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Wi-Fi Wireless Network help near me

Are you looking for a Wireless Network IT Support Specialist that can help you with a Home Wi-Fi network?

  • Are you looking for Wi-Fi Wireless Network help near me?
  • Do you need help with speeding up a slow Wi-Fi Wireless network?
  • Is your Wi-Fi Wireless network slow or very slow?
  • Are you looking for the best ways to speed up a slow Wi-Fi Wireless network?
  • Are you looking for a Apple Mac Network IT Specialist that can help you with your wireless network?
  • Do you need to get help with your BT Wi-Fi Wireless Network?

Get professional Wi-Fi network help for your Home or office.

Keith Thomas is a Apple Mac Wi-Fi Wireless network IT support specialist that provides a same day and a same hour remote IT support service to home users and for small businesses in the UK.

Wi-Fi Wireless Network IT consultancy.

Keith Thomas provides Wi-Fi wireless network IT consultancy service for home computer users that need help and assistance with a home Wi-Fi wireless network.

Is your Home Wi-Fi network speed slow?

If you home Wi-Fi wireless network speed is slow or very slow, there are a few things that you can do to help fix and repair a slow Wi-Fi wireless network in a few simple steps that you can try:-

  1. Make sure that your wireless router is located in a position where the wireless signal can get out.
  2. If you can move a wireless router 1 metre and away from cordless phones this can help.
  3. Power off your home wireless router for 5 or ten mins and see if the connection is any better.
  4. Visit the wireless routers website home page which is usually for a BT router or for a Sky or Virgin Media router, and from the Wi-Fi wireless settings perform a new smart wireless channel scan.

By switching off and powering on a home wireless router and completing the steps 1 to 4, will help with the routers cache, and also make the router scan the location to optimise the wireless network channels.

What to do if resetting the router does not work?

Are you using any Wi-Fi boosters or wireless network repeaters to try to increase the range and the distance of your home wireless network?

Wi-Fi boosters and Wi-Fi repeaters were popular about 10 years ago, when the range and the distances of a wireless network from a single router did not reach all of the rooms in a house or apartment.

Today most homes and apartments are able to get much higher broadband internet speeds from a fibre optic connection, and modern wireless routers have better technology to help transmit a wireless network signal further.

A Wi-Fi booster or a Wi-Fi repeater will by design reduce the speed of a wireless network, and also cause a delay in getting the internet data to a device or a computer.

If you are still using a Wi-Fi booster or a Wi-Fi repeater, then a newer and better way of trans missing a wireless network signal around a home, office, or apartment, which is called a Mesh Wi-Fi or Mesh Wireless Network.

Mesh Wi-Fi Network solution.

BT British Telecom, Netgear, Google, Linksys, Draytek, Virgin Media, Sky Broadband all have solutions for customers that need a Mesh Wi-Fi network for a home or for an apartment or a office.

A Mesh Wi-Fi network is usually about 2 or 3 external Wi-Fi boxes or Wi-Fi base stations, that are places in different rooms or locations in your home, office, or apartment, for the best Mesh Wi-Fi network often 3 units are used.

Best Mesh Wi-Fi setup for a home or a office.

The best Mesh Wi-Fi setup often to have 3 units for the best home network range.

  1. Connect the first unit known as Mesh base station to your existing router with a ethernet lead often supplied.
  2. Place two additional Mesh Wi-Fi boxes in other rooms or locations in your home or office.
  3. Use a smartphone to download the Mesh setup app by using the QR code often on the units or from the users guide.
  4. The Mesh app will setup the new Mesh Wi-Fi network for you to use.
  5. You can then switch off the wireless network from your original wireless router.
  6. Setup each wireless network device in your home or office to join and connect to to new Mesh Wi-Fi wireless network.

Other ways to troubleshoot a slow Wi-Fi wireless network.

Before you start to troubleshoot a home or office wireless network you need to know if a slow internet broadband speed is either from your home wireless network setup, or the slow wireless speed is caused by a poor and slow broadband internet connection problem.

How to find out if you broadband router is the cause of a slow Wi-Fi wireless network.

  1. For BT customers lookup the exact information for your home or property on the internet connection speed to the house or apartment using the BT Broadband Availability checker >> BT Broadband Availability Checker >>
  2. You can also login to your BT Broadband account to do a BT Broadband speed test.
  3. The Speeds from the BT Broadband availability Checker should be close to the BT Broadband speed test
  4. Another way to test the broadband speed is to use the popular website.
  5. A BT Router has a website page that will also show the internet connection speed, this should be close to the speeds from the BT Broadband Avavailabilty Checker, if the speeds are much slower, then get in touchj with BT British Telecom as their might be a technical fault outside of your home or office, which you are not responsible for or to fix.

Do you need to get further Wi-Fi Wireless Network IT Support for your home or office?

Keith Thomas is a Network IT Support specialist that provides a same day and a same hour IT support service for home users, and for small businesses that need help and assistance with a home network or need help and advice for a home Wi-Fi wireless network.

Cross Platform Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are cross platform dependent, which means that if you use a Apple Mac computer, or a Windows PC computer, or a smartphone or a iPad or a iPhone, or a Android smartphone the wireless network solution is the same.

We can help Apple Mac users as well as Microsoft Window PC computer users with Wi-Fi wireless network IT assistance and consultancy.

We do not supply any Wi-Fi network hardware our service is to provide telephone network support and remote network support for Apple Mac computer home users, and for Microsoft Windows PC computer users.

On Site Wireless Network Support service.

Our on site wireless network IT support service for home users, and for small businesses is still closed.

However, our Apple Mac network computer engineers and Microsoft Windows PC computer engineers can often help by Remote Network IT Support service to remote into a Apple Mac computer or a Windows PC computer to help with a home user wireless network.

Our on site wireless network IT network support service coverage areas and locations when open is available to our supported locations in and around • SurreyHampshireBerkshireWiltshire and • London

We can remote into your Apple Mac computer or Microsoft Window PC computer to assist with Wi-Fi network IT support and remote network diagnostics.

Wi-Fi wireless network FAQ questions and answers.

What is the latest BT Home Hub or Smart Hub or Super Hub that is available?

BT Smart Hub 2 Visit the BT Smart Hub website page to get the latest information >> Link >>

Do Wi-Fi boosters and Wi-Fi repeaters work in 2022 with Fibre optic broadband wireless networks?

They do work for some customers, but its not the best solution today.
– Use a newer technology called a Mesh Wi-Fi network if you need to get a Wi-Fi signal in more rooms and locations in your home or office and you need to have the best possible speed and performance.

My Computer is slow when using the internet, but my smartphone and tablet is ok, what is the problem?

You might have an older computer that has a older generation wireless technology.
– Try using a USB Wi-Fi adaptor or a USB Wi-Fi dongle to see if this will resolve the problem.

I have a new Apple MacBook Air • MacBook Pro M1 laptop with Wifi 6 how can I upgrade my wifi network to use the new technology?

Contact your broadband service provider and ask for a Wi-Fi 6 router.
BT are going to launch a new Wi-Fi 6 broadband router called the Smart Hub 3 2022 with a possible date of July 2022

How can i optimise my home Wi-Fi broadband internet speed quickly?

1. Switch off the router for 5 or 10 minutes.
2. Logon to the routers website page and do a quick Wi-Fi channel scan.
– Try to move a home wireless router about 1 meter away from any other obstacles.
– Make sure that you are on the best broadband internet package.
– Ask your broadband internet service provider to see if they can quickly help optimise the speed.

Which is better 2.4GHz or 5GHz wifi wireless network?

2.4GHz wifi wireless networks have a slower wifi speed • the wifi signal has longer travel distance • 2.4GHz subject to wifi interference.
5GHz wifi wireless networks have a faster wifi speed • the wifi signal has a shorter travel distance • 5.0GHz less wifi interference.
5GHz is better is you have wifi devices that are closer to the wifi wireless network router.
2.4GHz is often used today with a dual band wifi wireless router.

How to get Wi-Fi wireless network IT support for my Apple Mac computer in the UK?

Keith Thomas provides a remote network IT support service for home users and for small businesses that need help and assistance with a home wireless network or help with a small office wireless network. The service is by Remote Mac Support service and by Remote PC support service using Microsoft Quick Assist support.

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  • Our online website contact form only takes a few minutes to complete on your • computer • phone • tablet device.
  • We respond by email: we are open daily from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm • 7 days a week service! including weekends and Sundays!
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