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Microsoft Windows 11 System requirements

For the very best Windows 11 performance use a 11th Generation Intel CPU with NVMe storage 16Gb RAM

What are the minimum requirements to use Windows 11?

Microsoft Windows 11 will only run on a PC computer that has a 64-bit CPU microprocessor which is a major change from Windows 10 which supports x86 32 bit and x86 64-bit CPU technology.

The minimum system requirements to setup install and run Microsoft Windows 11 is a 64-bit CPU and a Trusted Platform Module support. The Trusted Platform Module is built into most PC computers that were manufactured since 2018.

You can add a TPM module to motherboards that have a socket for a TPM module to be fitted as an hardware upgrade.

You can install Microsoft Windows on to a computer that has a conventional storage volume, but the performance of the computer is going to be slow.

If you have a Microsoft Windows PC computer and the computer is more than a few years old and the manufacture date is after 2018, then you will probably find that Microsoft Windows 11 will install and run ok if the computer meets the minimum hardware.

  • 8Gb or 16Gb memory.
  • 10th or 11th generation intel CPU or AMD Ryzen CPU.
  • NVMe • SSD • Flash Storage.
  • Windows 11 does not run well on older mechanical storage volumes.

Microsoft Windows CE handheld computer

Intel 11th Generation PC build

Our Windows 11 desktop pc computer build in 2021 ready for the final release of Windows 11 late 2021.

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Windows 11 installation

Microsoft Windows 11 installation from a Windows 10 upgrade is rather simple to complete with the right pc computer.

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Microsoft Quick Assist on Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 Quick Assist

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“Windows 11 works best on a PC computer with a SSD • NVMe • Flash storage?”

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