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Managed IT Services for Apple Mac computers

Professional Managed IT services company providing onsite and remote Apple Mac IT Support service across Surrey Hampshire Berkshire Wiltshire, London

Keith Thomas provides a same day and a same hour remote Apple Mac IT support service to companies that need help and assistance with their Apple Mac computers. Our Managed IT support services are ideal for companies and for small businesses that need occasional onsite and remote Apple Mac IT support services on a simple Pay as You Go IT support service with prices from £1.25 per minute for remote IT support and prices from £87.50 for onsite Appel Mac IT support service across Surrey Hampshire Berkshire Wiltshire and London.

Pay As you Go Managed IT support service.

Did you know that since 2019 Apple Mac computers have become very reliable, and that MacOS Monterey is a stable and Apple Mac computer software issues and problems are now rare, and the need for constant Apple Mac computer maintenance is simply no longer required, and the days of having a Apple Mac computer maintenance contract are now not needed for companies that have less than 10 Apple Mac computers.

Our Pay As You Go Managed IT support service operates across Surrey Hampshire Berkshire Wiltshire and London for both onsite and remote Apple Mac IT support service for companies, home computer users, and for people who work from their home office.

Our Managed IT Support services across Surrey Hampshire Berkshire Wiltshire and London.

  • Onsite and Remote IT support service.
  • Apple Mac Computer Maintenance service for MacOS upgrades, MacOS updates, MacOS Storage Maintenance.
  • Assistance with the installation and setup of new Apple Mac computers.
  • Apple Mac computer training for new staff members that need to get up to speed on using a apple Mac computer.
  • Onsite and Remote Apple Mac computer consultancy service.
  • Apple Mac computer software repairs service.
  • Onsite assistance with Apple iPhone support and Apple iPad support.
  • Apple Mac computer backup and Apple Mac computer security assistance service.
  • Onsite and Remote Apple iCloud Support service and assistance.

Why use Keith Thomas for Managed IT support service.

Keith Thomas has over 30 years of Apple Mac IT support skills, and the core focus is to resolve Apple Mac computer problems quickly.

Honest service, if we need to tell you bad news, or we think that the solution is not a good idea, then we tell you.

Likewise in the unlikely event that we cannot resolve a Apple Mac computer issue or problem, we tell you.

Open from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm 7 days a week service, and later for pre booked appointments.

A next day or advanced option for 24 hours remote IT support service for companies that need Apple Mac IT support outside of the 9 to 5 office hours.

Keith Thomas is an Apple Mac expert that worked for Apple Computer UK, and is known to resolve IT support issues and problems quickly, over 20,000 MacOS problems resolved since before 2010.

Are we one of the best award-winning Managed IT support services providers in the UK!

We have to compete with other IT support companies that offer award winning services and fantastic customer support, at Keith Thomas, our award-winning service is 30 years of Apple Mac IT support service, and the ability to provide an honest service and to fix, repair, resolve and come up with IT support action plans to get tasks and projects completed.

Are you looking to reduce costs and find a better Managed IT services company?

We know and understand that a lot of companies change their Managed IT service provider company, or look to lower costs by outsourcing IT projects, and outsourcing IT Support and outsource maintenance contracts.

Sometimes it is better to simply invest into a new Apple Mac computer, rather than trying to work with an older Apple Mac computer that need constant fixing and Apple Mac computer maintenance service.

The current range of Apple Mac computers provide great performance, so if you have a company director using a Apple Mac computer that is older than 2017, then your IT support team is not providing the correct advice, as most company directors need a fast computer, and having a slow computer, is of course frustrating to use.

At Keith Thomas, we have not seen a slow Apple Mac computer, that displays a spinning colour wheel, or a beach ball icon, as since 2019 all of our computers that are used for business use, are using SSD solid state technology.

Sometimes it is better to visit Apple store online or at the Apple store and look at the new range of Apple Mac computers, one of our popular services is to give an honest opinion on the Apple Mac computer software and Apple Mac computer hardware that a company or a business is using and advise, if the Apple Mac computers are either too old, or the speed and performance can be improved, and a general onsite or remote IT computer audit and general health check-up service.

  • Complete the online website contact form. (open 24 Hours) with 10:30 am to 21:00 pm response times for completed forms sent to us.
  • Our online website contact form only takes a few minutes to complete on your • computer • phone • tablet device.
  • We respond by email: we are open daily from 09:30 am to 20:30 pm • 7 days a week service! including weekends and Sundays!
  • For Apple Product Repairs for Hardware and Apple Service, use the Apple Product Repairs button!
  • Call or Text 07800 940756 lines open 10:30 – 13:00, 14:00 – 17:00, 18:45 – 20:30