps with the sale of third-party software tools, and maybe these software vendors write Mac Malware to sell their tools!

One of the best software tools that you can use to check and remove Apple Mac Malware is called Malwarebytes for Mac, they have a 14 days trial version, and a paid version.

Do you need help with a slow iMac computer that needs a fix or a repair to make the iMac computer much faster?

Are you looking for help with fixing and repairing a slow iMac computer?

Keith Thomas provides an Apple iMac computer maintenance service to help home users and small businesses in the UK with slow iMac computer repairs and iMac computer maintenance service.

  • Why does an Apple iMac computer become slow or very slow?
  • What are the best ways to speed up a Apple iMac desktop PC computer that is slow?
  • Are there any quick ways to speed up a slow iMac desktop PC computer?

A quick way to speed up a iMac computer that has become slow!

One of the best ways to speed up a slow iMac computer very quickly, is to close down all of the open applications that are open and running, and to restart the Apple Mac computer. This simple, quick and easy way, can help improve the performance of a slow iMac desktop PC computer.

The most common reason for a Apple iMac computer becoming slow, is that the storage volume has become slow or very slow. If your Apple iMac computer is taking a long time to do a task or it is taking a long time to open an application, or a very long time to copy a file. In most cases either the storage volume is full or nearly, full, or the storage volume has developed a technical fault, or the storage volume needs a repair.

Why does my Apple iMac computer take a long time to start-up?

Do you have an Apple iMac computer that is taking a long time to startup or a long time to shutdown?

Are you looking for help with a iMac computer that is taking a long time to start-up?

The Apple iMac desktop PC computer can take a long time to startup after a macOS software upgrade or if the Apple macOS has just been updated, or a macOS software update has been applied. This is normal for an Apple iMac computer to take longer to startup after a macOS update or a macOS upgrade, or if you have done any Apple Mac computer maintenance task or an Apple Disk Repair task, the iMac will do a Spotlight Index update, which makes the iMac seem slow for a while after Apple Mac computer maintenance service or a Disk Repair has been done.

If an Apple iMac computer is slow to startup, then MacOS is often trying to repair the storage volume on startup, one way of helping with a slow iMac startup is to start the iMac computer into Safe Boot mode and this can help with the hard disk performance.

Do you have a 2019 iMac computer that is slow from new?

Did you know that Apple Computer sold a 2019 iMac computer model in 2019 to late 2020 with a slow iMac storage volume? The 2019 iMac computer was fitted with a slow 5400 rpm 1TB internal hard disk drive storage volume. If you have a iMac 2019 computer that has been slow since new, the technical fix or repair is to simply replace the 1Tb 5400 RPM storage volume with a much faster 1Tb Flash Storage volume.

A 1TB Flash storage volume is 66% to 70% faster than a 5400-rpm storage volume. And the best way for this to be done is to get assistance from a Apple authorised service provider or at your nearest Apple Store.

How to fix an Apple Mac computer that is taking a long time to start-up?

One of the best way to fix an Apple Mac computer that takes a long time to start-up is to use the macOS recovery console.

Use the macOS Recovery console to help fix an Apple Mac computer that is taking a long time to start-up.

Make sure you have an Apple Mac Time Machine Backup of the Apple Mac computer before you use the macOS Recovery console!

The Apple macOS start-up progress bar is shown when the Apple Mac computer is starting up. If you have just updated the macOS operating system software. Or you have just done a macOS software update or a macOS security update, the Apple Mac computer start-up progress bar can and does take longer to start-up.

If the macOS start-up progress bar is very slow to start-up, or the macOS progress bar will not computer the start-up process, further action is needed.

  1. Shut down the Apple Mac computer using the power button on the rear of an iMac desktop PC computer, or the power button on a Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro laptop computer.
  2. Switch on the Apple Mac computer using the power button.
  3. Then press and hold down and Command Key, and the R Key, (both keys together)
  4. Once the Apple Mac computer has started up in the macOS recovery console choose Apple Disk Utility.
  5. Use the Apple Disk Utility to select the internal storage volume, and then perform a Apple Disk First Aid using the First Aid button.
  6. Repair the Volumes, then containers, then disks.
  7. Use the Apple Menu Items to Restart the Apple Mac computer.

Slow Apple iMac FAQ questions and answers.

Our Apple iMac computer engineers and Apple iMac computer specialists iMac questions and answers.

What is the best way to speed up a slow iMac computer?

The best way to speed up a slow iMac computer is to optimise the storage volume and the memory performance of the computer.

What is the quickest way to speed up a slow iMac computer?

The quickest way to speed up a slow iMac computer is to quit all open applications, and then optimise the start-up process.

How can i optimise the start-up time of a slow iMac computer?

Use the Apple Mac OS Recovery console to Repair the storage volumes, containers, and then the disks of a Apple iMac computer to help reduce the start-up time.
If a Apple Mac computer has a minor or major storage volume problem, the Apple Mac computer will try to fix the problem when the computer starts up.

How much memory ram does my Apple iMac computer need?

8Gb of memory is installed on most Apple iMac computers sold between 2012 and 2021. If you have a slow Apple iMac computer and the storage volume is full or the storage volume is slow, additional memory may not help help if the Apple iMac computer is slow.
If you need to have more applications open at the same time then 16Gb of memory can help with the speed and performance.

How to get further help with a Slow iMac or a slow Apple Mac Computer?

Keith Thomas has a slow Apple Mac computer guide to assist with a slow iMac performance, and is ideal for a slow iMac 2012, slow iMac 2013, slow iMac 2015, slow iMac 2019 computer.

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