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Wireless Router and Mesh Wi-Fi

Wireless Modems & Mesh Wi-Fi

Wireless Router and Mesh Wi-Fi Information for home computer users information by Keith Thomas – Apple Specialist and Mac Computer Expert.

Find out everything you wanted to know about Wireless Routers and Mesh Wi-Fi. Find out about Modems and wireless access points. Wireless Networks and Wireless Adaptors.

Did you know that you can only have one wireless modem on your network, if you try to use more than one wireless modem or more than one Wireless modem router on your network, network issues and problems will arise?

Wireless Modems information for home computer networks

A wireless modem today is commonly now known as a wireless router, for most people then wireless router or wireless modem is just a box that is located in a home or an office and its sole purpose is to provide a wireless network broadband internet connection to your home or for your office.

Wireless modems updates and upgrades.

Did you know that having a old wireless modem that is more than 3-4 years old, might be slowing down your home broadband internet connection, or giving you a poor wireless network performance at your home or at your office?

One of the best ways to help a home wireless network or a company’s wireless network is to simply ask your broadband service provider to see if they can offer you a new and more recent wireless modem for your home or for your office. At Keith Thomas, we recommend that you review your wireless network at your home or at your office once even 2 to 3 years.

When is it the best time to upgrade or to consider a new wireless router or a new wireless network solution?

If you are in London and your live in the City of London, or you in living in a location that has a high number of Wi-Fi networks and a Free Wi-Fi network hotspots near to your home or office in London, then you need to look at competing with getting a better and a more optimised Wi-Fi network at your home or at your office.

This often means that a new wireless modem or a new wireless router is needed.

  • Check with your broadband service provider if you can get a free newer wireless modem or wireless router for free as part of your service agreement and contract.
  • If you do not need to worry about the email address that you were given for free, then you can often get a better deal and a better wireless modem or wireless router by switching or changing your broadband internet service provider.

Did you know that BT British Telecom has the best infrastructure in the UK United Kingdom so if you are thinking of leaving BT for a better price, you might get a cheaper broadband monthly price, but the wireless router might not be as good as the ones that now come with a new BT broadband internet connection?

Do you have a new computer PC or Apple Mac?

New computers have better Wi-Fi technology often built into the computer with a wireless adaptor built into the computer, the Wi-Fi wireless network technology in a new computer will have what is known as a Wi-Fi 6 network adaptor also known as Wi-Fi 6E and soon Wi-Fi 7.

So, the best time to also review a home wireless network, is when you buy a new computer, or a new smartphone, or a tablet device. Having a new modern wireless router and a new computer, smartphone, or tablet, will give you the best Wi-Fi network computer performance and also a reliable and stable network connection service.

Ask us about Wireless Access Points.

A wireless account point, for the non-technical person, is a box that connects to a router, or to a wireless modem, with the sole purpose of getting a wireless network signal using a ethernet network cable from a main router or from the main wireless router to a location where the Wi-Fi wireless network signal cannot be obtained from the main wireless modem or wireless routers Wi-Fi signal.

Today, most home computer networks, when it comes to upgrading a wireless network will use a technology known as a Mesh Wi-Fi network. A Mesh Wi-Fi network today is often easy to setup and easy to install if you have a smartphone.

The best Mesh Wi-Fi wireless networks are by Netgear, Linksys, British Telecom.

Did you know that the Apple Store has a solution for Apple Mac computer users for a Apple Mac Wi-Fi Mesh network solution? Apple once sold the Apple AirPort range of products and solutions, known as the Apple AirPort Extreme, and Apple AirPort Express base station, and the Apple Airport Time Capsule. The Apple AirPort technology can still be used today, but for the best network computer security and network performance for a home computer network is to replace the Apple AirPort network hardware with a new Wi-Fi wireless Mesh Wi-Fi wireless network.

Wireless Network Adaptors.

A wireless network adaptor is often known as a add on card for a computer that does not have any Wi-Fi technology built into the computer, for a PC computer, this is a often the case with PC motherboards that do not have built in Wi-Fi technology on the actual PC motherboard.

Today most laptops and all smartphones have built in wireless network adaptors, the Apple MacBook Air and Apple MacBook Pro laptop computers have always had built in wireless network adaptors, formally known as a Apple AirPort adaptor, or Apple AirPort network card. Today this is known as an Apple Wi-Fi adaptor.

Also, available are USB Wireless Network Adaptors, and also known as a wireless network dongle. If you have a compuer that does not have built in Wi-Fi or a wireless network adaptor, then using a USB Wireless network adaptor can make a PC computer join a wireless network.

A Wireless Network Adaptor can also be upgraded, by replacing the wireless adaptor with a new one, or by getting a USB dongle wireless adaptor.

Get help with your home computer network today.

Do you need to get Network computer help and advice for your home computer network in the UK United Kingdom?

Do you need to contact a Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows PC home network specialist to discuss your own home computer network with a network specialist?

Our wireless modem and network computer engineers are able to provide assistance to home computer users and to small businesses and companies with Remote Network IT Support service and assistance.

How can I upgrade my home computer network?

The best way to upgrade a home computer network is to review your router or wireless router first, then see if your broadband internet service provider has a better router or wireless router that you can use

What is the best way to upgrade my Apple AirPort network?

The best way to upgrade an Apple AirPort network is to use the Apple AirPort software utility built into macOS.
If you want to replace the Apple AirPort hardware for a better solution then consider a Mesh Wi-Fi- network.
– To upgrade if you are moving from Apple AirPort to Mesh is to switch off all Apple AirPort products that are being used, before you install a new wireless network solution.
You can still use a Apple AirPort Express if you are using Apple Airplay for audio.

How can I get help with my wireless network home network in the UK United Kingdom?

Keith Thomas provides wireless network IT support for home computer users and for small businesses in the UK United Kingdom by Remote Network IT Support service.

What is the cheapest Mesh Wi-Fi network that I can buy in the UK United Kingdom?

One of the best and cheapest Mesh Wi-Fi networks that you can buy is the Deco Mesh Wi-Fi product which is sold by TP-Link. >> TP-Link Mesh Wi-Fi >>

What is the main difference between a cheap Mesh Wi-Fi network and a more expensive Mesh Wi-Fi network?

For a home user that needs to get a better Wi-Fi signal to a room or more rooms in a home or house or apartment makes no major difference between an entry level Mesh home Wi-Fi network connection.

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