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Are you looking for a Apple IT Consultant near you?

Keith Thomas is a Independent Apple IT Consultant that worked for Apple computer UK and now provides a professional Apple IT support service covering Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and London and currently providing a remote Apple IT consultancy service, and telephone IT Consultancy service.

Why Choose Keith Thomas as your Apple IT Consultant?

  • Ex Apple UK Employee.
  • Over 35 Years of Apple Technical IT support skills.
  • IT Apple Mac Manager for large retail company.
  • Apple Mac computer rollout project management for large retail company.
  • A vast amount of Apple Technical knowledge from 35 years of Apple IT support.
  • Ex Apple Mac senior Field service engineer for logistics company.
  • Diverse range of Apple IT support skills.
  • Experience of providing Apple IT Technical support services for home users, and small and medium businesses.

Keith Thomas the Apple IT Consultant that provides a wide range of Apple IT support services for both home users and for business customers that need expert Apple IT technical assistance.

IT Consultant for home users.

Apple IT advise for Apple hardware and Apple software products and applications, Apple IT Technical support service, Apple Telephone support and Apple remote IT support service.

IT Consultant for new business startups.

Are you looking to start up a new business in 2020, 2021, with the COVID-19 Virus outbreak in the UK in January 2020, its been a extreme change for most businesses, and the new normal of furloughed staff and closed and new business opportunities and new ways of working in 2020, 2021 and beyond.

Today the competition for business is going to be rather extreme for some people, including me, as remote IT support and telephone support has become the new normal during COVID-19

IT Consultancy for small business.

I need to find a IT Consultant to help me with my small business IT needs and requirements who is a Apple IT Specialist and Apple IT consultant.

I need to find a IT consultant that can work in partnership with my company and get on well with my clients and works with my business objectives. Call Keith Thomas.

Keith Thomas is experienced at meeting and getting on well with people from all kinds of backgrounds and can usually fit in to work with your partners and other teams.

For small business, some companies just need a one off visit or Apple IT consultancy to check that their Apple mac computer or Apple iPhone, iPad has been correctly setup, or to visit to look at each computer and give Independent Apple advise and technical and business consultancy help and advise on using Apple.

IT Consultancy for large business and enterprise.

Are you a large corporate company that is using Microsoft Windows technology and you have your own IT department, but you have a managing director or you are the business owner, but you have one or a more Apple Mac computers, and you need to bring in a Apple Specialist to help, or to work with your Windows IT support team to help resolve a problem or to install a new Apple Mac computer into your office and you need a Apple Mac computer expert to help? Call Keith Thomas.

Virtual Apple IT Manager.

Keith Thomas can analyse your business IT requirements and provide quick solutions to problems and offer new business ideas.

Are you looking to hire a Virtual IT Manager for projects and to help with Apple Mac IT projects or technical pressing issues. Call Keith Thomas.

PC to Apple Mac computer IT Consultancy.

Are you looking to switch from using Microsoft Windows to the Apple Mac computer?

Do you need to find a Apple Mac IT support company that can help you move from Microsoft Windows to the Apple Mac computer?

Keith Thomas can help you migrate from Microsoft Windows to the Apple Mac and provide Apple Mac computer training and Apple Mac technical IT support service.

IT Training and Technical Support.

Do you need to know how to use your Apple Mac computer for your business, or have a team staff member that need to know how to use the Apple Mac computer?

I need to know how to optimise my workforce to work with using Apple IT Technology. Call Keith Thomas.

Keith Thomas is able to provide Apple Mac IT computer training and Apple IT consultancy for your office staff and team members that need to know more about Apple, and using Apple for your business.

How can i find the best Independent Apple IT specialist near me?

I need to find a Apple specialist that can provide expert professional Apple advise and the best Apple technical support available. Call Keith Thomas.

Keith Thomas can work with a wide range of people from the home users that needs a quick visit IT consultancy service to the large corporate company that need a Apple Specialist to help out with a project or task.

To contact Keith Thomas simply complete the online website contact form, or send a sms text message to 07800 940756 or telephone Keith Thomas on 07800 940756.

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