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Who is Keith Thomas Apple?

Keith Thomas worked for Apple Computer UK now known as Apple Inc at their Head Office HQ based in Uxbridge, Middlesex as a Senior Apple Mac IT Support Analyst and Apple Mac IT Support Specialist Apple Mac Professional.

Keith Thomas provides expert professional Apple Mac Support services, Apple Mac Training, Apple Mac Computer Installations, Apple Network Specialist, Apple IT Consultant, Apple Mac Remote IT Support Services, and has now resolved over 10,000 Apple Technical issues and problems.

Did Keith Thomas meet Steve Jobs at Apple UK HQ?

Famous People that Keith Thomas has provided IT Support services.

Apple Steve Jobs, Harrods Mr Alfayed, Kevin Kegan at Fulham Football Club, Andrew Neil at Punch Magazine. Keith Thomas also did work for 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, and for the Royal Household in Windsor, i have done work for some MP at Westminster too.

Keith Thomas is a Apple IT Support Specialist and Apple Expert providing Apple Mac Computer Support for both home users and for Company’s and Business, and for various famous well known people.

Keith Thomas has been helping Apple Mac users with their Apple Mac software and Apple a mac computer hardware problems since the days of the Apple II, Apple Mac II, Apple Mac IIci, Apple Mac Quadra, Apple Mac IIVx, Apple Mac IIsi, Apple Mac Performa, Classic Mac, Power Macintosh 6100, Power Macintosh 7100, Power Macintosh 9100, Power Macintosh 9200, system 6, system 7, system 8, system 9 to 9.2.2, mac os X 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5 Tiger, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10.3 Yosemite , Apple Mac OS X El Capitan, Apple Mac Mojave, Apple Mac Catalina, Apple IOS 3, IOS 4, IOS 5, IOS 6, IOS 7 IOS 8.1, IOS 9, IOS 10, iOS 11, iOS12, iOS 13 and Apple iCloud.

Keith Thomas today provides Apple Mac IT Support services for both home users and for small business in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Somerset and London, including West London, Central London, South London, North London, East London, providing a wide range of Apple Mac IT Computer Support Services.

Keith Thomas provides Expert professional Apple IT Computer Support services for home users, business, Apple Store customers, John Lewis customers.

Keith Thomas also provides Apple IT consultancy services. Apple Telephone Support.  Apple Remote IT Support. Remote Apple Mac computer training consultancy.

Keith Thomas also provides Apple Mac Computer Training and Tuition Lessons for home users and for small business.

Keith Thomas has over 30 years of Apple IT support skills, i still keep right up to date with All Apple Mac products and Apple software developments with Apple and has the ability to resolve and fix computer issues and problems very quickly and fast.

Keith Thomas also worked for various Apple Authorised Resellers and was responsible for commercial Apple Mac Support to Graphic Designers and commercial Printers, professional Writers, Authors, Book Publishers, Advertising and Media Companies in Central London, today i focus on home users and small business and for people that work from their home or office.

Keith Thomas provides a wide range of Apple IT Support services and Apple Mac computer Training and tuition lessons for home users, small business, senior citizens, retired older people, self employed Apple users, people that need to work from their home, or have a small office at home who need expert professional on site Apple Mac computer Help and Apple Mac IT Support, Apple Mac Training, Apple Mac Computer Maintenance, Apple Mac Data Recovery assistance.

I once told Microsoft UK that Windows 8, i cannot use it

Keith Thomas was a Microsoft Windows PC Computer IT Support professional having stated out with MS-DOS, Unix and Windows 1.0, Today Keith still uses Windows 10 rarely! to keep up with Windows PC IT Support, however, Keith uses the Apple iPad and Apple iPhone for most tasks today.

My Early IT Career in Computers.

Keith started his career in computers whilst at School in Uxbridge, Middlesex using a commodore Pet computer and Apple Euro Plus and IBM PC AT and XT computers.

Keith was using IBM PC XT computers in 1982, before the internet and before email was popular. There was no Mouse in those days, no modems, no public internet then, today that’s all changed.

Keith went on to work for Rank Xerox in Uxbridge and then moved to work for a Apple Macintosh Mac computer maintenance company also in Uxbridge called Casu Support Services which was a classic Apple Mac Reseller and Unix house.

Keith then managed to secure a post working for Apple Computer UK at Stockey Park again in Uxbridge and was one of the key well known members of staff for several years.

After working for Apple Computer UK. Keith worked for Harrods UK in Knightsbridge providing Apple Mac IT Support for Harrods VIP staff, Punch Magazine, Harrods Estates, and provided Apple Mac support for over 100 Apple Mac users.

Keith also provided personal and private Apple Mac computer support for Mr Al-Fayed family and his VIP staff and for Harrods Security.

Whilst at Harrods Keith also provided computer support for Kevin Keegan, and a host of other famous people that visited the Harrods Store in London.

Keith then moved away from Harrods to work for a small Apple Reseller in Surrey Hampshire sadly the post was made redundant and i started working on other I.T. projects.

Keith also worked for a short time for a commercial book publisher in Oxford.

Keith Thomas is a qualified computing I.T. expert technician and a field service engineer providing a complete range of I.T. Computer Support Services for home pc and Apple Mac users as well as small businesses and people that work from their home or office.

I know a lot about Apple and its history, how it operates, and i am perhaps part of its history and culture, as when i was working at Apple Inc, the Company almost closed down, today, its very successful as i am part of its success.  Sadly I have no Apple shares.

View Keith Thomas’s Linkedin Page for my professional work history at Apple Computer Inc.

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