Apple IT Support Prices

Our Apple IT Support Prices

Prices and costs for Apple IT Support services.

Keith Thomas provides a professional Apple Mac IT Computer service for home users, businesses and for Apple Store customers that need a Apple Specialist to provide expert further Apple IT support service.

Our Apple IT support prices are for an Apple IT Specialist Consultation.

Professional Apple IT support service by Apple Technical Support Specialist by Telephone, Remote IT Support, Apple on site service after COVID-19.

Our Standard Rates and prices for Apple Mac IT Support services. We Do not Charge V.A.T.

99.9% of our Apple customers calls are resolved usually within one hour.

Apple Remote IT Support prices.

Telephone and Remote IT Support prices May 2020:-

Standard daytime rate

£1.10p per minute – 09:30am to 19:30pm Monday to Sunday.

Early Morning rate

£1.35 per minute for pre booked arranged remote & telephone consultancy appointments 07:00am to 09:30am.

Early Evening rate

£1.50 per minute for Apple remote IT support & Apple telephone consultation service after 19:30pm to 20:30pm

£2.00 per minute for 24 Hour Apple Remote IT support service after 20:30pm and before 0930am.

On site Apple IT Support Prices after COVID-19

Standard on site prices

Standard prices are £87.50 1st hour, then £79.50 for each additional hour on site. Plus a charge for travel at cost price depending on your location. usually around £18.50 to £29.50

London prices £97.50 1st hour, then £87.50 for additional hours, Plus Travel/Callout charge usually £29.50 to £49.50 pending on the customer location.

On site visits can be paid for by Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Cheque, or by using the Monzo Bank online payment link or by electronic bank transfer whilst the engineer is on site to confirm the payment.

To make a Donation payment to Keith Thomas simply click on the Monzo Bank Link for Keith Thomas Monzo link.

To contact Keith Thomas simply complete the online website contact form or send a sms text message to 07800 940756 or telephone Keith Thomas 07800 940756 between 09:30am – 19:30pm we are usually open 7 days a week, pre arranged telephone calls can be arranged for times before 09:00 and after 19:30pm.

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