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SEO Specialist Keith Thomas

Keith Thomas SEO Specialist Since 2010 in London.

Keith Thomas started his website in 2010 for on site Apple Support services, using Adobe Dreamweaver software, the early days of SEO was different to today, as it is much more difficult to get Google to publish website pages, if the pages are classes as using keywords to gain more website traffic, today this will not work and cause harm to a website.

The core principles of SEO from Googles point of view is to provide information, so when the general public type in a search phrase, Google wants to show the user the best and most accurate information, and the key point is to answer the question asked, with a complete answer, and in full, and also to make the information a short as possible or give all of the information to answer the search phase, the core basis of SEO.

And also Google is looking for trust and authority, so if you run a restaurant business in Mayfair London and you need to do well with a website, then Google is looking for authority, to get this, takes time, and can be via social media marketing.

Keith Thomas 1st Page SEO London.

Keith Thomas is one of the leading SEO Specialists at 1st Page SEO, proving SEO Help and SEO support in London and in Central London, helping anyone that needs to get help with SEO and help with optimising a website on WordPress. The service from Keith Thomas provides on site SEO Support in London, for anyone that is new to SEO, or needs to get help with SEO for a website or for a WordPress SEO project in London.

SEO Specialist Services in London.

What is SEO, put simply, SEO, Search Engine Optimisation is the process of following what Google want for your project or service to come up from a Google Search, and with SEO, if you run a shop, or you have a physical location, then today, people use Google, Maps, to find and get local business information, known as Local SEO. With SEO and Search Engine Opination it is a long term process to get a new website to become popular on to Google Search. People are looking for information, and solutions to a question, and to a problem, or need to find out about a product or service, and the ideal of SEO is to give the answers to the information, accurately, and with authority and trust.

SEO Specialists services by Keith Thomas.

At 1st Page SEO by Keith Thomas, our SEO skills, and SEO knowledge, has come from sheer hard work, with, days, months, years, writing website pages, and improving website pages, but, with SEO, it can be hard and difficult to get results from SEO, if the wrong SEO tasks are done, so at 1st Page SEO, Keith Thomas, can give advice and information on what has worked and what does not work, but SEO today comes down to one main task. What do people search for on Google to find a project or service.

Keyword Research Service for Healthcare, Restaurant’s, Hotels, Skincare Clinics.

Keyword Research for anyone with specialist knowledge on Skincare SEO and Healthcare SEO.

Keyword Research is a very important task to do and to do well. a Keyword cam be a single word, two words, or three, or more words, before writing any WordPress or website pages, Keyword Research has to be done, otherwise writing pages without keyword research can and will waste time, and of course customers. If you sell a service or a product, then you already know some of the keywords that can be researched. to find out if people search for your product or service.

Updating WordPress Pages.

With SEO, SEO never stops, and fresh content is often needed to keep a website page up to date, and with the right tools and with the right knowledge, WordPress Pages can be updated and further optimised.

SEO Website Performance on Search.

To do SEO, information is needed from Keyword Research, and from information on WordPress and or existing website pages, that Google has indexed, various tools are used to get this information, which is key to help with SEO Website Performance in Search, SEO Performance can also be how fast a WordPress or a website can load a page, for this type of SEO, then a WordPress Developer, or a WordPress Hosting service provider, is the way to help with a WordPress site page speed and performance, at 1st Page SEO by Keith Thomas, simple advice can be given on WordPress site speed and performance.

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