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The best way to learn the macOS is to learn the Finder

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Ask questions about macOS Monterey • MacOS Big Sur • MacOS Mojave.

Mac Computer Training by Keith Thomas has macOS specialists and macOS experts that have over 30 years of Apple macOS IT support skills and Apple macOS computer knowledge and information on macOS.

Ask our Apple macOS computer experts and macOS consultants questions about macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra.

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  • How to upgrade to macOS Big Sur or macOS Monterey.
  • How to create a bootable macOS installer for another Apple Mac computer.
  • How to use macOS internet recovery mode.
  • How to use the macOS Recovery console.

At Mac Computer Training we have macOS consultants and macOS specialists that provide macOS training and macOS IT support services for both home Apple Mac computer users, and for small businesses that need professional help with macOS and need to get professional Apple macOS computer training if you need to get up to speed with using macOS.

We also provide macOS support for people who are new to the Apple Mac computer and have moved from using Microsoft Windows PC to the Apple Mac computer, and need to get help, support, assistance and macOS training on how to use macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur, and macOS Catalina.

Apple macOS questions and answers FAQ

How can I update my Apple Mac computer with the newest version of macOS?

1. Make a backup of the Apple Mac computer using Apple Time Machine.
2. Find out if your Apple Mac computer can support the latest macOS operating system software.
3. If your Apple Mac computer will not support the newest macOS version, the previous versions can be downloaded.
4. Use the Apple Software Update icon found in the System Preferences if you macOS Mojave or newer.
5. Or visit the Apple website page on how to get older versions of macOS >> Link >>

How can i downgrade macOS?

To downgrade a Apple Mac computer is not recommended, but if you do need to downgrade macOS then first of all use the Apple iCloud and make sure that you have uploaded all of your information to the Apple iCloud and you have all of your email’s stores online.
To downgrade macOS you will need to erase the macOS storage volume, or use a Apple Time Machine backup to restore to a previous macOS version.
You can also use the macOS Internet recovery mode to install the macOS version that was supplied with the computer.

How can i improve the performance of macOS?

One of the best ways that macOS can be improved is to replace the storage volume on a Apple Mac computer that has a SATA storage volume with a flash storage volume.
Most Apple Mac computers since 2020 have flash storage volumes, but if macOS is slow then use the built in tools to do maintenance on the storage volume, also do a Apple Mac Malware check.
If the macOS performance problem goes away after you restart the computer then more memory might be the answer to speed up a Apple Mac computers macOS performance.
If the macOS storage volume is full or nearly full, macOS can become slow or very slow.

Do you have questions about macOS or about using macOS on your Apple Mac computer?

Apple Mac Computer Training, by Keith Thomas has Apple Mac computer engineers and macOS experts and macOS consultants that can help with macOS training, macOS support and macOS software updates and macOS upgrades.

Ask our Apple Mac computer engineers and Apple Mac computer consultants for help with macOS and macOS updates and upgrades for your Apple Mac computer.

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