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The John Lewis Shopping Experience | Consumer product advice

Online John Lewis Personal Shopper

  • Are you looking to buy a consumer electronics product in the UK from John Lewis?
  • Do you need to get advice before or after you buy a consumer product from John Lewis?
  • Are you looking for Technical Support either before or after your consumer electronics purchase?

At Keith Thomas we provide advice to consumers that need to buy or purchase electronics from John Lewis, we specialise in Apple Mac computers, but we also know about Microsoft Windows PC computers, printers, Televisions, Hi-Fi audio, Headphones, Microwaves and cooking appliances too.

John Lewis is good at in store product displays and showcasing products and technology, but they do lack and struggle with in store shopping and personal shopping at John Lewis, sometimes you can get to talk to someone that knows something about a product, but sometime getting the right advise is not always possible.

So, at Keith Thomas, we have a new service, simply complete our online website contact form, and ask us questions about the topics and the subjects on the form.

An Example for an audio purchase at John Lewis.

Audio Headphones: – Sony vs Bose or other headphones.

A consumer is looking to buy a new pair or headphones, and wants to use the headphones to watch television, so which headphones are the best ones to buy?

So, the question has a hidden aspect to the question that is being asked, we know that most Bluetooth headphones will work, but, when watching television with audio, the picture and audio using the wrong setup and headphones will cause a slight delay, which is distracting to a consumer that wants a good private listening experience when using headphones to watch television.

A consumer needs headphones which has support for low latency audio from a Bluetooth pair of headphones, and also a compatibility check to find out if the television set will support wireless audio over Bluetooth. Either the John Lewis partner will know the answer, or it is possible that the headphones that are purchased are not suitable.

Sometimes, when buying a product from a department store, especially consumer electronics, having knowledge on the product makes sense.

Another Example for a Tumble Dryer purchase

Drying performance vs the cost of running a Tumbler Dryer.

A consumer wants to buy a new tumble dryer from John Lewis, and is not sure which one to buy, whilst a tumble dryer does a simple task of drying clothes, there are two types of tumble dryers that can be purchased.

A conventional one and a heat pump one, to a consumer that does not know much about tumble dryers, making a choice is not easy.

Condenser Tumble Dryer vs Heat Pump Tumble Dryer.

A Condenser dryer has much more heat generated to dry clothes, so the clothes will dry much faster than a heat pump dryer, this means that a condenser dryer will use more electricity than a heat pump tumble dryer, and a condenser dryer can damage clothes more easily vs a heat pump tumble dryer. The benefits of a condenser dryer is simply to save time if you need dry clothes to wear after the washing machine has finished.

Most people do not plan laundry tasks, when washing clothes, so a tumble dryer, is often used right away after a washing machine cycle has completed. Using a condenser dryer will use a lot more electricity than a heat pump tumble dryer.

A heat pump tumble dryer uses much less energy than a conventional tumble dryer, which means less electricity is used, also as much less heat is used, clothes are unlikely to become damaged. A heat pump tumble dryer will take longer to dry clothes, much longer!

So, a consumer needs to know the main differences between the choice of tumble dryers that are available to purchase from John Lewis.

At Keith Thomas, we like to give out the best advice, and the most accurate information to a consumer that needs to buy a product or service from John Lewis, or from any other store like Curry’s or from an online electronics store.

Online personal shopper experience at Keith Thomas.

Are you a consumer that need to get advice on buying a new consumer product from John Lewis or from a competitor store? Are you looking for expert independent advise on your next new purchase of a computer, a washing machine, a fridge, cooker, or a new Microwave, or a new washing machine or a new tumble dryer?

At Keith Thomas, we do not trust any of the online reviews that are posted by the manufacturers, or by online review or comparison-shopping sites, most are fake and are written by people who get paid for their review.

Our consultants reply to all Contact Us forms by email. during 10:30 am to 22:30 pm 7 days a week.
We need your Postcode in order to provide you with assistance.
For example, "John Lewis personal shopper" "Buying new Microwave from John Lewis". This information helps us improve our service.
For example, Sony Headphones WM-1000M4 or Bose 700 or Panasonic Microware.
Please write a summary of the help that you need. try to include the key features that you need to know. For example, if you are buying a new television, you need the TV to support Bluetooth Headphones, or for a Microwave what features do you like to use. If you need technical support, then write about the help you need.