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Are you looking for a wifi specialist near me service that can help you with your wireless network at your home or at your office?

Do you need help with setting up a wifi wireless network at your home or office?

Are you looking for wifi help and wifi network support for your home computers or for your wifi devices?

Wifi specialists in Surrey, Hampshire Berkshire, Wiltshire, London and across the UK by Remote Network IT support service.

Keith Thomas is a wifi specialist that provides both onsite wifi network IT support services, and also remote wifi network support services for both home computer users and for small business right across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, London, and to some areas and locations in Buckinghamshire, Dorset and Somerset.

Apple Wi-Fi specialist support for home users that use Apple products, and Apple devices.

Apple, for a long time has had support for both ethernet and for wifi wireless networks, today Apple does not directly sell any network kit that it manufactures. Apple sold the Apple AirPort range of products with the Apple Airport Extreme, then the Apple AirPort Time Capsule, and a Apple AirPort Express. It was and still is possible to use the Apple AirPort range of products in 2022 today, but newer Apple devices, and newer Apple Mac computers use what is known as Wi-Fi 6 the Apple AirPort networks that are still in use really need to be replaced with a better solution for Apple wifi for a home user, or for a small business that is still using the Apple AirPort Extreme, Apple AirPort Express, and Apple AirPort Time Capsule Apple hardware.

Why should the Apple Airport range of products not be used today?

The Apple AirPort Extreme 2nd edition has support for 802.11ac which is a IEEE protocol standard that was popular to 2014, today 802.11ac known as Wi-Fi 5 is used in most routers and smartphones, and wifi wireless devices, and even a newer IEEE protocol called 802.11ax is used which is known as wifi 6, and even a newer wifi 7 IEEE protocol known as 802.11be might start to appear in late 2022 or 2023. All of the current newer Apple Mac computers use Wi-Fi 6 today.

The main reason why the Apple AirPort range of products are not suitable to use today comes down to most home users, and companies have way more wifi devices that need to connect to a wifi network, and the need to have a wifi network that can cover an entire home or office building. Another reason is that FTTP is here and to take advantage of FTTP which is fibre to the premises, which now includes homes and offices, has a much higher speed, so to take full advantage of the speed Mesh Wi-Fi networks have become available today.

Apple AirPort to Apple Mesh Wi-Fi.

When Apple discontinued the Apple AirPort range of products, Apple partnered with Linksys to offer the Linksys Velop Mesh Wi-Fi to the Apple store online and also at the Apple stores to buy as a replacement to the Apple Airport Extreme, and Apple AirPort Express, and Apple AirPort Time Capsule range of products. The Apple AirPort range of products was not an Apple Mesh Wi-Fi setup or solution.

Are you still using the Apple AirPort Time Capsule?

The Apple AirPort 1st edition which was the flat box shape unit should not be used today, however the 2nd generation Apple AirPort Time Capsule which looks like mini tower that came in a wine box can be still used if you use wifi 5 kit, if you use wifi 6 kit, then perhaps now is the time to replace this, or wait for wifi 7 kit to come out. One key point is that the Apple AirPort Time Capsule has a server grade internet hard disk which will fail at some point, usually after 4 to 7 years, so it is best to look at another solution for Apple Time Machine to backup Apple Macs, or use the Apple AirPort Time Capsule in addition to another external backup.

Many manufacturers and vendors offer Mesh Wi-Fi network products which one is the best to buy or purchases?

When thinking about Mesh Whole Home Wi-Fi, it’s the same as buying a smart television, or a new car, a television and a car does the same tasks, regardless of the make and model, and each smart television, or car manufacturer wants you to buy their own product. With Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi networks, it is the same concept, you can buy a lower cost Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi network from say TP-Link which sells the Deco range of products, or you can buy the Net gear Orbi Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi products, which are more expensive to buy, and just like cars there are 3 or 4 levels of products to choose from each manufacturer.

So, buying a new Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi network for a home user, that has limited knowledge on what to buy need to understand how to choose and how to buy a new Mesh Wi-Fi network for a home or for an office.

Popular Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi manufactures and vendors.

  • Netgear Orbi Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi range sold in (3-Pack), (2-Pack) + (1-Pack) kits.
  • BT Whole Home Wi-Fi with BT Mini and BT Disc Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi
  • TP-Link with the Deco range of Mesh Whole Home Wi-Fi range of products.
  • Google Mesh Wi-Fi from Google Nest range of products.
  • Tenda Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh networks.
  • Graphon Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi networks USA based but sold on Amazon UK.
  • Draytek Mesh Wi-Fi network solutions for small businesses and for companies.
  • Amazon eero Mesh Wi-Fi System sold only on Amazon.

There are many different Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi network models to choose from today.

Most of the products are sold with product descriptions known as AC1200, AC1300, AC1300, AC2200, AX4200, X20, X60, X50, all of these numbers can be translated into the speed of the product this also means how quickly the mesh wifi units can talk to each other this is known as the backhaul network speed.

The Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi setup for a home user or for a small office starts with connecting the 1st Mesh Wi-Fi unit often marked as the base srtation which is connected directly to a home router, or for homes and offices that use Ethernet to a network switch or to a network hub, or connected to a network cabinet or connected to a ethernet port in a home or office. Then for the best setup usually the wifi that comes from the main home broadband router is switched off, and the Mesh wifi network is used.

Most of the Mesh Wi-Fi manufactures or vendors, advise that 3 units are often the maximum of Mesh Wi-Fi units to use, however, if the Mesh wifi units are all connected via ethernet then 10 can be used to cover a larger office or a large home with more than 6 to 20 rooms.

How often do you need to review your home wireless network or business wifi network?

At least every 3 years is the best time to review your home wifi setup, or office wifi setup, did you know that the newer range of Mesh Wi-Fi network products offer security for a home user or for a small business or for a company

A Mesh Wi-Fi network can be one of the more modern ways to protect your devices and computers against malware, and brute force attacks on a network, and also provide WPA3 security. Some of the Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi vendors offer solutions for family’s that have children and can provide a robust security layer for children and for families Graphon is one of these companies that offer internet security and network protection for a family. Netgear also offers a similar service.

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Wifi specialist London.

Get professional help with your wifi network in London. Keith Thomas provides a same day and a next day onsite Apple Mac Network IT support service in London for both home Apple Mac computer users, and for small companies and for small businesses in London that need help from a wifi specialist London service. Keith Thomas can also provide assistance for customers that also use Microsoft Windows devisees and Windows PC computers, and help with the setup and the installation of Wi-Fi printers and wifi network devices.