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How to contact Keith Thomas. Telephone: 07800 940756

To contact Keith Thomas please complete the online website contact form as below.

If you need a hardware repair, we cannot help you!, as we have never done any Apple product repairs!

Our Apple hardware repair service has been closed since 2010.

We can no longer provide quotesestimatesprices for any Apple repair service.

Our Telephone calls are answered from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm Monday to Sunday 7 days a week.

Our Apple consultants reply to all Contact Us forms by email. during 09:30 am to 20:30 pm 7 days a week
We need your Postcode in order to provide Apple Support Service.
For example "computer help near me" "Apple help near me". This information helps us improve our service.
From the Apple Menu top left • Choose the About this Mac and click on which Apple iMac computer you have. This saves us having to ask you in a reply message. we like to save your time.
From the Apple Menu top left • Choose the About this Mac and click on which Apple MacBook laptop you have. This saves us having to ask you in a reply message. we like to save your time.
Please not that our Hardware Repair service has Closed permanently. Please write a summary of the help that you need. and any troubleshooting tasks that have been done already.
Our Apple Hardware Repair service has closed since 2010. We cannot help with any hardware repairs or recommend who can. We can advise on how to fix a macOS startup software problem.
Our Apple Mac computer consultants are able to quickly analyse you enquiry knowing which make us operating system you have currently installed.
Our Apple support prices are published online at our Prices page. Onsite visits require the 1st hour and travel costs to be paid in advance.

If your enquiry is very urgent why not simply send us a SMS Text Message (24 Hours) to 07800 940756

Please review our Apple IT support prices for Apple remote IT support and Apple Technical Telephone support service.

Apple Remote IT Support and Apple Telephone Technical support service is available open!

If you need Apple Hardware Support!

We have never done any Apple Mac hardware repairs since 2010, but we constantly have enquiries on Apple Mac computer hardware repairs • iPhone • iPad repairs.

We simply cannot help, neither can we recommend or advise on how to get a Apple hardware repair service, however, if you read statement below this might help you.

If you have a 2015 or newer Apple product the best way to get Apple hardware support is to visit the Apple official hardware support page at

Apple have a COVID-19 processs in place whilst the Apple Stores and Apple Authorised service providers are closed. Apple are offering a 8-14 days repair time on 2015 or newer Apple Macs, iPhone repairs • iPad repairs.

Apple will not service or repair any Apple Mac computers that are 2015 or older, these are now vintage Apple Mac computers, Apple or Apple Authorised service providers will not accept 2014 or older Apple Mac computers for repairs or upgrades. If you find anyone that will repair a vintage Apple Mac or Apple products. Any repair will be for used secondhand parts.

We have a fixed price non refundable fixed price consultancy charge for Mac hardware assistance advice if you have a Apple Mac computer that will power on but not startup.

This is our Hardware advice option. If you have a Apple Mac computer that is powering on but it will not startup, in some cases we can help with a macOS startup repair, or help with erasing or factory resetting a Apple Mac computer if Apple UK Support are not keen to provide macOS support for a vintage Apple Mac computer.