Customer testimonials in 2021

Customer Testimonials for Keith Thomas. Apple support IT consultant in UK • Surrey • Hampshire • Berkshire • Wiltshire • Somerset • London.

Before COVID-19 their was no need to ask for customer reviews!

As my service was 100% onsite Apple Mac IT computer support service!

My attitude is always not to sit back and do nothing, so quickly, I added remote Mac computer support services to get thru the new normal.

So starting off with remote Apple Mac Support with no table back in March 2020, only my bed and a laptop and so many late nights!

Below are the testimonials from 2021 clients and customers!

Customer testimonial – October 2021 – John Woods.

My Apple Mac Computer started to crash and i was unable to open websites with an annoying message saying the my Apple Mac computer was not safe and secure. i managed to find Keith Thomas online from a Google search and within 30 minutes my Apple Mac computer problem was fixed and resolved. Something to do with a security certificate that has expired. Keith Thomas was able to quickly identify and resolve the problem quickly.

Hi John. Thank you for your review. We have had a few customers contact us with similar issues and problems, the main problem was on the 30th of September a key computer security root certificate expired causing a many Apple Mac computer to stop working on websites. Most website owners fixed the issue quickly soon after the 30th of September, but a few websites have still not been updated.

Keith Thomas – Apple Mac Computer Specialist.

Customer testimonial – Nicola 23rd June 2021

Keith was really helpful, very knowledgeable and was able to diagnose my iMac’s problem very quickly. After months of issues and lots of hours spent trying to solve it on my own, Keith had it figured out in a matter of minutes!

Hi Nicola. Thank you for your review for Keith Thomas. My 30 years of Apple Mac knowledge come in handy to be able to assist and to be able to resolved and I diagnose Apple iMac computer issues and problems quickly.

Customer testimonial – The Truth.

Fantastic! Keith is fast and thorough! Will definitely use again and recommend! And best of all, most problems can be fixed via a remote-link! Meaning you don’t have to leave the comfort of your armchair! Nothing is better than that! But try and find another engineer that will do that! They simply won’t! As the rest say “Bring it in to us” So this is a unique service! Keith is a great find!

Thank you for your review. 99.% of Apple Mac computer issues and problems can be fixed by remote Apple Mac Support service.

We also offer onsite computer support service since 2010 to 2019 and hopefully again late 2021.

With the 2019 -2020/1 Pandemic Our Apple Mac Remote computer support service opened.

We can even setup a new wireless printer by remote computer support service. 

The task was to upgrade macOS Yosemite to macOS Catalina by remote Apple Mac computer support and Apple Telephone support service.

Keith Thomas.

Customer testimonial – Dominic. London.

“Keith is knowledgeable, patient and provides a great service remotely, or when Covid rules are lifted, at home. Despite being fully backed up on Time Machine ,seven years of my data was lost due to a glitch on an overnight Big Sur update. Keith persisted and retrieved everything after consultation with Apple in the US. I am happy to recommend him. Dominic, London.”

Customer testimonial – Mr Adman.

I was in a fix with my iMac (out of warranty) refusing to boot up. I contacted Keith’s services for help, and he responded personally the same day. After purchasing the back up hard drive he recommended, he talked me through its installation which was successful. He didn’t keep me hanging on whilst the installation was taking place, but rang back following an email from me. When I needed additional help he told me when he was available and phoned me dead on time. He charges per minute of telephone support. The resulting cost was reasonable and worth every penny. Thoroughly Recommend.

Thank you for your review • The Apple iMac computer refused to boot the macOS operating system.

After a macOS upgrade. We recommended a external 2Tb storage volume to allow the macOS recovery console to install macOS to the external storage volume.

This allowed the internal storage volume to have storage maintenance performed.

Our focus is to resolve Apple Mac computer startup issues and problems quickly.

And to advise on the best way to avoid any data loss.

Thank you for the quick payment for our Remote Apple Mac Telephone Support service.

Keith Thomas.

Customer testimonial – Cecil.

Keith Thomas responded promptly, courteously and in a friendly manner, giving me a time when he could deal with problems on my Apple Mac Pro .He was patient, competent, methodical and efficient and dealt with issues that Apple’s own online service and other so called ‘experts’ had been unable to solve. He gave good value for money. I would not hesitate to commend him.

Hi Cecil. Thank you for your review. Our 30 years of Apple Mac IT Computer support experience comes in very handy, when needing to resolve Apple Mac computer technical problems quickly. Another happy Apple Mac customer that has used our Apple Mac Remote IT support service.

Keith Thomas.

Customer testimonial – The Brunos.

I use my computer for work so am not totally tech un savvy but my Mac was playing up and getting worse. I found Keith on line. He was very patient and spent a lot of time e-mailing to help me even get to a point where he could help. He stuck within my budget and the Mac now performs really well. Thank goodness I phoned him – he saved me a huge amount of stress and money.

Thank you for your review. My 35 years of Apple Mac Support experience comes in handy at times to help small business and home users with Apple Mac telephone, email and now remote Apple Mac support service. But I am keen to return to on site Apple Mac support soon, whilst still providing remote and telephone Apple consultation.

Keith Thomas.

Customer testimonial – Patricia.

Using the remote technical support Keith gave concise, clear and very calm advice. I strongly recommend his service.

Thank you for using our Apple Mac Remote Support service to fix and repair your Apple Mac computer storage problem by Apple Mac Remote computer maintenance support service.

Keith Thomas.

Customer testimonial – Simon.

Kieth did an absolutely BRILLIANT job. Once you use him, you’ll never go anywhere else. Very profession and very reasonably priced. Excellent experience. Have used him now twice. Would highly recommend. Thank you Kieth.

Thank you for your review Simon. Our core Apple Mac support focus is to resolve problems quickly. Our new Apple Mac remote IT support service is becoming too efficient. We was able to fix and repair Simon’s Apple Mac computer within 20 minutes and also provide 10 minutes of Apple Mac consultancy service. i hope that Apple can make the new MacOS Big Sur better than MacOS Catalina with Apple Mac security.

Keith Thomas.

Customer testimonial – Jainie.

Keith managed to sort out my iMac. He was professional and went out of his way to show me features I was not aware of. Would definitely use him again.

Thank you for your review. Our Apple iMac remote computer support and remote telephone support is a new service for us in 2020 with the current situation. As our core Apple support business has been on site Apple support and Apple Mac computer training and Apple IT consultancy service.

Keith Thomas.

Customer testimonial – Cora.

So professional, i could not believe how easy it was for me, how quick he sorted out my problems. I would highly recommend him.

Thanks Cora, Apple can simply cause users to panic when a Apple MacBook Pro computer will not start up, however, my 10,000 resolved calls and 30 Years of Mac knowledge helps, with 10 years at Apple Computer UK HQ, has paid off, my new Apple Mac Remote and Apple Mac Telephone support service is a new venture. Until i can return to on site Apple IT support service and remote IT support.

Keith Thomas.

Customer testimonial – Allan. London.

Keith knows every Apple product upside down, inside out and then some. What Keith doesn’t know about Apple is not worth knowing. If you need Apple support look no further. I’ve used Keith for years and have always been very satisfied. Can recommend him 100%. Look no further.

Thanks Allan, my 30 years of Apple Mac IT Support skills come in handy in order to resolve Apple Mac computer issues and problems quickly.

Keith Thomas.

Customer testimonial – Carolina.

I can highly recommend Keith. His knowledge of Apple systems is very extensive and he sorted out my difficulties in a very professional way, offering more general guidance on the way for me. I have his details in my speed dial now as I have total confidence he will assist me to resolve any issues going forward.Thank you.

Thank you Caroline, my new Apple Remote IT support service is very different to my usual on site Apple IT support service, buy my 10,000 resolved calls from my work at Apple UK seems to have paid off in order to continue with Apple Remote IT Support.

Keith Thomas.

Rosie – Author. Somerset.

Thank you Rosie, my new Remote IT Apple Mac support service is available for anyone in the UK, and its a new service, for me, its the new normal too for now, but i still prefer to focus on on site Apple Mac IT Support services. vs Apple Mac remote computer IT Support service. Rosie had a difficult task to do over the telephone which was using the Apple Terminal command to allow the Mac OS operating system to install and allow her to continue her work.

Keith Thomas.