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iCloud Training Courses for Apple Mac computer users

  • Are you looking for iCloud Training courses in the UK?
  • Do you need to find an Apple iCloud Training course that can teach you about the Apple iCloud and the Apple iCloud services?
  • Are you looking for an Apple iCloud Training specialist that can help you understand the Apple iCloud on your Apple Mac computer?
  • Do you need to find out more about your Apple ID and how the Apple ID works on your Apple Mac computer?

Keith Thomas provides Apple iCloud training courses for the general public that need to understand more about your Apple iCloud account and Apple ID account.

If you have Apple iCloud setup problems or you simply need Apple iCloud consultancy service, and Apple iCloud training, we can help!

Our Apple iCloud Training courses for Apple Mac computer users.

Find out everything you need to know about the Apple iCloud service, Keith Thomas provides Apple iCloud consultancy and iCloud training courses. Simply read thru our guide first on the Apple iCloud but of course then read the official Apple iCloud guide. for more information.

What is the Apple iCloud? 

Put simply, the Apple iCloud is simply services from Apple computer also known as Apple today. The Apple iCloud services start with an Apple ID account. 

The Apple ID is simply an email address that you assign to an Apple ID account. 

How do you get an Apple ID? 

When you purchase a Apple iPhone or Apple iPad or Apple Mac computer the opportunity is given to create a free Apple ID account when setting up the device or computer. The Apple ID account is free for 5Gb of storage space. Further paid storage space is possible.

The free Apple ID account is currently 5Gb storage capacity which is ok to get started for a new Apple device or a new Apple Mac computer. 

The Apple ID services. 

  • iOS iCloud backup for Apple iPhones and Apple iPad.
  • Apple @icloud email account.
  • Apple Music formally iTunes
  • iCloud Drive. 
  • Apple calendar formally iCal.
  • Reminders.
  • Apple Contacts formally Apple address book. 
  • iCloud Photos also known as iCloud Photo Library. 
  • Apple Notes.
  • Apple Pages, Number, Keynote in the cloud.
  • iCloud Keychain.
  • Find Friends, Find Phone now Find My Phone. 
  • Apple – Apple iCloud on the internet from most modern computers!
  • PC iCloud for Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows 11.
  • New for late 2021 iCloud Plus for MacOS Monterey 2022!

All of the Apple ID services synchronize between the Apple devices and the computers that are signed into the same Apple ID account. 

Which means that if you delete data from one device, it’s deleted everywhere. For example, a Apple Calendar entry on a Apple iPhone is deleted, the entry will delete from the Apple iCloud server and all of your devices. 

iCloud backup. 

Apple has iCloud backup for Apple iOS devices which is the Apple iPhone range and Apple iPad range of devices. 

The Apple Mac operating system does not have a full backup system to iCloud.

However, as Fibre optic broadband services now becoming available, at some point Apple may include the Apple Mac computer with the option for an iCloud Time Machine backup. Now that Apple discontinued the Apple Airport Time Capsule backup device. 

Apple still recommends that an Apple Mac computer has a Apple Time machine backup in place so if you delete data from the Apple iCloud, it can in most cases be recovered. 

An addition to Apple iCloud service is Apple family sharing. Apple family sharing allows a family to initially share Apple iTunes purchased between different Apple ID accounts. Apple iTunes is now known as Apple Music.

Some customers created multiple Apple ID accounts, technically it is not possible to simply merge an Apple ID account data to another Apple ID account, so Apple created Apple Family sharing to help family members share their Apple Music purchases, in addition a shared Apple family calendar, and a shared Apple Photos family album is possible.

Whilst it is not possible to merge an Apple ID account, our Apple Mac computer engineers are able to assist extract the data from an Apple ID account, so it can be copied to another Apple ID account. simply contact us for assistance with this.

Apple iCloud Drive.

The Apple icloud drive started as a simply storage volume in the cloud, Apple is slowly developing the Apple icloud drive service, with Apple Mac Mojave, and Apple MacOS Catalina, a new service called desktop and documents folders is now available. 

The Apple desktop and documents icloud service simply uploads and downloads and items on a Apple Mac computer desktop and the Apple Documents folder between Apple Mac computers using the same Apple ID login accounts.

iCal now Apple Calendar.

The Apple Calendar is popular on the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad, the Apple Mac desktop Calendar version is popular for iMac and MacBook users that need a desktop calendar, the Apple Calendar can also work with Microsoft Exchange calendars, and Google Calendar accounts. 

Apple iCloud contacts.

Again, the Apple contacts application is popular with iPhone users to store telephone numbers and email accounts, and also save notes, having Apple contacts in the cloud is a critical service, as at some point customers need to replace a Apple iPhone device.

The Apple contacts application on the Apple Mac computer has a few more features, you can look for duplicates and merge contacts, even more advanced features like smart groups. Smart groups can be used to create a mailing list, or make it easy to show contacts that you have marked as important.

Apple iCloud Photos.

The Apple iCloud Photos is the most popular and well-known Apple iCloud service, the original Apple iCloud Photos application has been replaced with Apple Photos for Mac.

The Apple Photos application on the Apple Mac computer still need to have a local copy of the images stored in the Pictures folder on the Apple Mac computer, which of course takes up storage space. Apple has an option to optimise the storage space by keeping the original photos in the cloud and then replacing the images with a smaller version to save storage space, this is an automatic process.

iCloud Photos Support

iCloud Keychain.

The Apple iCloud Keychain has three main features, which also synchronise between Apple devices and computers that use the same Apple ID.

  1. To encrypt and to store Apple safari usernames and passwords securely in the cloud.
  2. To suggest a password for a website login account.
  3. To store your Wi-Fi wireless network passwords in the cloud.

The Apple website is ideal if you need to access your Apple icloud information from another computer.

This can be either a Apple Mac computer or a Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC computer.

The online service is ideal if you are travelling and you need to view your iCloud Photos, or you need to look up a contact from your Apple iCloud contacts address book, or you need to write an online document using Apple iCloud Pages, or Apple iCloud Numbers to write a spreadsheet online. Or you need to access your Apple email account online.

How to sign into your Apple iCloud account from the internet.

The Apple services page.

Apple iCloud Support in the UK.

Apple iCloud training courses.

Keith Thomas provides Apple iCloud computer training for Apple Mac computer users in the UK.

How to get Apple iCloud Training and iCloud Support in the UK?

  • Complete the online website contact form. (open 24 Hours) with 10:30 am to 21:00 pm response times for completed forms sent to us.
  • Our online website contact form only takes a few minutes to complete on your • computer • phone • tablet device.
  • We respond by email: we are open daily from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm • 7 days a week service! including weekends and Sundays!
  • For Apple Product Repairs for Hardware and Apple Service, use the Apple Product Repairs button!
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