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Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist

Keith Thomas – The Apple Specialist

Telephone or Text Message: 07800 940756

  • Keith Thomas The Apple Specialist providing a wide range of Apple Support services for • home users • small business
  • self-employed • Apple Store uk customers • John LewisCurrys PC World • senior citizens • retired people.
  • Apple Business IT support for companies and self-employed individuals that need expert Apple support.
  • We support Apple uk by providing further additional Apple advise for Apple Store uk Genius Bar customers!
  • Keith Thomas has over 30 years of Apple IT Technical support skills to provide a professional Apple IT support service.

The Apple Dock showing open applications with the • black dot.

Who is Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist.

Keith Thomas is a Apple specialist that worked for Apple Computer uk Uxbridge as a leading senior Apple Mac computer engineer for retail support, providing Apple Technical Support services to Apple Resellers, Apple Dealers, PC World, John Lewis and to General Public.

Also aviation photography specialist – Apple Photos expert.

Apple Support in 2020 – The best Mac support service in the uk.

  • Extreme amount of Apple knowledge known as Apple TIL (Apple eyes only) 30 years of Apple Knowledge.
  • Apple knowledge on the entire range of • iMacs • MacBooks • MacBook Air • MacBook Pro • iMac Pro • Mac Pro.
  • We can do Apple remote support without the need to access your Apple Mac computer in some cases.
  • Keith Thomas now provides a uk nationwide Apple support service we support all uk locations, on site locations in bold.

Surrey (Camberley) • Hampshire (Basingstoke) • Berkshire (Reading) • Wiltshire (Salisbury) • London • (Heathrow)

Apple Store near me – We support all Apple store Genius Bar customers.

Aberdeen • Basingstoke • Bath • Belfast • Birmingham • Brighton • Bristol • Bromley • Cambridge • Cardiff • Central London Edinburgh • Exeter • Glasgow • Kent • Kingston • Leeds • Leicester • Liverpool • London • Manchester • Milton Keynes Newcastle • North London • Norwich • Plymouth • Reading • Sheffield • Solihull • Southampton • Watford • West London

The Apple icloud uk specialist.

Keith Thomas is a Apple icloud specialist • Apple Mac Consultant • expert Apple Telephone consultation • Apple advice.

Professional Apple Mac Computer Installation service.

Professional Apple Mac computer installation service now by on site and remote computer setup service for the brand new Macs • iMac 21.5 Mid 2020iMac 27 inch Mid 2020 • 13 Inch MacBook Pro 2020 • 16 inch MacBook Pro 2020 • MacBook Air 2020 • iMac Pro 2020 • Mac Pro.

Apple remote support.

Professional Apple Mac Remote IT support service is available for both home users and for Apple business customers that have a urgent Apple Mac computer software issue.

Or you have a pressing urgent problem that must be fixed quickly, and resolved. Our team of Apple engineers can quickly advise if we can fix and resolve the issue over the telephone or by Apple remote support service, or an on site visit is needed by an Apple Authorised service provider.

Apple Mac remote computer setup service.

  • Apple Mac remote computer installation service is ideal for people that need to work from their home office at home.
  • Apple Mac Installation engineers will setup your new • iMac • MacBook Pro • MacBook Air, by remote setup service.
  • Personal one to one Apple Mac remote computer training service and Apple telephone consultancy service.

Apple Mac computer training.

Learn how to use Apple MacOS Catalina operating system software • Apple Safari • Apple Mail • Apple Photos for Mac • icloud.

Apple Mac Computer Software Repair Service.

Apple Mac computer software engineers provide Apple Mac computer software repair service for your Apple Macs.

A same hour and a same day computer software repair service available by Apple remote computer repair and remote diagnostic service.

Apple IT Consultancy Service.

Keith Thomas provides a Apple IT Consultancy service for Apple home users and for Apple Business customers and for Apple Store customers.

Ask Keith Thomas anything about Apple or ask about how to speed up a slow Apple Mac computer, ask about the best way to book a Apple Mac computer repair.

Ask us about the best way to use your new Apple Mac computer, or the best way to perform maintenance for your Apple Mac computer.

Apple Mac Computer Maintenance Service.

Professional Apple Mac Computer Maintenance service for your Apple iMac Computer, Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air laptop computer. We are currently providing a new Apple Mac remote computer maintenance service.

  • Our Apple Mac Computer Maintenance service is quickly done usually within 45 mins for each Apple Mac computer.
  • Apple Mac Computer Maintenance Engineers can perform Computer Maintenance usually within the hour.
  • To fix issues and problems and apply software upgrades, this service can take longer to complete.

Apple Mac Data Recovery Service.

  • Professional Apple Mac data recovery service to help with lost files and folders from a Apple Mac computer.
  • Help with Apple iPhoto data recovery and Apple photos for Mac data recovery or have deleted data in error.
  • Professional Apple Mac Data Recovery service for customers who need expert help Mac Data Recovery advice.
  • Apple Time Machine • Apple Time Capsule Data Recovery service.

Apple recommends that you have a Time Machine backup even if you use the Apple icloud.

Apple Disaster recovery planning.

  • Apple Mac Data Disaster recovery planning assistance.
  • Apple Mac Data Restore service.
  • Expert technical data recovery help advise and assistance service.

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How to contact Keith Thomas.

How to make an enquiry with Keith Thomas, or book an appointment.

Complete the online website contact form. (24 hours)

Send a sms text message to: 07800 940756 (24 hours)

Telephone: 07800 940756 (09:30 am to 19:30 pm)

Open 09:30 am to 19:30 pm Monday to Sunday 7 days a week.

We prefer that new customers complete the online website contact form as in order to provide Apple Technical Support services which is a chargeable service. Our IT Support Prices.

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